UWP “saddened” by shooting of “loyal member”

UWP “saddened” by shooting of “loyal member”

(PRESS RELEASE) — The United Workers Party (UWP) is deeply saddened by the shocking news of the shooting of Mr. Victor Maurice on Sunday at his home.

Mr. Maurice has been a loyal member of the United Workers Party for several years and from 2015 to 2016 served as chairperson of the Castries South Constituency Branch.

Mr. Maurice has always been a very jovial man and is known throughout Saint Lucia as he went from office to office daily selling his homemade healthy grains.

The United Workers Party calls for prayers for Mr. Maurice’s speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

We also join the call to all Saint Lucians who are able to donate blood on his behalf at Victoria Hospital.


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  1. wasn't he supposed to attend a court matter on Monday 4th November? to me this is fishy. Pls investigate properly!!!


    • He use to talk about going to court, you know. You are so right. They tried to execute him knowing that the court case was drawing near. investigate...who was he going to court with, why and whose wrong (maybe the shotter or the person hired a hitman)?


  2. The culprit shall be found he is not getting away wit it this us not a political issue this is someone life almost took out .the trigger happy out there need to stop .and someone knows who the person is time to whistle blower them persons.


  3. I am disappointed with this release. I have known this man for a long time and he never once advertise his political views. Like any good businessmen would.

    The release could have said they are disappointed that this happened.
    It sounds like they are only disappointed because its someone associated UWP.


  4. Skills are important but for now law enforcement need the go ahead to clean up. These bad dogs not human in my book need to start going underground. Pls. I am mad. Start making a statement. Wtf is the government doing. Get the squad in place and intelligent. America can’t determine our security path. There are other places that can help. Do it.


  5. It was Chastenet who said "Kenny can't keep you safe but I will". What new policy guideline has this government put in place to make us feel safe? NADA! We place a whole lot on the shoulders of the commissioner of police (which I think is justified) but the biggest load must be shouldered by Chastenet and the Minister of Security. They have failed us the citizenry.


    • you such a jackass, but you all know's that is kenny, slp and crow, that sending their guys to do crime,, to blame uwp government,, so what policy slp had in place for crime,, for sure UWP had the best policy,, the restore confidence, that was the best way to clean up you all criminals,, kenny and his slp monkeys fight against it,, and kenny did he bring down jamaican police to investigate our police in st.lucia,, so SLP is the one that supported crime and criminals


  6. is this the short man that always has that big creole basket selling all kinds of seeds and nuts and it has a madras cloth on it?


  7. Now that it’s getting closer to home - even provoking sympathy from the government - let’s hoping you will find measures to curtail this present and continuing wave of violence.


    • UWP is not government. It is a political party whose members make up government. Government is made up of more than just UWP members. So get it straight.


  8. Also the police should be sending out loud and clear messages to the criminals that they (the criminals) are in their sights; to be on the lookout for the police against their illicit engagements.

    I am in total agreement with "Jone" that duties and other import/retail levies should be lifted from the sale of home security equipment/systems.


  9. It's always the same rhetoric of thoughts and prayers to the victims. I am exhausted reading the same standard line as if it were coming from a factory. What are doing to effect changes? Surely, much more can be done. Psst! That cheap bail. Ooooh! Micro prison sentences.


  10. Instead of just 'thoughts and prayers', hopefully measures are put in place by the 'UWP' to deter such criminal activity or at least to be able to apprehend the criminals who partake in such activities.

    Cash rewards for information with the promise of anonymity, because for every major crime committed there must be at least ONE person who knows, and money is an attractive incentive.

    Remove ALL duties on security equipment such as cameras and home security systems, also vehicle alarms etc.

    Provide some kind of tax deductible for people who have such camera systems installed at their homes.

    Make it easier for law abiding citizens to obtain a firearm license.

    Little things can be done in the interim.. Because unfortunately I don't forsee an improvement in the attitudes and investigative skills of our police force in the near future


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