UWP protest march attracts scores of Saint Lucians

UWP protest march attracts scores of Saint Lucians
Allen Chastanet got the crowd's attention when he went to collect this little boy and placed him to sit on his shoulders.
Allen Chastanet got the crowd’s attention when he went to collect this little boy and placed him on his shoulders.

A large crowd of United Workers Party (UWP) supporters joined hands with their leader Allen Chastanet and other senior party officials on Thursday evening, to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government and its leader Dr. Kenny Anthony.

The protest commenced at the Vigie field around 5 p.m. with hundreds holding placards and banners, which had messages for the current administration and which symbolized the distress citizens are faced with, especially under an SLP-government.

Chastanet was joined by his close ally – Member of Parliament for Castries South East and former Minister of Works and Communication Guy Joseph, as well as former National Security Minister Guy Mayers, Leader of the Opposition and Member of Parliament for Micoud North Dr. Gale Rigobert, among others.

Other senior party members such as former Minister of Public Service Lenard “Spider” Montoute, who was present for the previous UWP march in January of this year was clearly absent. And so was the former UWP Prime Minister Stephenson King.

Sarah Flood- Beaubrun (right) and newcomer Dr. Andre Matthew.

But former Health Minister under the SLP government Sarah Flood- Beaubrun who was recently nominated to challenge Chastanet at the next UWP Convention for the leadership position turned up for the protest march and so was newcomer Dr. Andre Matthew, who also joined the procession. However, both individuals were separate from Chastanet and the others.

What started as “Kenny Must Go” chants turned into “We want Chastanet.” Coincidentally, this happened as soon as Flood- Babeneau joined the procession.

While some supporters’ claim this was not meant for her, others said it was a clear message which was directed at Flood- Beaubrun and indicates that they will only support Chastanet for the leadership position.

But even if these chants were meant for the former health minister, Flood- Beaubrun didn’t seemed bothered by it. She nevertheless put on her dashing smile and walked alongside UWP supporters, and eventually collected a flashcard with the words “Stop Kenny” and held it up.

It could be said that apart from protesting against the government’s policies, which was the main reason for the protest march, the senior UWP members also used the opportunity to start campaigning for seats at the next elections.

Both Joseph and Chastanet campaign banners were at the front row of the procession, which bore the words: Vote for Allen Chastanet (Micoud South) and Vote for Guy Joseph (Castries South East).

As usual, there were large crowds of onlookers at every corner of Castries, as the procession continued along Micoud Street and finally into the Peter Boulevard Square for what they dubbed, “The Peoples Parliament.”

A vibrant Nancy Charles, who put on the role of House Speaker had the crowd in loud cheers.

In a parliamentary-like style, each person who delivered a speech, had the opportunity to “pass a motion” calling for the dismissal of any minister, for his/her failure to perform efficiently.

At the end of each speech, Charles asked the people if they agreed to say “aye”, which promoted loud cheers and ended with the words, “the aye’s have it,” something that is customary in Commonwealth Parliaments.

Several members were called to the platform which included: Senator Mary Isaac, Sentor Ezchiel Joseph and Opposition Leader Dr. Gale Rigobert, among others. But the crowd blurted out more cheers when Guy Joseph and Allen Chastanet were called to the podium to speak.


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  1. Simply a political campaign. Sadly people will show up to be used by politicians, but will not participate in community functions where the real change actually happens.


  2. Oui mamma! I am afraid that Saint Lucians are too hand-to-mouth especially nowadays to think past the next month or so. If we had any deep sense of the future, we would clear all the deck in the UWP by picking someone who has a known and positive track record. Sarah would fit. Short of this, we should select someone who has a better idea about how to turn around this continuing slide in the economy that the present government has seen the need to resort to economic prostitution. Preville is my first choice. Bois dee fay used to say that when better will not be done, worse will continue.


  3. Well if uwp has 1000 supporters and 800 of them showed up at the march. Even if all 1000 showed up which they're supposed to do anyway.Does that indicate that the majority of st lucians were at the march ? Certainly not!

    This proves that it was 99.99% uwp supporters were at the march. This was not in the interest of St Lucians but just a cheap uwp political campaigning stint as the lead banners clearly articulated (Vote for Allan Chastanet and Guy Joseph!)

    if you really cared about St Lucians tell me why couldnt your banners even show something like you cared? e.g. say no to VAT or no to increase in license fees, or the like, and the majority of St Lucians would support you.No. Instead you used this missed opportunity to promote your own selfish agenda and also to lambase members of your own organization, even women whilst other pathetic women cheered you on. Honestly tell me do you believe this is right?

    Remember God does not sleep and he also does not make mistakes!


  4. This was overwhelming!!! Naysayers surely had on blinders, to say the match was not a success. But that's expected. Continue to shout and some may listen; but this is a different St.Lucia. WE SEE, WE CAN ANALYZE.
    Bury tour head in the sand Labour!!!


    • I was just walking by the Boulevard and it was just yellow filling and life just seemed to go on as usual all around. People just didn't care...


  5. The little dark child on Mr Chastenets shoulders was a very clever move. Remember NICE. NICE subliminal message Mr Chaestenet. I hope the possibly poor mother did not cry on your shoulder to get paid for the use of her son in your false advertising


  6. I have always wondered why a MAN would tolerate a silly nick name
    as : Spider. T me a Spider is a bug that likes being hidden; and enjoys
    being in the dark, to catch other bugs unsuspectingly. Well all I can say
    about that is, he is surely living up to his reputation. Keep hiding
    my friend, keep hiding past the next General Elections and beyond and
    keep living to your empty and selfish reputation which is void. But to be fare
    there is time yet, not only for you, but others too. Since Sir. John went out of the way to pick you to run for the Gros-Islet seat, show some respect to the family
    at least; don't be silly man, show you are greater than that. you have allowed too many people talk sweet nothings into your ear so get wise. Listen up, Pro: 14 :33
    "Wisdom resteth in the heart of him that hath understanding: but that which is in the midst of fools is made known." I hope you understand what I'm saying.


