UWP observes 5th anniversary of the passing of Sir John Compton

UWP observes 5th anniversary of the passing of Sir John Compton

The United Workers Party observes the fifth anniversary of the passing of its great founding leader and “Father of the Nation” – Sir John George Melvin Compton as a moment for reflection and reassurance, not only for the Party, but for the Nation of Saint Lucia. Sir John’s contribution to the politics and national development of our nation remains the “high bar” and ultimate reference for all to this date.

As we mark the anniversary of Sir John’s passing with solemnity we use this moment to also acknowledge the quality and significance of his contribution particularly in these troubling times. Our nation remains indebted to Sir John and as such must always find purpose to pay tribute to and celebrate the life of this great leader.

The value of Sir John’s work bears testimony in the many physical solid pillars of our nation which he constructed and in the lives of the many who he inspired and nurtured. The greatest testimony though is represented in the undying love and reverence for him by the people of our nation.

The UWP pays tribute to the life of our great leader as we mark the 5th anniversary of his death. As a people we should find reassurance in his wisdom and hope in his legacy,  as we face the current winds of adversity which threaten to reverse our achievements as a people. The United Workers Party remains inspired by his legacy and continues to work towards fulfilling his vision for the development of Saint Lucia and its people.


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