UWP leader criticizes PM’s annual address

UWP leader criticizes PM’s annual address
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet
Allen Chastanet

Political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Allen Chastanet has criticized Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony’s New Year’s message which he said failed to address several key issues in Saint Lucia.

Chastanet said: “What struck me about the Prime Minister’s speech is not what he said, but what he did not say. There are clear omissions in his speech that would have reflected the reality of what’s on the ground.”

The political leader also noted that the Prime Minister did not speak to how he is going to address the unemployment issue in Saint Lucia, and other bread and butter issues affecting the citizenry.

He said the PM also failed to mention anything about the health care system, which is on the verge of a collapse.

“We have two health care systems that cannot open and he has made absolutely no comments about those two institutions and the quality of health care in Saint Lucia,” he remarked.

Chastanet said the UWP plans to critique the Prime Minister address and speak about these and other matters in the coming days.


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  1. The report sounds too much like that from a novice reporter filing his or her first report. How the hell is the unemployment rate going to be taken down? Don't just tell us simply that the rate is this and that. That is a lot of shoot shate. That does not help us for Christ sakes. Where is the blasted logic in that?

    We feel it. We live with the damn repercussions each and everyday! Therefore, we already know how bad it is. We damn well know how bad it is.

    People are going about hungry in this country and suffering from malnutrition. Why then all this crap talk? For whose benefit? Me? You?


  2. How can This Guy ever be the PM of our beloved country when he is representing the UK Government in Saint Lucia?

    The guy stated to wit: "How dare St. Lucia Defy the request from the British Government." These were his own words I heard on a Newscast.

    And these are the people seeking for a place in the Governance of this Nation. But how can you when you are rooting for another country, Sir?
    Where is your National Pride (if indeed you're St. Lucian?) But again, one only has to look at you and know that you aren't.


    • PM will the UK look the other way in the Dr Juffali,s affair? as a St. Lucian born politician in the UK I can tell you NO, they are going to make an example of you if you show them attitude.
      You are right about setting a dangerous precedent on your part but equally the host country can say the same.

      PM observe the laws of the host country, as is required by the UN Geneva Convention on Diplomatic Immunity 1961. Remember when a diplomat violates a law that is serious enough to warrant the host country's attention, those situations themselves often call for some diplomacy.
      Under the rules of diplomatic immunity, a host country can declare a visiting emissary persona non grata (unwelcome person) and demand the emissary be recalled.
      PM one of the two most principles of diplomatic immunity is personal inviolability, this concept was feared by Genghis Khan, Queen Elizabeth 1, and the Persian Ruler Darius 1. even he feared retribution. !!!!!!

      The modern diplomatic immunity is a bit of legal fiction called extraterritoriality. Note that legal fictions are concepts that exist in flagrant contradiction to reality, but are observe as real for the purpose of expediting legal matters. Take heed please for the sake of the nation.

      Dean McCastree


  3. THE MOST BULL....ADDRESS i ever heard. SO many important issues to be talked about and addressed!!WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS???


  4. I thought i was the only one who realized these deliberate omissions in his speech. Boy i tell you. We finish in this place


  5. Mr.Chastanet you should have criticize the address at 10.00 am on Monday 25th 2016... I just do not understand why you waited so late to do so!!!... 14 hours after the speech you are missing out.


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