UWP Senator urges gov’t to help address air pollution in Castries South

UWP Senator urges gov’t to help address air pollution in Castries South
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac

United Workers Party (UWP) Castries South Candidate Senator Mary Isaac is calling on government to address the air pollution problem in the constituency, which she hopes to represent.

Isaac told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that while it is “politically expedient” for the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government to surface the Ciceron Road, it has been left in a deplorable state.

According to her, the dust and pollution coming out of the construction works, is badly affecting the children, especially the babies in the orphanage, and they are starting to show signs of discomfort.

“So I am imploring the Labour Party Government to do all what can be done as expeditiously as possible, to ease the discomfort that they have caused the children in that area,” Isaac said.

The Castries South Constituency has been plagued with a number of other issues for the past several years, according to the UWP Senator, which she would like addressed.

The former trade unionist has already expressed confidence that the UWP will secure the Castries South seat in the next general elections and promised to implement major changes in that constituency.


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  1. Come on lady. Be serious. My dead aunt in St. Lucia use to say, "If you don't have anything say, don't say anything. "


  2. Mary are you serious? We lament for works to be done yet we want no discomfort. We cry for infrastructural development yet we are not accomodative. When nothing is done we cry neglect and abandonment. Mary it is clear that you have no plans for the Constituency but to only bash what is working and insult the voters intelligence.


  3. so how shuld the guys wuk then mary,by moving the ppl.come on juss beare a lil ptience.i see hwere u are coming from but asiay smh.u making it look plictical.....seem dey shuldnt hv done th eroad for u too say some else


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