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UWP suggests fires are politically motivated, singles out grenade and tear gas threat by “well-known political operative”


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In yet another incident fire was started in a smoothie shack along Darling Road at its junction with Trinity Church Road. It is clear that a fire at that location would have destroyed four adjoining shops.

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The United Workers Party is particularly concerned by the number of fires which have been reported recently in Saint Lucia.

The latest which totally destroyed the Folk Research Centre at Calvary Road in Castries is of particular concern, and comes close on the heels of other recent high profile fires, including two at the Soufriere Hospital, and another at the DSH construction site where heavy equipment was burned.

Reports are that about 10:19 p.m. on Sunday March 25, 2018 the Fire Department responded to the Folk Research Centre which was already fully engulfed in flames.

According to further reports, between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. four more fires were reported in the Castries Market area.

In one of those incidents three vendors’ stalls were completely destroyed near the Castries Marketing Board.

The UWP also feels the great sense of loss by all Saint Lucians in the aftermath of the fire at the Folk Research Centre, and empathizes with the market vendors who lost their livelihood when their stalls were also burnt on the same night.

In yet another incident fire was started in a smoothie shack along Darling Road at its junction with Trinity Church Road. It is clear that a fire at that location would have destroyed four adjoining shops.

The United Workers Party is also alarmed by a threat made on Facebook over the weekend by a well-known political operative who threatened that it was time to throw grenades and tear gas into the next sitting of the House of Assembly.

The UWP is convinced there are concerted efforts by individuals to cause disruption and chaos, and calls on all Saint Lucians to condemn any form of disruption.

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  1. My god this UWP government and their hacks are sick sick beyond recognition. To say this nonesense is unbelievable. The folk research center. Awa for u guys. Such rubbish. It just shows the level of the UWP brains and the impact it has on our society. St. Lucia iscreally sinking
    I guess we got the change we wanted. Worst government worst PM I have ever cime across in St. Lucia. Its a shame.

  2. All PART OF THE MAYORS PLAN this administration don't care nothing about they very people at the bottom.

  3. What if it is the other way around , that fires are deliberately set, to create jobs for a Fresh Start. Either way, the insinuations are irresponsible without evidence.

  4. There's a fire bug on the loose. For what ever purpose, we don't know, but it is stupid
    and dangerous. The two fires at the Soufriere Hospital were very suspicious, and could
    have cost lives. Who in their right mind would think of setting fire in a Hospital?
    The City of Castries have a long history with fire, and it is wise for the Fire-Department
    in Castries to be on high alert all the time, and not only Castries, but in every Town and
    Village. Be mindful, there could be Copy-cats too, and it can also back-fire; people talk.

  5. Shame.on the UWP to suggest such. Seriously, how desperate can one get? Why would SLP destroy any kind of prime property to give Chastenet the opportunity to repurpose it or sell to one of his cronies. Why would SLP give Fresh Start the opportunity to get work? Please St Lucia do not let the lies of the UWP fool you any longer. Open your eyes and wise up.

  6. Mac stephen aubertin

    That statement by the UWP has me thinking.To suggest that the Labour Party or its supporters are the ones responsible for these fires is really sick.To associate labour with the folk resesrch centres fire is really streching it .I think that all evidence shows that this st lucia boat is sinking and the captsin does nit know what to do so no better way than to create distractions.But God is good.This bunch of useless rspacious wicked people will soon meet their fate;not by fire,no!that is satans pay for them .We will use the legal and democratic way.These days you must be very stong and exceedingly patriotic to say that you are a St Lucian.

  7. Is that what politically motivated suggest? I think not. At least I didn't get that from the article.
    On another note. I don't condone this activity for whatever purpose or agenda if there is one but I do agree its high time for us St. Lucians to act, and to show our disapproval of the non sense that goes on in this country. The government (BOTH PARTIES) is playing with St.Lucia. Too much greed and selfishness. St. Lucians- the common people, are not at the heart of these ministers. Personally, as a young person, I am fed up to be honest. When will an honest, selfless group of men and women rise up to serve St.Lucia!? I am praying! Oh Lord, send me!

  8. UWP is well known for supporting such irresponsibility. After all when the caller to radio show said he could kill the sitting PM chastanet said he understood why he the caller would say so. Then there was usual quibbling by hack on both sides. It was noticeable the that the party never distanced itself from the statement but attempted to trivialized it. It therefore comes at a great surprised to me now this very same UWP is taking comments made on Facebook page serious.

    Personnel I don't support any form of violence. But before you go about accusing people provide the evidence UWP.

  9. Now it is dumbass statements like this that will certainly pander to the sympathies of "UWP HACKS" while continuing to cause division among St. Lucians. We lament about the divisiveness of our politics yet politicians continue to divide, ostracize, alienate, and demonize those who do not support them.

    Politicians please note "I am not fooled by that!" And I am sure most level headed Lucians are not either!

  10. As the party in power is highly irresponsible to suggest that the other is at fault for arson

  11. Well teargas was launched in another country's parliament recently...


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