  7. The simple fact that election banners were present at the march moved from looking after the people to attempting political mileage. It's very poor taste that a rally to help alleviate the plight of people suffering became a political rally.


  8. Some of us know very little about true leadership and the dynamics of team work. King and Montoute are clear failures and their current behaviour exemplifies what caused the failure of the UWP in the last general elections. Team have disagreements and they work through it. They may not always agree with the methods used, however they need to understand that the processes being adopted right now form part of the party's constitution.

    They are selfish and I nor the St. Lucia public should entrust any of those fools to ANY public post in the next general elections.

    They have begun a stint of absence from the party function.......they should just continue......

    King ......reality check....the people elected you.....if they wanted you,....you would still be there

    Montounte......Stop being so arrogant and you will make headway in your self development


  9. Aa i expected a bumper crowd. All the boast of national support along with his poodie that's all? Disappointed indeed. With mayhem in their camp. I see 16_1.why they did not allow dr. Mondesir to speak on the Boulevard? Go. Sarah. Go Sarah


  10. Is it true that the Chastanet supporters on the platform with Chastanet sitting there were abusing a St Lucian woman Sarah Flood Beaubrun who is a member of the UWP and came out to support the march?

    The woman who as Min of Health turned Victoria's A&E Department into a world class facility and saved Lucian's lives! The woman who started the mother to child HIV prevention program and the first and only shelter for battered women in St Lucia!

    I heard Dr Mondesir say they were verbally abusing her while she was in the crowd. Is this for real?

    Are these the people who want to run this country?
    I do not believe this!

    The only person who can united the party and has the support of the people and they want to hurl abuse!
    It is a dark day for the people of this country and Sir John's Party.


  11. St Lucians I hope you are taking note. A march designed to send a message to Kenny has quickly turned to a mway pwee fiasco by its very own supporters. Where's the unity. Do you want this disfunctional bunch forming your government


  12. It's time d UWP voters realize the logo FLAMBO is starting to do it's job by burning d party from inside out so if u play with fire after a while u go get burn or turn A $$ on ist.


  13. Allan's Sponsored Walk

    That is what someone else called it which is a good description.

    750 walkers to 'protest' against a country going downhill. That is joker territory!

    It is so obvious that Chastanet does not have the support of the people if a 'protest' only results in a relative hand full of people bought and paid for out of Daddy's pocket.

    UWPs we hope will wake up to the fact that there is no entheusiasm or connection between Chastanet and St. Lucians. You cannot buy that kind of political support.
    We already hear that the SLP have over $50 -$100 million ready to pump in to the country for elections. Not even Daddy's millions can compete against that when the voters do not connect with the UWP leader.

    If there is so much disunity in the UWP and Chastanet and Guy cannot get people to a sponsored walk what happens when the SLP negative ads start to go after the black bay affair, the hepple waste, the millions on Boxing in paradis and the endless talk and travel?


  14. Although the march did nkt draw the numbers everyone was expecting considering the number of prior meeting the party had and money spent in busing people, it would not make a difference whether Spider and King was there or not there. Right now Spider is all but finish. Only those who wish to resurrect a dead horse still think he stands a chance. They are enclosed in this little space which is far removed from reality. They can help Spider and Spider can't help them . And mond i hear its i only a handful of big mouths mouths mostly his family and friends trying to make him relevant over thete in Gros Ilset.


  15. As a leader Allen should NOT allow this blatant attack on not only a fellow member of the party but a woman at that. This speaks volumes of his intent, allegedly marching for licence fees etc. but the front banners which just happens to be the biggest one present says vote Chastnet and Vote Guy , this is truly deplorable. Their clear intent of this march was for the sole benefit of Allen and his gang and not for the civil liberties or rights of the people. He wanted to bolster his support only trying to further is cause and gain a average reading for his following THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE OF ST LUCIA. SAD SOME LUCIAN ARE SO BLIND.


  16. This march was a failure and shows decrease in crowd support from the previous UWP march. Clearly a sign that Chastanet and Guy Joseph's brutal manipulation of the party for their own greed and gain is destroying this once great organisation!!! That a political leader and deputy political leader wanna bee can so blatantly attack and threaten women even in their own party is disgusting and frightening. The same "democratic process" Guy once praised as allowing Chastanet to contest uwp's leadership, now seems to be a backroad to be frowned on and insulted in Sarah Flood's case. Nancy Charles had them cheering? Let them cheer for her when she accounts for the ..... which disappeared.Greedy Hypocrites!


    • You say decrease in crowd support. Let us all take off the political hats. Take of the box...don't think outside of it, take it out completely and ask; "What if everyone at this match was also representing someone else who was not able to be there?'

      Some critical thinking for all those who are politically aligned.


      • History does not remember "What ifs". It remembers what actually happened. And what actually happened was decrease in crown support! What actually happened in Micoud was a rabid, infuriated Guy Joseph antagonizing a respectable democratically nominated woman in his own party and arousing the crowd against her! History will record his threats to persons with differing views "We will push you out of the way!" You can "anonymously" ask all your "What ifs". They won't change What is!


  17. Maybe its an indication that the opposition people want Chastanet!! It can also create a perception that Montoute and King are only interested in themselves, since they were absent at a protest to highlight the plight of ordinary people. To me there are two fundamental reasons why they should have been, first for being an opposition politician and the second as support to people. I think being aligned or agreeing with Chastanet's policy is only secondary.


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