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UWP: Stronger, united and ready to secure the future


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The United Workers Party (UWP) concluded its 38th Annual National Convention on Sunday November 02nd, 2014 before hundreds of delegates from all seventeen constituencies and supporters from around the island.

The event which was held at the Gros Islet Secondary School under the theme “STRONGER, UNITED AND READY TO SECURE THE FUTURE” has been dubbed a tremendous success.

The incumbent, Allen Chastanet, who was challenged by Dr. Claudius Preville, was retained as the political leader, securing a total of 266 to Dr. Preville’s 101.

Dr. Gale Rigobert and Lenard Spider Montoute who were nominated unopposed remain as Deputy Political Leaders. Ezechiel Joseph was re-elected party Chairman, while Nancy Charles was voted as the new Treasurer.

In his concession speech, Dr. Preville thanked his supporters and gave his commitment that he will work closely with the new executive as the party prepares for the upcoming general elections. Dr Preville also urged his followers to give the executive their support in building a stronger party.

Political Leader, Allen Chastanet, while expressing gratitude to his supporters, reassured members that the new executive will continue to work assiduously to ensure the party’s readiness to govern and rescue the island from the failing Dr. Kenny Anthony Administration.

He also urged supporters and well-wishers to officially join the party so that they are better able to contribute to the overall development of the party and ultimately the country

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  1. BA
    Well u need to respect the peoples vote, I take it that u haven't been to st. Lucia in along time....thank god because we don't need crap like you here, calling people illiterate. Let me inform u that st.lucia has whites, indians and even chinesse born in st.lucia. Maybe u need to raise funds to come back home to see how much we have developed....DISAPPOINTED

  2. central castries resident

    Look at that. Someone in London amf more ignorant than us om island. U sit so far away and ur able to JUDGE who is illiterate? Ur bery much drumb and showing it now. Because.of a man colour u should not vote for him? How dumb is that? Thank God you left this island. U cant spread your stupidity.

  3. BA.
    Black ass....BA, shame on u for thinking that all st. Lucians are illiterate. You must be the biggest one and racist too.

    • I am a Black Born Saint Lucian.
      I cannot be racist towards my own PEOPLE.
      Look up the meaning of "RACISM," dear.

      There is nothing wrong in pointing the obvious.
      When you and I know that it is the truth.

      Majority of all the UWP supporters at the convention were Illiterates.

      Did you even Notice when persons sitting, would get-up and just throw themselves in front of the HTS cameras whilst the two lovely female reporters were speaking?

      Do you actually believe anyone of them sitting there even understood why they were hauled there and under what conditions?

      Ignorance was written right on their faces.

      I refused to allow a an British Individual to watch any of this.
      Too embarrassing.

      • Are you a looser? If not stop behaving like one.

      • I keep telling you all that A B thing is a Cancer a malignant one at that. Your stupidity and lack of social grace in your comments tells alot about just what kind of citizen and St.Lucian you are.

      • BA, that moron is back at it again. That idiot does not even know that St. Lucians are of different colors. I am not sure if his model is the guy wearing the funny mustache, that killed himself almost 70 years ago in a bunker. Let's put it this way, if you were born in SLU, then you are afforded all rights of a citizen. Period.

        I do not live home, but if Chastenet or anyone else is qualified, their physical disability or color should not hinder. Good luck to both parties, and let the best persons win.

  4. How can these idiotic st.lucians be so racist. Is it just towards chastnet, what's the difference between Kenny and chastnet complexion wise. We lucians to ignorant .damn if u do damn if u don't.that's my prime minister.

  5. what does pips have to do just make one party in st lucia and come together as one and come up with different ideas to make the country better

  6. haters, such fools are you all, democracy and you all insult those delegates. jesus was crucified for our sins yet he did nothing wrong. who is Allen for those disgruntled not to demonized. Bravo mr chastanet with or without them the show must go on. By the wat lpm and slp need members go join them.

  7. Wow in this day and age. I am shocked to read the crap that being said about a St. Lucia of a different colour. We black people are racist but yet like to call white people racist. A person must be judged based on his/her ability. We have a problem with allan Chastnet but yet we are going in groves to Barbados to secure visas to go live and work in de white man country.

    • My sentiments exactly. Congratulations over and over to you Chastenet. I believe that you may be the only politician since the era of Sir John who is not into this for self-serving motives. Don't worry about the baseless racism talk; it won't go anywhere. Those who are making your colour an issue are those whom the white man denied a visa when they tried to go to the white man's country to live under white people's laws; USA! ha ha ha


  8. Both parties have leaders who are of white parentage, yet only one getting plock about his color....I don't care I'm color blind, we as lucian must stop playing the race card...and the tourists board and government must be careful, when we're trying to get visitors to vacation here, our nationals are making these type of comment on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

  9. I watched the Live-streaming of the UWP convention in London.
    And it was really interesting to notice illiterate composition of the crowd.

    I listened attentively to a particular speaker who used such words as "Juxtapose."
    I just knew immediately, they obviously were not speaking to the ones sitting on those uncomfortable chairs. But rather, to the cross-section in their high-chairs of power on island, for support.
    But nonetheless, they cheered in adoration to the obviously skin colour that looked NOT LIKE THEIRS.

    I must tip my hat off to Alison Kentish.
    Beautiful woman.

  10. Black are noted for allowing their humanity to be exploited by which ever race who wishes to do so. Before you challenge me come equipped with the instance in history where black people have been to another country and taken over like the British did to North America. Come equipped with examples of the instance or instances when Africa when after extending a hand of friendship to other races they did not go on to betray the trust and exploit both land and people. If with so many defects and handicaps the UWP members still think he is the best candidate I wonder to what high esteem he would have held had he be without blemish. Perhaps godlike status? Or could it be a reflection of the poverty of the party?

    • Good observation and i will support your comment.

      Looked carefully how they all rejected "Claudius Preville",someone who looks like them in everyway with all his degrees and experience.

      A party with a composition of all black men, have no faith in themselves, that they went for a white man, to Rule over them and show them salvation.

      It is a Sad day in the History of this Island.

  11. All the best to you all. You form a part of a necessary evil.


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