UWP: “Kenny Anthony’s Administration continues to piss in our eyes and call it rain”

UWP: “Kenny Anthony’s Administration continues to piss in our eyes and call it rain”
Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony

ease of doing business ranking 2016PRESS RELEASE – The United Workers Party (UWP) is not surprised at the Government’s attempt to mislead the nation with the recent ranking by the World Bank on the Ease of Doing Business in Saint Lucia.

The St. Lucia Labour Party Administration boastfully presented the ranking to indicate that Saint Lucia had performed exceedingly well — almost a 30 point reduction from last year’s 100th position.

However, what the Government failed to say was that the World Bank had revised last year’s figure from 100 to 73. A correction that has been boldly published on the World Bank’s website along with this year’s ranking of 77. Therefore, Saint Lucia did not do as well as the Government said it did. In fact we declined in the ranking by negative 4.

This proves that this Kenny Anthony Administration cannot be trusted and continues to piss in our eyes and call it rain. This same Kenny Anthony has not told the truth on the Grynberg matter, Rochamel fiasco, the Blackbay Lands and the Helenites Affair to name a few.

Kenny Anthony and his Cabinet of Ministers know very well that the economy of Saint Lucia has continued to decline since they took office in 2011, yet, again and again they have twisted the facts in order to mislead the nation. Saint Lucians must never accept such behavior from a government that claimed to uphold honesty, transparency and accountability when they took office.


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  1. Some of us are so clueless. Both these political parties have been making a mess with the country and yet still we vote them in. We need new blood in government. New party with fresh ideas.

    It's just my opinion if u vex suck salt.


  2. Uwp need to get their act together... This and many more are very clear reason to vote the SLP party out. They have shown that they are an innovative and governing party. However, it is glarring how much they are unabled to manage the islands funds and they seem to be consistent at it. This particular issue shows that we are gettng there on input but clearly output is the issue as we are still failing economically. So there is reason to vote them out but UWP- catching SLP in a lie is not enough reason to vote you guys in! For now your party lacks governance, it is a mess! I TRUELY wouldn't mind to see what some of you can do, especially Gayle. I do not want chastenette nor king as head of this party and i dont like the the confusion that i'm seeing now. We the country knows that SLP needs to go but are you guys really ready to come in? You got a few bad apples of your own that needs to be thrown away, who were responsible for HUGE economic setbacks within a 3 and a half year window of Sir John's passing and being voted out.

    I am BEGGING the UWP party - get your act together and give us a better option that this. If things remain how they are currently with your party then I would presume that this is the best this country can do with SLP at the helm and you guys as the strong opposition you are. God bless us all.....


  3. Whether we now at 77 or 73 ,the fact is that both positions are better than the 100 .What you all corrupt people cannot change is the high ranking you all got for the millions of Taiwanese dollars you all stole from St.Lucians.Drowning men catch at straws.


  4. So UWP made a whole lot of noise when we were apparently at 100. It was revised to 73. No one said a word. No attempts were made to inform the public. The government now issues a statement that we're at 77 this year... then flambeau states that the 100 figure which they agreed with last year because it helped their case is wrong... Apparently both of these parties are full of opportunists who just take St Lucian's for a ride. Mind games. Yet.. St Lucians follow them... Like a bunch of fools.


    • It was not publicized for the reason it is been used for, today. Let me explain. By the time it was adjusted that rating thing was already a none issue in the media. For them it would have been to their advantage to let the public think it is still at 100, having the information at it was 73 and would stay in the 70's, an improvement of more than 20 points. A big improvement. Hooray for the Government. Means of scoring political points, thinking that St Lucians are Jackasses. It has rebounded in their nasty faces. It has gotten worse by 4 points.


      • Kelba, your mind not telling you maybe they just did not know that it was adjusted/corrected, whatever the World Bank called it? Maybe they really believed it was at 100 and remained there and that it was not revised? Maybe they just noticed that it was revised when the new figure for this year came out? You guys like to look at it from one angle eh. Party hacks alone.


