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UWP responds to press secretary, calls on PM to resign

By HERMISHA ROLLE, Staff Reporter

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Press Secretary Jadia Jn Pierre-Emannuel.

The United Workers Party (UWP) has accused Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel of seeking to deceive the public through a press release issued on June 23 regarding the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the government’s salary cut proposal.

The press secretary’s release had used a recent call by the IMF for countries in the region to cut wage bills to support government’s recent proposal to cut the salaries of public sector workers by five percent as a means of reducing fiscal debt.

In a press release today, June 26, the UWP accused the press secretary of “desperately” seeking to “cover-up the debacle of Prime Minister Anthony’s five percent wage cut ultimatum to public servants”.

The UWP, in an effort to shed “light on the naked propaganda” it believes came from the press secretary, stated: “In her calculated propaganda ploy, the press secretary neglected to inform Saint Lucians that such recommendations from the IMF are not new and have been repeatedly made almost in the same language to regional government over the years. For example, in their 2003 Country Report (Clause 30), the IMF made the following recommendations to the then Kenny Anthony Administration: ‘Priority should be given to carrying out a strong upfront fiscal adjustment and continued moderation in expenditures in the medium term. The rising debt-to-GDP ratio raises concern about fiscal sustainability. The staff welcomes the authorities’ intention to slow debt accumulation through spending restraint, including a reduction in capital outlays …… To ensure this, the staff urges additional steps to contain current expenditures, accelerated tax reform, and stepped-up establishment of the Revenue Authority ……..'”

It added, “The UWP advises Mrs. Emmanuel that her efforts would be best spent advising the prime minister to climb down from his stubborn posture and to give active consideration to the numerous recommendations submitted by public sector unions and other stakeholders including some of his ‘so-called consultants’. She may also wish to further advise her boss to adopt a more open-minded attitude in his efforts to engage public servants.”

The party went further by calling for the resignation of Finance Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony whom it believes did the country more harm than good in his two and a half years in office.

“Finally the UWP believes that after 2 ½ years in office, during which time he has delivered us to the doors of the IMF, it is now imperative that the prime minister resign as the minister of finance, economic affairs and social security before the country faces an even greater crisis. His willingness to concede to failure and demit office will allow Saint Lucians the privilege of choosing a new government to begin our recovery from ‘economic purgatory,’” the UWP said.

The press release from the press secretary was entitled “IMF Recommends Reduction in Wage Bill.” That publication, according to the press secretary, had quoted an IMF statement which was dated June 19. That statement, according to her release, had come about following the conclusion of the 2014 discussion on the common policies of the countries of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union (ECCU).

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  1. I suppose facy his chances to be p.m.He keeps all his solutions close to his chest.However I firmly believe he just don't have a clue to the crisis.Stop the politicking we have a serious bread and butter issue on our hands and all I hear and see is finger pointing at each other as to who to blame. My God lets all put a hand in problem solving instead.

  2. Little bo peep has done it again. Pseudo economist who cannot translate theory to practice. Dr. Anthony needs a less flighty press secretary who can be diplomatic in her addresses and show some sort of class like a lady in the post should. Not a feather who responds out of 3motion to every blow of the wind.

  3. Little bo peep has done it again. Pseudo economist who cannot translate theory to practice. Dr. Anthony needs a less flighty press secretary who can be diplomatic in her addresses and show some sort of class like a lady in the post should. Not a feather who responds out of 3motion to every blow of the wind.

  4. I have never seen this before. The country is in turmoil and Kenny is nowhere to be found. Instead, he allows his little inexperienced PS take the heat and the little lady coming across so raw and unpolished. Kenny show some leadership. St. Lucia is in an utter mess.

  5. Why is this girl representing the GOVERNMENT? WHO IS SHE REALLY? Is she not just a mouthpiece for Kenny and the boys? Why she in the front of everything? This is really showing how spineless kenny really is, to have a little girl obviously devoid of knowledge and intelligence, representing the govt.

  6. Someone or some party had to take the initiative at some point in time to address this escalating crisis. The sooner the better. Fingers can be pointed in opposite directions but the damage is already done. Kudos to this administration for taking this initiative to control the damage on which our future depends. The IMF cannot be ignored.

  7. I am appalled at the state of affairs in this nation. Kenny, you have heard the plight of St.Lucians yet you cast a blind eye and close your ears to the cries and concerns of the persons who voted you into your current state of splendor. If you were a true son of the soil you would have began the pay cuts at the helm. Tell me, do we need all these ambassadors in various foreign lands with all their office staff and costly office rentals? Why should the lay man in the person of the civil servants whose tax monies keep the country afloat be sacrificed. These persons are already stretched thin financially yet you persist with your colonial-slave master mentality. Karma will return to you Kenny what you have done to the people of St.Lucia. Everything you have will one day be stricken from you if you refuse to do right by the people of this nation. God does not sleep, Mr. Anthony! Miss Press Secretary, what are the educational and professional qualifications that enable you to so freely speak on economic policy? I have read some of your writing and I am appalled at level of ignorance that pervades your press releases. If you really want to do something for this nation pay back the monies that your Beau-pere Kenny gave to you toward medical bills a few years back- monies that were stolen from the purses of St.Lucians.
    I hope that St.Lucians put an end to the ridiculous lack of vision currently leading our country. We need to look among ourselves and find persons with the educational and professional expertise needed to govern the country. If this is not done soon, I fear what greater ills will plague this country. Chastanet- We don't need you either with your greed and deceit.

  8. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If her statement is true the SLP has taken us to the IMF secretly Then.

  9. SLP is very desperate. They even have a PR person deciding policy. That is how much the PM knows about economics. The pathetic figure is catching at straws. Any port for a storm nowadays. We again have complete morons running the government.


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