UWP renews calls for government to clear the air on airport project

UWP renews calls for government to clear the air on airport project

UVF-saint-Lucia-Hewanorra-International-airport1PRESS RELEASE – The United Workers Party (UWP) would like to renew its calls to the Government of Saint Lucia to come forward and clear the air on the Hewanorrah International Airport Project.

When the UWP predicted that the contract for preliminary works would be awarded to local contactor Rayneau Gajadha of RCI for an estimated amount of $28 million dollars, it was strongly denied by the Government of Saint Lucia.

The UWP has now been reliably informed that the contract has been awarded to Mr.  Rayneau Gajadha of Rayneau Construction & Industrial Products as originally indicated.

The contract includes the Tarmac (Apron) extension, the Turning Bay expansion and the Control tower which were removed from the original Airport Development Project which includes the Terminal building, and place under the control of SLASPA, an agent of government for the purpose of a local bidding process.

The UWP remains concerned about the process under which these projects are awarded.


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  1. The airport name is Hewanorra please note there is no h at the end, so please treat it with respect and spell it correctly. It is a huge shame how our officials, note I said officials - both side of the fence treat major projects. All of a sudden nothing cost less than millions of dollars.

    They seek finincial aid from banks and foreign donors and tax payers are left with the burden to pay back. The contracts are given to their loyal party friends even if they are at time not qualified.

    I am sure there are kick backs which materialize into campaign funds and personal favors.

    It is time that we put our foot down and demand better from our so called leaders who continue giving us a six for a nine.


  2. The effect of what has happened in the last 4 years is unprecedented. So many government contracts to 1 contractor. So the other construction companies don't have workers who have families to take care of too? The government needs to control this and realise the other companies although their bosses may not support all you but their workers need the monthly salaries. Also they have workers who support all you. But wait I guess when they loose their jobs we will just give them 2 weeks in STEP and boast about job creation. SMH. Lucians the effect of this will be felt in the next 2 to 3 years. Rayeneax does not employ 1 extra local when he gets his contracts. Maybe an indian or syrian. His engineers were all imported. SMH.


  3. Poor jab! Grabbing at straws, I see!!

    For crying out LOUD, as an opposition, do and or say something constructive. Shameless bunch!!


  4. I most definitely was very, and extremely suspicious of everything that went down with the UWP's handling of the VFort airport project. The head honcho in there was suspect. In fact anyone in government today suggesting and voicing the opinion that the measure of their success is the size of that person's bank account. Then with raised eyebrows you hear that very same person is involved with a massive multi-million dollar government contract? You know that right away you have to closely scrutinize each and every detail of that person's income while in government.

    That said, the SLP in turn has to demonstrate now all the accountability and transparency action that it lambasted the UWP about not having. What is good for the goose is also very good for the gander.


    • Which multi million dollar government contracts? Excluding the bans la haut job (which is being financed by Rayneau NOT the government) please name the others.. Awaiting a speedily response.


    • Excluding the bans la haut job (which is being financed by Mr Rayneau NOT the government) which other multi million dollar contracts? Awaiting a speedy response


  5. Now that the ALBA matter has fizzled out, y'all are now trying to latch unto another while forgetting this "Guy" continuously awarded contracts to . . . what was it called? A&B or was it AB&C? Oh, I remember . . . it was A&M.

    UWP, wheel and come back again.


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