UWP responds to SLP statement

UWP responds to SLP statement

The United Workers Party branch in the Soufriere/Fond St Jacques constituency has responded to questions posed by a Labour Party group in its district asking former minister Allen Chastanet to speak up on matters relating to local access to beaches.

The St Lucia Labour Party Soufriere Constituency Group (SLPCG) had asked Chastanet to state his policy with regards to reports that locals were being denied access to beaches and that one of these properties may have been sold.

In a statement, the UWP group advised the SLPCG to address what it says are a number of “stalled” projects under the SLP administration, instead of “attacking a man who holds no political office.”

The UWP statement pointed to resurfacing works on the Soufriere playing field which it said was promised to be complete by March 31, 2013 but “remains undone.”

“The Copra Factory also remains unattended,” the statement said.

“The Fond Gens Libre Bridge remains stalled. How much consideration and care does The Labour Party have for the residents of the affected communities or even the thousands of visitors who climb the pitons, yearly?”

It continued, “the new toilet facilities at Palmiste – which were so conscientiously renovated and improved by Mr. Chastanet’s UWP Administration remain closed for no conceivable reason.”



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  1. Are we running away from the issue, these are valid question, and deserve answers, no wonder that we remain in plain ignorance and stupidity.


  2. The UWPs response reminds me of what my grandfather would say to us grandkids- you don't answer a question with a question. If the UWP party Soufriere/Fond St Jacques constituency answered the questions posed to them, then questioned the SLP about their shortcomings, I would say they (UWP) are not going tit for tat. But apparently tit for tat is the ONLY way they know how to respond.


  3. Good Job UWP Group.NO TIME TO ANSWER PETTY GOSSIP, TALES AND MAL PALA.How much consideration and care does The Labour Party have for YOU THE residents of the affected communities."BETTER DAYS ARE COMMINGGGGGG"


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