UWP senator calls for changes to current pension system

UWP senator calls for changes to current pension system
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac
Senator Mary Isaac

Saint Lucia is in need of a modern pension system for public servants, according to United Workers Party (UWP) Senator and candidate for Castries South Mary Isaac.

Isaac said the current pension system does not adequately cater for public servants and as such, some further plans should be made to modernise the system, which will ensure that everyone benefits.

“We have a pension’s programme where you have three different types of pensions within one country. I am saying that we need to look at something that is more equitable,” Isaac said at a UWP press conference held today (Dec.3).

The UWP politician is not open to the idea that someone should have worked for a certain number of years before they can get benefit from a pension. Rather, Isaac, who is a former President of the Civil Service Association (CSA), believes that there should be a social safety net for everyone.

She also touched on the increment system for public servants that previously existed.

Through this system, individual employees and groups were rewarded for their extraordinary performance annually. This was however suspended a few years ago by government.

“In the past increment system, you would do an appraisal and based on that, you would get something. Right now public servants have no reward mechanism in the public service to look forward to,” she added.

Isaac said that this issue was brought up at two different negotiation meetings between the CSA and government, but on each occasion, they refused to even look at the proposal.


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  1. I am happy that someone who has some sort of influence has finally spoken out about the pension system, which affects a large percentage of us.

    Why the disparity in a pension system in a country?

    -Government ministers who serve two terms (i.e. 8 years) are guaranteed a pension.
    -Civil servants who worked with government prior to 2003 (I believe) did not have to pay NIC and are able to receive a pension and gratuity upon retirement
    - Persons who started working after 2003 have to pay NIC and work until they reach retirement age (currently 65 years) to get a pension, with no no gratuity.

    Can we have some sort of equity please?


    • Name a country where it is different . What is most important at this time is finding ways to cut cost. The best way is to shrink government .


  2. Too many civil servants doing hardly anything. Look at the ministry of foreign affairs at Rodney Bay Mall.


  3. I believe that we''re not looking at the content of the message, however we're focusing on the messenger. This is an important aspect of the lives of civil servants that they will face at one point in time. I would like to see more information on this matter (like every other issues in this country) because this press release does not provide sufficient information.


  4. Don't let this woman change the pension she wanna introduce slavery. It means we have to all work till we pass 65 years. U will die before you get a pension. Sadly there are some public servants who embraces the idea. I denounce this cruelty


  5. I would rather a leaner civil service. Didn't you Mary read the IMF report?
    I want the government to reduce the size of the service.


    • did you read the IMF report cause i am sure it was not made public.....kenny only told us what he thought would give him mileage


  6. I am beginning to get tired of the cries for dinner. Elections are within grasp, therefore I suggest that the opposition should place all their tears in a manifesto to implement in the event of victory at the polls.


  7. Mary come back again. will you?
    Try something new. to much of this chip/bull-dead-brain-ideas.


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