UWP says Philip J Pierre proves once again he is not fit for leadership

UWP says Philip J Pierre proves once again he is not fit for leadership

(PRESS RELEASE) — The leader of the St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) continues to show that he is unfit for leadership and this was evident in his latest outburst on social media where he stooped to the lowest levels of discourse.

In an alarming post on the honourable prime minister’s Facebook page, Philip J Pierre even tries to use the Bible as justification for his derogatory remarks.

In his desperation, Philip J Pierre has a history of outbursts unbecoming of a leader as he tries to score cheap political points. Pierre tries to suggest that the prime minister was “dictatorial” while at the same time admitting that the government did indeed listen to the people on the tourism Bills which were withdrawn.

The United Workers Party and the country are fully aware that Philip J Pierre has very close experience with “dictatorial” leadership when he served Dr. Kenny Anthony as deputy leader and was never told about key decisions. Was he aware of the Grynberg Deal? Did Kenny even tell him the date of the last election? The UWP is aware that Pierre served in a Cabinet where one voice reigned. This is not how the current government operates.

Pierre must understand that the withdrawal of the tourism Bills is not as a result of his action but as a result of the government listening and taking note of the concerns of the citizens that it reports to.

Is Phillip J Pierre saying that his SLP government has never withdrawn any legislation? Now that would be dictatorial! But then his answer to any such question has always been: “I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know!” We offer a reminder. Remember the law that would imprison journalists for two years with hard labour? Remember the law to deny judges their discretion in court matters? Remember the law that denied accused bail to accused citizens? Remember the mess with the revised criminal code? We need say no more!

The United Workers party congratulates the government for listening to the concerns of the people by not allowing the tourism Bills to go through into law. Philip J Pierre should take a page from the humility of this government and stop stooping to the gutter politics that is synonymous with his party.


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  1. One thing I can say he is better than the rubbish we have now. The liar called Allen Chastanet


  2. Please, take this garbage and wipe your @$$ with it. Where do these people come off?


    • SLP supporters are very narrow minded they forget the last four years under Kenny was one of the worst st lucia have had


      • You all SLP hacks fail to realize there will NEVER be another SLP party for a long long time in St.Lucia. We are moving on up to a bigger, better and brighter life with the UWP party. Please do not take me back to them horror days. I refuse to go backward I can see the light at the end of the tunnel I love you my St.Lucia and I want all what's good for you no more rubbish.


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