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UWP says SLP becoming “increasingly desperate”

By SNO Staff

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Dr. Kenny Anthony (left) and Philip J. Pierre at a SLP conference several years ago.

(SNO) — The United Workers Party (UWP) administration has taken aim at the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), saying the party is becoming increasingly desperate.

Pointing to a number of projects which the UWP said is now taking place around the island, it appealed to the people of Saint Lucia to focus on the government’s mandate of building a prosperous country.

“The United Workers Party encourages the Government of Saint Lucia to remain focused on its mandate of building a new and prosperous Saint Lucia for the benefit of all and not allow itself to be distracted by an increasingly desperate SLP Opposition which sees the wide scale implementation of projects, especially in their own constituencies,” the party said in a statement on Friday.

According to the UWP, its government has done more than the SLP in a short period of time.

“The SLP, in their five-year term was not able to deliver compared to the UWP being able to do so, less than three years into their term of office,” the statement said.

On the ongoing impasse between unions on the island and the government of salary negotiations, the UWP appears to be saying that the SLP has a hand in it all.

Pointing to disruptions earlier this week by the Civil Service Association (CSA) and the Saint Lucia Teachers Association (SLTU), the UWP said it is not against workers taking action if there are issues affecting them, but they have been spreading lies and propaganda to rile up their members.

“Because their leaders have a vested interest in supporting an opposition party, the members must take stock and not allow themselves be used as pawns in a battle for political power led by operatives of the St. Lucia Labour Party,” the UWP said.

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  1. mhew men

  2. Workers fighting for their benefits you'll talking about politics. Like people blind. The projects you talking about not one has started. Not even the horse races you gave dates for have taken place. Squandering money everywhere but telling workers give me time to boost the economy to pay them.

  3. Yawn yawn o well if they say so

  4. This article reminds me of Mary Isaac.

  5. Look shit ...wipe it...uwp bunch of jokers........

  6. It is quite obvious to any thinking person that the utterances of the SLP just too often border on the inane and on the insane. Never ever in the history of political life in Saint Lucia has a political party shown so much bitterness at losing an election. And it is not because they had boatloads of new implementable ideas. SLP has always had a plan after they have won at the polls. All their manifestos, sometimes two at a time, are not worth the paper on which they were written on. Just a lot of window-dressing.

    The confounding and irritatingly repeated nonsensical rants that have emerged since losing the last elections shows the extent of their desperation. It is proportionate. They should be kept out of power for another ten years. The utterances of spokespersons do suggest a need for lobotomies.


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