UWP makes election promises

UWP makes election promises
UWP leader Allen Chastanet. Photo: UWP.
UWP leader Allen Chastanet. Photo: UWP.
UWP leader Allen Chastanet. Photo: UWP.

Political Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Allen Chastanet, had his supporters in loud cheers on Thursday evening at the William Peter Boulevard, when he dished out some election promises.

Chastanet who dubbed the plan “Five to stay Alive,” said they are aimed at bringing relief to every Saint Lucian and will form part of the UWP’s election manifesto.

One of the first things Chastanet said the UWP will do to if elected to office, is to immediately deduct the “dreaded Value Added tax (VAT),”which will eventually lead to its ultimate removal.

“We will find a more creative way, and a less onerous way of raising revenues generated by VAT,” he said.

Chastanet believes it is not acceptable that men who are struggling and have trucks to supplement their income, are forced to park it because of the high license fee.

As such, the party is proposing to reduce vehicle fees by 50 percent, if elected to office.

The UWP political leader said his party also plan to double the school feeding and school transportation subsidy, and guarantee all children at least one nutritional meal per day.

UWP supporters gathered at William Peter Boulevard for a political meeting on Thursday.
UWP supporters gathered at William Peter Boulevard for a political meeting on Thursday.

But Chastanet said of the five plans, the dearest to his heart, is to have a targeted amnesty on hospital fees at both the Victoria Hospital and St. Jude Hospital.

“It is unacceptable that a person who is unemployed, or a person who is a pensioner, feels degraded to go to the hospital because they can’t pay their bills. What kind of government, what kind of man, does it take to be able to impose that kind of wickedness on the people of this country?”

In revealing the last of five major promises, Chastanet said a UWP government will remove personal property tax for a period of three years, within the first year in office.

The UWP leader said some people have struggled to own their own house by paying a mortgage for many years, but then property tax is imposed on them, and in some cases, this causes them to lose their homes.

The removal of this tax for three years, he noted, will help to bring some relief to families across the island.

“The details of these policies and programmes will be further rolled out and explained during public meetings over the coming weeks and it will be part of a 72-page manuscript, which has already been completed and will become the manifesto of the UWP for the upcoming election,” he declared.

A fiery Chastanet told his supporters that while the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is procrastinating, the UWP has been busy preparing itself to introduce policies and plans in due course, to address the challenges of the country, and has managed to put together a competent team of candidates.

“I heard people say that Allen Chastanet can’t relate to the average person in Saint Lucia, but I can relate to the suffering that the people are experiencing in their lives. Not only will Allen Chastanet relate to it, but Allen Chastanet has the solutions to these problems.”


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  1. we all as a ppl are being manipulated by the bigger power take note THE VATICAN IS THE ENEMY. they r the ones squeezing us. READ PPL READ EDUCATE URSELVES. it is said if u dont want a black man to know something put it in a book. #checkurselves


  2. After being a civil servant for over 15 years and serving under both administrations, all I have to say is three things:

    (1) Keep your government together if you get into power. Please do not make that kind of mistake which happened in 2006-2011.
    (2) Nurture your people, INCLUDING your civil service. Cutting salaries, study leave and other incentives that keep the machinery working should never be uttered ONCE on your lips.
    (2) Get us out of this culture of dependency!

    Lucians too stupid to see what happening. Everything is handouts, handouts, handouts... and we eh have no skill, no progress... nothing to show when it comes to the development of our people. The only thing we talking about is agriculture and tourism... why not an IT industry too...? Come on... we need more!


  3. What the country needs is drop down the income tax and the vat. It is more fair and every body is taxed according to what he or she consumes. Remove the vat on food. And health products a country needs tax encourage a an industry to come such as making shoes and socks. Etc


  4. Here is something that I would like to point out. It was said that with the advent of VAT the consumption tax would be done with as well as the excise tax. Well look closely and tell me if it's less now or more? Please note that VAT is not just on resale but also on imports.