        • you alone eh know about politics.. of course they new,, the PS and directors of finance would have known, the banks, and other financial institutions, even ECCB. politicians always, on boths sides, use information to mislead the populace...they exaggerate and manipulate EVERYTHING, even the weather...


    • You got that right. The UWP has just thrown more piss in our eyes. Let's hope we don't go blind before next elections.


  5. I waiting for Jadia to come and lie again. what they take we lucians for? bois bois. dem people need to go. time for elections to call


    • an the unions too.
      you mean to tell me that you negotiating for a period that has passed 3 years ago?
      WHAT ASHAME :((


  6. The circus clowns at back at it again!

    You can fool some of the people all of the time. You cannot fool the people all of the time. Next election is SLP = Better Days= 0! LPM-UWP = 17!

    Lies. Damned lies. And statistics?

    No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!!!! They got it wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    It is: "Lies, damn lies, and the SLP"!


    • You will now have to spend more money on public relations to convince us that the nearly 60% of the latest poll that you are not out 17 to 0? If you are so sure, this is far from correct, call elections today.


  7. When chas nhis poodle's win, we'll b number one in the world to do business wit, where? in your mouth.


    • Of course we will be #1 because all Chas friends will be allowed to do business exempt from taxes and other mechanisms that government has put in place to gain revenue. Its going to be 100% profit off our heads.


  8. This is how the St Lucia Labour Party has always treated the people of St Lucia, with lies disrespect and they keep misleading the nation in an attempt to hide the state of the economy, But my fellow St Lucians change is coming and soon with Allan and the UWP.


  9. They forget we are in the Age of Technology. We don't have to rely on their incompentent and corrupt government statistics departments. We can verify things for ourself! Praise the Internet!


  10. Waiting for the parte hacks. What happen to the trip Kenny took to look forma investment last year? I did not expect any better from Kenny and his troops. The guy failed 97 to 06 but we still voted him bavk in. We are to be blamed


  11. UWP, you are making it appears that the Ease of Doing Business rating is an economic performance rating it is not. It only means that the government has done some things to lure investors if the ranking improves. But that is no performance of itself. If however investors do come in to play and we see in terms of economic growth then there is something to talk about.

    Of course if the index gets worse it would mean that the government is not doing enough to lure investors. That chastisement would simply be what it is but not that they are mismanaging the economy. The index that says that they are mismanaging the economy is the constant decline in GDP. This is your economic performance index and NOT the Ease of Doing Business.

    If we were growing economically with GDP swelling then you have something to drink about. With economy growing by 5% or more; ranking #200 or #2 in ease of doing business means nothing.....There are countries way down the ranking but are doing very economically.


    • This bloke is just like this other bloke. They get very confused by numbers and thinking abstractly. Where did he go to school again?
      Is it any wonder that one of them got us to paying $48 million, $86 million, $150 million and we Saint Lucians have neither physical nor financial assets to show for ALL this money? Who makes and how many Saint Lucians make $1 million in a year?
      Pay attention. All those MILLIONS spent on Frenwell, Black Bay and put into Grynburg's pockets, what did Saint Lucia get for all of those MILLIONS? Those millions evaporated like melted ice, that taxpayers are still paying for SLP sins of wastefulness and squandermania which made it necessary to impose the 15 VAT. Who does the SLP get to pay for its sins? You and me. They laugh at us and call it better days!


    • Some jackasses can't see anywhere beyond the end of their foolish noses? What the hell is the value of talking such solemn nonsense about 'if the GDP' crap? Only idiotic buffoons and politicians shoot this kind of shate in this day and age.

      Dummy, you work with what you have! Then, you put things in place to get to end goal or goals that you want. That is if you want to go past the fake 0.08% that could not be substantiated. It is absolute bunkum to tell people if this and that.

      You and those like you are part of the darn problem that has kept Saint Lucia back and is bringing it down with brilliant economic measures like STEP. If you have nothing to offer like this other guy, man please shut up!!!!


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