UWP leader pleased with installation of GNT, responds to call to withdraw statement

UWP leader pleased with installation of GNT, responds to call to withdraw statement

United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet has said he is pleased with the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Administration’s decision to install a Government Negotiating Team (GNT) to meet with unions on the proposed five percent wage cut for the public sector.

Chastanet and other opposition members have openly opposed the manner in which they say government has handled the proposed cut by first presenting it to parliament and later holding consultations with unions.

Speaking to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, June 24, Chastanet said he is “very happy that the government has now conceded and has seen the error” in its ways and has now agreed to go through the GNT, which he believes is the prescribed method for negotiations.

While speaking to other media on Monday, Chastanet had mentioned a “rumour” that the pay cuts were to come as soon as July month-end, but in a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister on June 24, Chastanet and President of the Civil Service Association (CSA) Mary Isaac, who also made the suggestion in the news, were asked to withdraw their comments as they were deemed “misleading” to the public. According to the statement, government has not taken any decision to institute the cuts in July or at any date for that matter.

“Currently, the government is seeking to engage public sector unions, civil society and members of the public to inform the nation of the economic situation, what has been done to address the fiscal deficit and the options available to deal with this untenable situation,” government’s statement reads.

In responding to the government’s call to withdraw his comments on the alleged rumours, Chastanet told SNO, “My comments were made and I said that I’d heard a rumor – like a lot of other people – that in fact that the government was going to be imposing the pay cut at the end of the month of July. Now this is the same government that had indicated that there was going to be no pay cut. In fact, two weeks before two ministers came out and categorically said that there were just rumours that were going out. And lo and behold when we arrived in parliament to find out … they were in fact legislating the pay cuts which they were in denial about.”

“… So this is a government that is accustomed to lying and giving people wrong information so. So when you hear a rumour, unfortunately these days you have to take it seriously,” he further stated.

The UWP leader further stated that he believes that government is “completely out of line” to ask public servants – “a group that had already taken a cut” through the removal of subsidies on basic commodities such as rice, flour and sugar, to undergo a salary reduction at this juncture. He said government’s addition of the Value Added Tax in 2012, an increase in the price of water, and tax on medicine do not help the situation either.

“But as I said I am very happy to see that the government has now changed course and has agreed to go through the prescribed measure and we’re much more comfortable with that, but we still believe that the government has to present a much more holistic plan,” he reiterated, while questioning whether there are other measures to be taken to reduce the $76 million budget deficit.

“The five percent pay cut for civil service will only reduce costs by 18 million. They in fact have a $75 million gap to resolve. So in fact there is still a $53 million left to find. Where is that money going to come from and that is the concern that many people have – that the government is now trying to do this thing on a piecemeal basis,” he said.

Moreover, in defending his party’s performance while in government, Chastanet said that the UWP had inherited mounts of debt from the SLP when it came into power.

“…Programmes that they did in order to build the police stations and fire stations, the payments only started when we came into office and that was one of the significant contributors to the increase in recurrent expenditure. While we were in office, and we had the worst financial crisis and we had the worst natural disasters taking place in this country,” he said.


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  1. I am Elated that flag in the Background isn't that of Saint Lucia.

    Take a good look and you will see what I'm talking about, if you're smart enough.

    So i have no idea which island he intends to govern.

    Clearly Chastanet lives in the Twilight Zone Zone.


  2. Open up ur minds Lucians do u all really think Chastnet would be bad for us new cars drive better than the old re de dick


  3. Mr Chastnet can better serve at his hotel,he doesn't need to be in politics to survive. He is serving his country for the jaws of Kenny and company, the only other person who took Kenny on was Sir John, now chastnet is not afraid of Kenny and the Labour. That is why you see so many press releases a day more than you ever saw in their last term in office.Hit them hard.


  4. Chase-net you too desperate, There's a line when we went to parlament?, Who's we that went to parlament? Get that wright CHASE-NET you dreaming of being in there one day but where are u gonna go to get that? Dont come to soufriere en. Tea bwy i voom


    • Do you, in your honesty, believe Mr. Chastanet need to be PM. He is doing it out of LOVE for country.


      • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Man you are truly ignorant (not intended to be demeaning). Do you honestly believe he is doing this for country? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!


        • That entire family sees after itself. I pity mate.
          He is so-o-o-o-o-o-o obvious, taking a picture with the flag as background.

          He must think himself to be already the Czar. Yet he has yet to win a seat. This carpet-bagger goes from constituency to constituency searching for idiots to vote for him.

          He has not yet found a large enough majority or idiots living anywhere in the country to vote en masse to give him a seat.


      • Love for Country?
        Then why hasn't he unveiled his Masterpiece to save this island?

        Come on man, are you that dense that you can see Chastanet is Sick and Mentally unstable?


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