UWP plans to get rid of the Queen, set term limits for the Prime Minister

UWP plans to get rid of the Queen, set term limits for the Prime Minister
Queen Elizabeth II ( WPA Pool/Getty Images)
Hermangild Francis
Hermangild Francis

The United Workers Party (UWP) plans to make constitutional amendment that would replace Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as head of state and make the island a republic.

This is according to UWP member, Hermangild Francis, who told supporters of the party at a rally on Sunday at Grande Riviere, Gros Islet that this could take immediate effect if the UWP is elected to office.

This was one of the recommendations made in the constitutional reform study done by the late Justice Suzie D’Auvergne, which Francis said should not be neglected and forgotten.

“It is time. We have grown enough and can take care of our business so we need to become a republic,” Francis told UWP supporters.

This plan would replace the Queen with a Non-Executive President, and the legislative agenda would also include a proposal to set fixed election dates and term limits for the Prime Minister.

Francis said, “We cannot afford to have a Prime Minister of the caliber of Kenny Anthony for twenty years. We must never allow that to happen again.”

In addition to that the former Deputy Police Chief said the UWP plans to implement a fixed date for general elections and would like to see the return of local government elections.

Francis who has been tipped to become National Security Minister in a UWP Cabinet, also said that the process for selecting a Police Commissioner under the UWP will be changed.

While the Prime Minister currently has some authority over the Police Chief because he is included in deciding who is appointed in that position, this will no longer happen.

Francis said under a UWP government the candidate for Police Chief will have to go to Parliament and make his case before elected members of the house.


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  1. Glad that UWP has enough time to prioritize the Queen above telling us in any specific way just what they going to do about the increased rapes, shooting, 26% unemployment and woeful lack of peace, order and good government that is degrading our island from the inside out, and also chasing away investment that could make a sustainable difference to our island.


  2. For starters, does the Queen cost St.Lucians money? No.

    Does she prevent political corruption, power trips and dictatorships? Yes

    By having that link with the Queen is builds us all part of the Commonwealth family that network where other countries can network, build relationships and trade, thus helping your economy.

    Burning bridges helps no one and having that common connection with other countries help. Look at Bermuda, their link to the UK has transformed the country in terms of linking to the UK EU markets and flocks of tourists come because of it. Its the common connection.


    real st.lucian or Caribbean is not Africans. Read your history. African was brought to the Caribbean though salve trade . There was people living on the island already, red indies, Arawak's they the real Caribbean. So how can we name st.lucia land African names.

    ANYWAYS. St.lucia should be very happy having the queen as hard of state, because it boost the economy and wealth and if you a business person you will know what am talking about..I live in England and there small company who pays big company to have their logo so they can win biddings for contracts.... we haven't had any problem when it come to that. there is a lot more important thinks to focus on.

    Allen Chastanet be careful by having the queen head of state we protected in a way. not having it we on our own.
    I am UWP but There is something still baffling me
    Allen Chastanet are you American or st.lucian?


  4. How is this going to be possible when the UWP are pro royalists in St Lucia? I cannot see how they will be able to do this when the leader of the opposition is so much in cahoots with the British establishment. It would be nice for St Lucia to have it's own head of State. I think it is about time we have our own president. We do not have a royal family yet we have the queen of England as our head of state.
    St Lucia needs to relinquish ties with this foreign monarch and establish it's own head of state. We share nothing in common with the British state and should therefore abolish her majesty as our head of state.We need a president with some powers to lead our country. It should be part executive and part ceremonial. The prime minister is already the head of government and carries much of the powers. The governor general should be replaced with a president.Our current governor can easily become our president. The labour party need to have a think about this and if possible allow a referendum to take place on this subject. When they do let's hope the majority will vote to abolish the monarchy which isn't present in St Lucia and vote to replace it with someone who is present on our shores. Someone who can relate to the people of Helen.
    BTW: Can Dame Pearlette Louisy have a one to one with Queen Elizabeth in London on any given occassion? I very much doubt she can... And yet she is our head of state.. Common people wake up and do something about this ridiculous arrangement we have with Britain. I will leave the rest for you lot to do.


    I must thank you for your contribution to the comments on here
    You have always been one to clarify these things in a way to make sense.
    My take on the matter is, that being such a sensitive subject, should have
    been handled differently. I personally think that it should have been done a long
    time ago. I am disappointed that Kenny, a Doctor at Law, have dragged himself to
    China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nth And South America, Europe and every where else,
    even to Africa, but never thought of taking ST. LUCIA


  6. It's 2016 folks. Dominica is part of the OECS and is a Republic. The HEAD OF STATE of Dominica is President His Excellency, the Honourable Charles Savarin. And yes, Dominica has the same currency like other members of the OECS. So for all those who think that Saint Lucia's currency will change-just research. If you are lacking knowledge (ignorant) check Youtube and many other sources. There is absolutely no reason to be ignorant in 2016-whether the topic is Marijuana, slavery, colonialism or... Wake up! It will soon be 2017.


  7. UWP is very selfish and evil for ever conceiving such an idea in our current state. If we become a repulbic we will have to create our own currency; then what happens to the EC$ and the rest of the islands in the OECS that share it? The EC$ is strong because of the many islands that share it, this is why it is strong and hard to kill because when one island grows we all grow , when one of us fall the others are there to keep it strong. St.Lucia's contribution to the OECS is invaluable and by becoming a republic we will recreate the fall of the West Indies Federation. If this is really an echo from Chas he is simply after the Queen's Chain.


    • "if we become a republic we will have to change our currency" most IDIOTIC statement!


    • You should do your research before you speak, the queen has no control over our EC currency she isnt our monetary authority/Central bank


  8. Thank you Mr Francis its food for thought.I like brave politicians however i think there are many more important issues facing StLucia.The state of our economy;with zero growth rate .The high unemployment rates .The massive takeover of assets by Banks .The high importation of foods thereby marginalizing our farmers.The widening gap between rich and poor.Our dismal performance in Industry and Agriculture.Our poor health system.Our unresponsive civil servants{try calling a Government Department } Well the list goes on ......justice system..........etc


  9. This is 2016. An age of an overabundance of FREE information on colonialism, slavery etc. etc. on Youtube and many other sources. Any Caribbean person who knows, understands and appreciates his/her history, knows, understands and appreciates the importance of doing away with the vestiges of colonialism. Even the Queen understands this. For example, would you not appreciate or prefer a Saint Lucian or regional figure on OUR currency? Is there something wrong with this? Have you heard of the Caribbean Court of Justice? (CCJ). Is the argument not about doing away with the vestiges/traces of colonialism? Having our own. Folks, this is 2016. Ignorance is no excuse anymore.


  10. Why are ppl so afraid of change and responsibility?. Ppl don't know what they want, about 2 weeks ago I was hearing ppl saying politicians need to talk about making changes and stop talking about the same thing over and over now one of them came out, we still complaining. Saying things like why is he making this statement and not the political leader? Etc. Etc. I could be wrong but I believe these changes will fall under his portfolio as Minister of Justice.
    Now I want to say bravo to Mr Dalson for standing up and letting his voice heard supporting 'de ganja'. The rest are cowards. I want to make it clear that I don't smoke it, at a matter of fact I don't smoke any cigarette period because I believe smoking is not good for the lungs. But guys think of all these other benefits you can get from 'de weed'. This one plant has so many names thats how important it is to us.