NewsUWP Six-Point -Plan- A Case of Preying on the Vulnerable

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 2022214935 min

The UWP would add to the effective governance of the country if it were an honest, reasonable opposition party that was also respectful of the citizens of Saint Lucian.

Covid-19 must be the most trying time for most Saint Lucians in living memory. The pandemic brought economic hardship, sickness and death to many Saint Lucian families. It happened at a time when the United Workers Party was in government. If ever there was a time for much-needed relief for the citizens of this country, it was then, and there was money to do it with funds from international institutions, like the World Bank.

But what really was the response of the then government? It threatened to cut civil servants’ pay in half, while government ministers refused to take the lead by taking a similar pay cut. No relief was provided to farmers, the fuel excise tax remained high at over $3 per gallon keeping fuel prices high, they stopped fishermen from going out to sea to make their living, there was no effort to reduce electricity bills, there was no income support for those who had lost their jobs, except those who were contributors to the NIC. In any case, the intervention was an NIC initiative and not government. In fact, the Economic Development Minister, Guy Joseph, rubbished the idea of using borrowed funds to assist displaced workers, saying there is no way they would just give people money.

However, at a time when the pressures of the pandemic are lessening and the government is about to recover from two years of significantly reduced revenues and more people are now back into work, the same people who when in government had no sympathy for the “pain the people feel” are proposing a six-point-plan to the government of the day.

Their six-point -plan is as follows: reduce electricity bills, support farmers, reduce VAT, freeze fuel and cooking gas and provide support for the unemployed.

The consequences of those measures in the main would further reduce government revenue and its ability to meet its social and financial commitments, burdensome financial commitments brought on by the poor fiscal management of the country by Allen Chastanet, not to mention the blatant acts of financial corruption done under his watch.

One can only conclude that the leadership of the UWP continues to disrespect the intelligence of the people and remain ready and willing to prey on those who don’t know better, because of a self-serving group of people who are prepared to keep them in the dark. The image of Allen Chastanet sits at the helm of this self-serving group, which sadly has removed any political attraction the UWP once had. It’s no wonder Stephenson King, with his long and dedicated association with the UWP, said he could no longer recognize the party he joined as a young man. The UWP would do itself much good if it dumped Allen Chastanet and his discredited sidekick Guy Joesph, or is it Allen Chastanet who is the sidekick in this duo?

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  • The Crow

    March 20, 2022 at 11:30 am

    UWP, go peddle that shit to Allen and the Guy. We don’t need your bullshit for you were and are the cause of our current position.


  • Ras Biko

    March 22, 2022 at 6:34 pm

    Chastanet has made himself a cack-handed symbol of everything enraging St. Lucians. He engages in empty platitudes and mindless stupidity. As correctly stated, why stimulate an economy that’s on the verge of recovery? St. Lucia under Chastanet was ensnared in a full-blown debt crisis. Credit-rating agencies like Fitch Group, Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, CariCris downgraded the country’s government bonds. He advocated belt-tightening when an economic stimulus was absolutely necessary. To be fair, Chastanet cannot even tell the truth in front of a mirror.


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