  5. Red yellow better says 5 to stay alive. Why can't we have normal people just running the country and to some papi show. Square pins in round holes. 17 ministers should be 21 ministers
    Bell ringing rum drinking motor cade public holiday after elections.
    Since when that's ur role. Red put tax yellow take it out. Kenny says build buildings. All this is a bunch of crap. The Kenny dance now the Allen dance.
    Why can't a small group of plp wearing white shirts just apply for a job with the qualifications. Imagine asking 2 major legue foot ball teams to come together and run a country it won't happen.


  6. People of St.Lucia, the decision to implement VAT in St.Lucia by the SLP Government in October 2012 was a result of commitments made by the UWP Government from 2008 to the IMF, World Bank, CDB and ECCB. Of course it was part of “The Regional Tax Reform Initiative” for all the countries of the OECS. These commitments were predicated on studies conducted by three independent reputable organizations; namely KAIRI Consultants, a firm from Trinidad and Tobago (funded by CDB), Caribbean Regional and Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC) in Barbados as part of Technical Assistance to the OECS and the OECS Tax Reform Commission which was established by the Monetary Council of the ECCB.
    All recommended that our current system of taxation needed to be reformed and that VAT should be implemented. Specifically, the findings of these studies indicated that there were many inefficiencies and weaknesses in the system, which created a burden to the taxpayers and also the administration. Highlights of some of these findings are:
    • There are too many indirect tax types in the current Tax System, which make the system complex.
    • There are many different rates, and many pieces of out dated legislation.
    • Goods are being taxed heavily while some services are not taxed.
    • The system has elements of cascading, that is “tax on tax” which distorts production and consumption.
    • Regional integration is now forcing countries to harmonize their taxation system in order to avoid competitive distortions across countries.
    Further still, when the UWP Government applied to the IMF and requested disbursement of $US17.59 million from the Rapid Access Component of Exogenous Shock Facility (RAC-ESF) in 2009 (Reference IMF Country Report of 2008 and 2009 (no.9/257) the following commitments were made:

    1. Broadening of the tax base, along with stepped up preparations for the introduction of the VAT.

    2. Introduction of a “new pricing mechanism for fuel by August 2009 with the consumption tax set at a level to yield about 1% of GDP”;

    3. Increase taxes on alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and VEHICLE LICENSING;

    4. Market valuation-based property taxation.
    T he above shows clearly that the UWP Government did not only commit on VAT but also on fuel prices, vehicle license and property tax. When you take the devil’s money you must do what the devil says.
    There is room for some tweaking of these tax measures but the amount of tweaking that can be done is limited to the Government being able to meet its commitments (payment of salaries to public servants, operating the social programmes like NICE etc etc) and international obligations.
    The SLP Government has done the limited tweaking that can be done with these tax measures. They have padded the list of goods that are VAT exempted to the extent that the Chamber of Commerce is complaining. They have been subsidizing the price of fuel, especially cooking gas by whooping amounts. They have given exemptions of $200,000 on the value on which property tax will be paid; which totally exempts low income earners from the payment of property tax. The removal of property tax will only benefit Alfiona Investments, a property management rental business owned by the Chastenet Family, and the likes.
    When the Cabinet of Ministers approved and the UWP Government made these commitments all these guys, Allen “Ti Pwen Tout” Chastenet , Guy Joseph, Guy Mayers, Spider Montoute and the Stephenson King, were members of the Cabinet. The question is; whether these guys understood what they committed the Government to? I will not be surprise that they did not understand. Please remember Stephenson King was PM and Minister for Finance at the time and all of us know mate signed his deaf warrant many times and did not have a clue.


  7. All these politicians are picked by the big shots in the political parties, not the people of the constituencies who they are supposed to represent. They truly represent their parties not the people, let's get that straight. We need to wake up and break up this dead political system. All this Red / Yellow nonsense is killing our country. St lucia has better leaders than what is being put forth by these parties, I mean really, Guy Joseph, among others.


