UWP promises to lower ticket fines, increase child support

UWP promises to lower ticket fines, increase child support


Several bold promises were made by United Workers Party (UWP) member, Hermangild Francis, on Sunday when he addressed his party’s rally at Grande Riviere, Gros Islet.

Francis told supporters that once the UWP is elected to office, within the first six months, several major issues will be seriously looked at with the intention of having them changed.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner declared that one of the first things the UWP plans to do, is bring down the cost for ticket fines from $500 to a manageable price and have a dedicated traffic department.

He said the UWP will also bring back legal aid, have a dedicated coroner’s court to deal with inquests, and work hard to reduce the current remand population.

Francis also said that child maintenance is another sore point which the UWP hopes to address once it returns to government. The aim is to provide greater support for single mothers.

“We must raise this foolishness of giving a woman $250 per month. No woman can raise or take care of a child on $250, but we know for a fact that this must be raised,” he added.

Further, the UWP plans to put laws in place to deal with officers who abuse their authority, something that was cited in the 2015 US Human Rights Report as a major issue in Saint Lucia.

Francis who has been tipped to become National Security Minister in a UWP Cabinet, also said that the process of selecting a Police Commissioner will be changed.

He said under a UWP government, the candidate for Police Commissioner will have to go to Parliament and make his case before elected members of the House of Assembly.


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  1. How about ensuring there is a better system in place to collect the revenue from tickets, If you commit a traffic offence and you receive a fine the fee must remind you to not form d ass again, as for higher child support, why not ask people to be more responsible and stop making children left right and center........smfh........


  2. While you are increasing child maintenance fees, make it so that women must give fathers access to their kids.


  3. “We must raise this foolishness of giving a woman $250 per month. No woman can raise or take care of a child on $250, but we know for a fact that this must be raised,” he added.

    Are you serious? Did you maintain your kids from your two previous marriages......hmmmm

    Cobwebs in your skeleton.....


  4. I was in complete agreement with the plans outlined by Hermangild. These are all the obvious issues in our justice system that need resolution and are overdue. An decrease in fines will be more profitable for the government as well. We need and increase in child support because our currency is inflated in St. Lucia.


  5. by lowering ticket costs you are promoting drivers to comfortably commit offenses since the opportunity cost has decreased. Why not increase it ? Increase child support yes because the current minimum does not cover much given the current economy


  6. Let's be logical. Accidents are on the rise and our aim is to reduce them . Which of the two will help curb the trend : (a) reducing the fine or (b) increasing it. Single mothers do need more support from their partners. They can only provide what they can afford, therefore fines should be based on ones ability to pay.


  7. What does fine have to do with accidents. When a fine was almost non existent, there were less accidents. We need more police on the road. More inspection of tires. Check for vehicle exhaust pollution. The SLP government did not increase the fine because of accident.


  8. Someone needs to stop Herman Gild whatever his darn name is. he needs to be brought to heel and QUICKLY because he will cause UWP to lose support. he brings up child support and lowers tickets! not because he has been sitting in government doing nothing for more than 20 years to think that other men are so lucky. has he checked the umeployment rate for men and women? how he demading child support from people who cannot pay? i know a case where this girl took a fella to court for support, only problem is the man unemployed. he was while they were together and before becoming baby daddy. how the heck? maybe she should have been more sensible in her relationship choice. as for lowering traffick tickets, it should go up with all the road accidents we have. we should start with speeding cameras at strategic places and give them ticket for 800, maybe we can even help save a few lives from those mad drivers on the road. francis needs a rethink Chas cause thats just initial problems with him. its gonna get worst. same police attitude; ego and ignorance; never a good mix.


    • if you get a parking ticket (parking on yellow line) to pay 250.-EC / or get your ticket for not having yourself buckle up in your sea tbelt to pay 250.-EC / not wearing a helmet when driving a motorbike....and so on, then you may think twice if the fee is to high.
      This are outrages high ticket fees on a offences you do not harm anybody !!
      If you had this high fees for speeding or driving under influence it would be correct, because you putting others in danger.


  9. As much as I am not sure if i will vote, but this is what I want to hear. Let me see where you want to take us. Even though i dont fully believe everything will and can be done. But thats a start. We want to hear ur plans. Enough of the name calling.


  10. Insufficient government revenue and rising vehicular accidents. Whats the logical thing to do? lets lower the ticket fees. Idiots.


    • Ikr....cutting down on revenue and making persons believe it is OK to break the law....cushioning the fine...way to go idiots


  11. Now it is conversation like this i entertain. That is what I support, not the UWP but instead the new approach they have taken. Jack should be given his Jacket. That is politics, a man who intends to be the minister for national security outlining his plans , instead of spending endless money like the slp on political advertisements that makes our people more ignorant. Why Dont the SLP do the same, outline your plans as well as comment on the plans put by the opposition, that is healthy politics. Instead SLP just puts out some lame press release, "The SLP is apalled, The SLP is appalled" same statment all the time and endless advertisement about Allen Chastanet cannot speak creole, endless nonsense making our young people even more ignorant than we already are..


    • You must be joking.....Plans means absolutely nothing until it becomes reality, especially if its verbal. Ignorance is a matter of accepting someone opinions... even if one knows that someone will do whatever is necessary to get where he wants to go. Food for thought!!!!


  12. The "Yellow Party" is a bunch of crazy feces throwing goons for even suggesting lowering ticket fines to "manageable" levels. Lol
    What is this "Manageable Level" they speak of? Rotflmao.
    Do they really give a flying about anything in this country at all?

    Are those snack-pack feces throwing goons really lost it, and that desperate for political power, that they would fore-go public safety by planting seeds of "crazy driving or parking immunity," into the already dysfunctional minds of drivers for VOTES by doing this? Rotflmao.

    As i will say again and again!
    The Yellow Party doesn't Build anything, but Destroy.

    I guess the "Voodoo" pastor may have suggested to them to go down this route, because the voodoo dolls will not be allowed on island in-time to use.


    • U know a lot about the voodoo dolls. u even know that they have to be shipped in time. you not only gone crayfish crazy but your brand of red voodoo judging by all that has tainted you and your party the last year or so; aint working. so u still wanna play with magic?


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