UWP response to Ernest Hilaire statements on Bananes Bay development

UWP response to Ernest Hilaire statements on Bananes Bay development

(PRESS RELEASE) – The UWP finds it more than disingenuous when Mr. Ernest Hilaire calls on the government to be more transparent about the Bananes Bay development plans especially when there continues to remain serious questions about his own transparency in the Juffali Affair.

Mr. Hilaire must be reminded that plans for the redevelopment of the City of Castries, including Bananes Bay, have been in the works since Sir John Compton.

The Allen Chastanet led UWP administration is continuing with those plans and addressing the many concerns in that area, particularly the dangerous situation which exists with parked container trailers along the roadside at Bananes Bay.

The visit by the Prime Minister, Police, SLASPA officials, and the Mayor of Castries was to evaluate serious concerns and dangers posed trailers, and to get a first-hand view from a visit to the area.

It must be noted that over the years numerous articles have been written, and multiple calls to talk shows have been made, all complaining about the dangerous conditions with tractor trailers along that stretch of road.

The first phase of the works will only involve the removal of the tractor trailers and the beautification of that approach to the city of Castries, and will actually enhance the safety of the Bananes Bay residents who will not have to walk along the roadway when traversing the waterfront.

Further, Mayor Peterson Francis did state at the time of the visit that he “will work in tandem with all stakeholders to ensure the goals are realized”.

There are clearly no plans to move the residents of Bananes Bay without consultations.


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  1. Heliare you tooo lie
    i wasnt there but i was told so its only on Saturday you went to the bannanes are questioning people about the project when you made your statement you had not been there
    and guess what you didnt go across the road where there is an established business which may be affected to ask any questions you question the fact that the meeting was held on one side of the road and they never crossed the road to the other side to speak with the people
    well heliare you did just the same went to the other side of the road and never crossed to ask the people there
    stop making fools of the people
    i am in that area on a daily basis so i know


  2. Don't blame Hillaire, blame his scatterbrain wannbe unstable press secretary in waiting who will keep waiting because she is unstable and wacko. We want Jade brown back or Earl Bousquet.


  3. Hilaire came on television indicating that persons from the Bananes area addressed their concerns to him - he is a DAMN LIAR. He was in that same area during the weekend questioning the persons who live and have small businesses there, on their views on the matter. Please Hilaire, be honest and transparent with yourself - this is what you guys are begging for - right?? Do not make it look like you were approached in the first instance - you politrikians, pleeeeeese


  4. Dear Politicians
    Educated St. Lucians are sick of your inane banter. Stop acting like children with the idiotic name-calling and useless drivel in the media. Grow the f$%k up.


  5. salbet!!!!!!!!!!!!! shots fired loooool. the same thing i said .
    in his arse you want to talk about transparency and you was in that jufalli borbol. stop throwing stones in your glass house boy.


  6. Hilaire called for consultation. The UWP writes a very long press release just to say at the end " Mayor Peterson Francis did state at the time of the visit that he 'will work in tandem with all stakeholders to ensure the goals are realized'." So what then was the value of the release again? Of the eight paragraphs only one addressed Hilaire's statement. Of the 265 words only 27, that is one (1) % of what was written had anything meaningful to do with the call for consultation. That, from a party in power, tells us a lot about the state the country finds itself.


  7. Mister PM, you had an issue with the inauguration of the bridge in Soufriere because you weren't invited (I know it's not the same thing but it's similar).
    Don't do unto other what you wouldn't have them do to you.
    By the way, I'm neither SLP nor UWP (for those who think that the truth in a statement depends on the party you support).


  8. These politicians always issue press releases (written by more intelligent minds). Why not have a debate? The UWI on The Morne has expressed its willingness to facilitate such an event. Make it happen. Come in the open and debate your case instead of throwing words for each other on the internet like a bunch of pubescent girls.


  9. Why does the UWP need a press release to respond to barking creatures? At some point, they have to remain quiet. This fella has no integrity to question anything. This man's name is synonymous with volaire, lies and bobol. Did they consult on Juffalli and passport for profit scheme? who was heading CIP as big time Chief Crook? The nation made a decision on 6/6/16, it was to get rid of that tainted bunch. RIP in SLP.


    • oakey doaky, clearly you belong to the 43% with only preschool education that PM Chastanet spoke about. You refer to Hilaire as a " barking creatureS". Now, he belongs to the same species {the same group of living organisms (things)} as you. Now we all know what living organisms (things) bark. So given that explanation, if Hilaire barks, what does that make you? Say it loud and you should begin the sentence saying "I am a .........".


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