UWP supports Budget

UWP supports Budget

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The United Workers Party is supports fully the 2018 / 2019 budget presented yesterday by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet at the House of Parliament.

Of particular note is the unambiguous announcement that there will be no new taxes during this budget year. Since coming into office this UWP administration has shown it unrelenting commitment to implementing policies which will improve the lives of each and every Saint Lucian.

We are indeed very pleased by the Prime Minister’s identification of four major areas whose neglect have been the limiting factors to sustainable growth in Saint Lucia. They have all been addressed by the budget and will be the focus of this government for the remaining three budget cycles; these areas are:

• Investing in our people
• Upgrading our physical infrastructure
• Improving Public Sector efficiency and
• Managing the cost of debt

Further, a clear sign of the government’s seriousness came when Prime Minister Allen Chastanet emphasized his government’s commitment to accountability and good governance, and the launch of investigations into Walid Juffali, Jack Grynberg, Robert Lindquist, St. Jude Hospital and the infamous “Minister’s Account” are a welcome sign of this government’s pledge to the people of Saint Lucia.

With the falling unemployment levels, increased economic activity and investments, moves to enhance the police, fire, and emergency services, increased tourism figures, we are convinced that this government is on the right path.

The United Workers Party remains optimistic by the direction of this government and their expressed plans in the 2018/2019 budget, and encourages all Saint Lucians to support the good governance of this administration.


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  1. By removing subsidies on rice and flour that is a new tax. By increasing the gas prices that is a new tax


  2. The majority that got them in. You got to give them a hand though , they're reviving old scandals and creating new ones to distract the common folks from the budget. Most of the time the loudmouths in their ranks will be making an uproar over said scandals instead of discussing the budget.


  3. Surely every St. Lucian is expecting good governance from the current afministraion. What one needs to know however is that the men and women now in power are held accountable to God for their stewardshup. Romans 13:1,2 says. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers, For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. o


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