UWP MP says gov’t still to establish Office of Contractor General

UWP MP says gov’t still to establish Office of Contractor General
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph
Guy Joseph

Castries South East Member of Parliament (MP) Guy Joseph has accused the government of failing to deliver on another important promise it made in its 2011 manifesto dubbed the Blueprint for Growth.

Joseph said the current administration is yet to put mechanisms in place to assist with the establishment of an Office for the Contractor General of Saint Lucia.

The MP recalled that the government promised to introduce legislation to ensure that this office is set up, if the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) was elected into office.

Joseph recalls that the government also accused the UWP of being very lousy in how they went about implementing projects, and stated that several questionable things were done by the previous government.

“I want to ask Saint Lucia today, how many contracts have you heard that were done by the Office of Contractor General in Saint Lucia or is there an Office of the Contractor General and is that office functional?” he questioned.

The former works minister said he was made aware that the government will look to introduce this during the last year in office, to indicate that they have done something. But the MP said by then many contracts would not have already been distributed without proper scrutiny.

Joseph said there is clear evidence that shows that the government is very selective in who they award contracts to and said this should not be tolerated any longer. He said there should be some transparency and accountability when it comes to the distribution of contracts.

The MP has been very critical of the government’s performance especially as it relates to infrastructure.

But Joseph has also been accused of the similar things, when he was minister in the previous administration.


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  1. I dont know why would guy joseph be calling for this office when an office of a contractor general is just another political office. Any political party who appoints this individual will have a political bias. I strongly suspect a hack whispered in the ears of the party about a Contractor General and they foolishly put it in their manifesto without doing the research in the region/world. The job of reviewing contracts is that of the Attorney General and together with other government officers can work together to clarify contracts and remember its not only works contracts. The Accountant General is also responsible for reviewing contracts before payment. So why isn't this Guy asking them to account or finding out what have they done or doing instead of asking for another bureaucratic political office in government. So if the manifesto called for having an office to support the marijuana and alcohol suppliers and we all knew it wouldn't make sense or conflict with the duties of the police, health or courts would we ask for it? Government claims to not have any money so we dont need another job or a boy or girl or political hack getting paid from tax payers money for doing the task of the Attorney or Accountant General.


  2. This man call Guy Joseph is thinking like a goat living in the wild. Man listen when i look at both parties, all the same shit, pot calling kettle black. Will not vote at all just a waste of energy to go to the poll when am hungry i ain't seeing none of you'll when election time you'll go crazy like a chicken they cut it head and flying all around, that's guy joseph.....


  3. I would like to nominate John Peters. He is an ethical, straight talking man. A patriot with a solid Caribbean wide engineering background and a strong Christian view.


  4. its call deflection. Dude is grasping at straws to find some kind of scandal but try as he may, nothing is coming up. This coming from the guy who use to be our communications and works minister who gave numerous contracts to..... Guy has perfected the skill of misleading the Saint Lucian public. The worse part is, we are falling for it.


    • Crooked financial and moral failings are the lifeblood of this Saint Lucian society. The pot is always calling the kettle black. I do no see any real difference between the two main parties. SLP :: UWP asToni:: Ti Chat. Wait for the elections coming after 2016. Some low-down low-life gutter rate is going to do more of the same, and we will get another round of pointing fingers. The country bucks will be so happy to explain away, that when the other party was in office, something very similar happened. Des bandes ....


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