UWP Laborie/Augier constituency to hold ad hoc meeting ahead of its AGM


PRESS RELEASE – The UWP Laborie/Augier Constituency Branch is inviting all supporters to an ad hoc meeting ahead of its Annual General Meeting, on Thursday, August 07th, 2014 at the Laborie Parish Hall from 6 PM.

This meeting is being held specifically to brief and prepare members of their role at the upcoming AGM and the election of a new executive for the term 2014/2015.

All persons interested in serving on the executive are invited.

Please make a special effort to attend and be on time.


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  1. The only hope for the UWP and by extension our poor bleeding country is to bring King back, and as well, some stability and direction to the Party.

    Please UWP, I beg of you, this country need to be rescured; clean up your act before it is too late for poor Lucia


  2. Are you better off today than you were in November 2011?
    Sugar, flour, rice, bread, water, fuel, plus 15% VAT on almost everything, many small and medium sized business has closed, bad roads, no water, bridges falling, bridges costing 14+ million dollars, layoffs, rotations, job loses, general increase in cost of living, blatant nepotism, blatant discrimination, getting sued by Jack Grynberg for 500 million US Dollars, paying the many BOLT Loans incurred during the tenure of the SLP, spending millions on non productive social hand outs such as Nice Leap Step, etc. Entering into agreement to build Choc Bridge for 22+ million dollars, entering into agreement with a TNT company to build a PM complex at old golden hope for 18+ million dollars and Philip J Pierre who is from castries east and should understand the cries and struggle of the masses is silent? Silent? Where do we go from here somebody tell me when the govt wants 5% of established public officers salaries to feed an invisible cabal of SLP supporters? I am of the view that SLP hates the establishment and is trying to make sure they destroy the public service as we know it! And to add insult to injury they are call a meeting on the market steps to discuss govt business and Kenny has the nerve to say we need protection from Chastanet of course we need to know who will provide protection from Kenny and his SLP cartel sans honte....


  3. It's time to have a woman on top. For those guys who cannot bear to have a woman on top, I say tough. It is time to toughen up.


  4. This Dirt Bag Chastenet with attitude Problems is eating from the poor and still desperate for power. Has he ever been without food? He makes his millions from the poor, now how is he going to relate to the average poor person on the streets here with his foreign slang. I want Gale and Spider to be our new leaders for the next election so we can send delinquent KENNY and his ASS -O- CIATES to rest for Good.


  5. I hope you fire your leader too. After all he has been a dismal failure. Give somebody else a chance. If Chas operates on a "do as i say Basis" on what basis does your leader operate. Is it on a "do as i say or else?"


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