  8. Well plp don't like what's happening now. Has anyone really thought that this super high taxation may just be stopping the flow of money. Everyone forgets mr. Chastnet has the support of all businessmen. I promise you Allen isn't a good dancer or a good creole speaker. But he sure knows where and how to encourage businesses to expand. And guess what the priminister mustn't be a nice man like king. He has to be rough and commanding and demanding. He demanded the bridge be removed in sourfrier and it was done. This is what we what. Not a team of plp trying to open 2 hospitals. Or 2 government buildings
    I know that Allen isn't the standard prime minister and that scares plp. YOU want change go for it. So stop being negative. You know what we don't even need a prime minister if all the businesses came together with a plan and goal. And told the mininisters what they need. The country would be better.


    • Hey fool!!!! He did mention about looking into the lucritive marijuana industry which is a multi BILLION dollar tax collecter in the most powerful nation....UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.you guys are so lame and backwards is why u stay back like the two heels of your shoe .......broaden ur minds idiots


  9. Lucians really stupid meyssyah. vat was implemented to help support our own economy and to pay off debt and also very importantly to prevent the IMF from wrecking havoc when they come to st Lucia and start doing things to pay off the debt, why yall don't ask questions like what brought us so deep in debt IMF was ready to come here , what happen to the monies tom chew gave away that never reached the treasury, why you'll don't ask what happen to all the money raised to help St Jude Hospital. Stop F**King Being Ignorant and Stupid man. Promises which promise a politician make youll see coming true every ratid election you'll making the same damn mistakes, voting in greedy, scamming, worthless politicians with their own agenda and people like me have to pay for it. I'm sick of you'll


  10. All these comments are telling me that like lambs to the slaughter we in for another dose of musical riding chairs.

    So we are about to select a "benevolent dictator" either Kenny or Chastanet, and expect the rest of the country to elect the right number of his noms sans gwen like we have done over the years for Kenny to become our PM. Plus ca change .... "The more things change, the more they remain the same,"

    Saint Lucians are comical.


  11. So can me, my brother, my mother, my auntie, my neighbor next door, my acquaintance over there and my frenemy get a job? We do not need handouts .... just a job. Is that a promise that you can keep.


  12. My party is doing great. However, these promises are great but are they achieveable? I know some may be saying these promises are just to win political points, but the same can be said about the present government. They did make many promises in the last election and not much has been realized. So l am prepared to give Chastanet the opportunity to deliver on his promises. For .one cannot deliver on his promises if he is not given a chance


  13. Chastanet u are upsetting me to the bone. U were the tourism minister and u ran up a bill for the country of half a million dollars so what make us believe that when you become prime minister that you won't rack up a bill and put us in more danger. You need to give the Kenny Anthony administration a chance because all of the mess cause by your party.


  14. news flash! from the desk of radio yo di! the management and staff of radio yo di has been reliably informed that the st lucia mental wellness center, has put out an all point bulletin on the whereabouts of one individual who have supposedly escape from the institution. we have been reliably informed that half ass and asinine comments were made on the William peter boulevard last night. due to the nature of the 5 point plan for st lucia, it has been deemed to be drafted by one with unsound mind. please be informed that he neds to be approached with kids glove so jis mental state will not be further compromised.


  15. Mr chast your five yo stay alive look good but you the vat can be reduce but not remove.Take it down to ten percent. We need money to run the country now a days no one has money to give.


  16. There are some wealthy people who care genuinely about the poor and the less fortunate and who also want others to survive and thrieve. Many farmers are doing very well now because of the farmers certification program and the CFL purchases of their farm produce. How is giving Reneau all the big jobs helping the poor he is simply ammassing great wealth at the expense of all other contractors and businesses (buying and selling to himself).

    Talk about that and don't try to present the Chastanets as people who cannot identify or don't care. The program that Allen is proposing is very feasible and will benefit ALL Saint Lucian's especially the poor.