“UWP is more organised, more focused than it has been” (letter to the editor)

“UWP is more organised, more focused than it has been” (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor:
 “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride; if turnips were bayonets, I’d wear one by my side.”

This 16th-century nursery rhyme could very well characterize some of what is going on in today’s political scene. I have tried my best to ignore the quarrelsome, immature and always venomous venting of the member for Central Castries, because they would be laughable if not so filled with obvious hatred.

After all, Hon. Richard Frederick keeps alleging that Allen Chastanet has destroyed the Party; has divided the party; has……. [you name it]. Yet in the midst of this vitriolic tirade, he wants to remain a member of the same ‘destroyed’ and ‘divided’ party? Now come on…who is fooling who here?

I am a former member of the National Executive and a former chairman of the Babonneau Constituency Group. I gave up the Chairmanship of the Group in 2013 because other commitments no longer afforded me the time to effectively discharge my functions. I have been intimately aware of, involved in and connected to the inner workings of the UWP from 2008, when I was first elected to the National Executive, to 2013, when I gave up Chairmanship of the Babonneau Constituency Group.

During the period of upheaval following the passing of Sir John I, along with one other person who I will allow to identify herself [if she chooses to] I visited Chairpersons of about 12 of the 17 constituencies to canvass their support to retain Hon. Stephenson King as leader. This was done not for reward, but in the interest of stability in the Party.

At the 2008 Conference of Delegates neither I nor my Constituency group canvassed for my nomination for an executive position: I was actually absent from the hall at the time I was nominated. The rest, as they say, is history. Sir, please note this is all to establish my legitimacy to make the following statements:

[1] There are some who are staunchly opposed to the operation of the democratic process within the United Workers Party. That is, unless they can manipulate it to their own ends. Hon. Richard Frederick is one of those. For example: at the 2008 convention, when Mr. Frederick lost his bid for election as a Deputy Political Leader, he stormed out of and took no further part in the proceedings. Mind you, he had been celebrating his victory even before the ballots were counted! Undoubtedly today there are some who will conveniently forget that episode. So you see, the democratic process is good for Hon. Richard Frederick ONLY if it yields the results HE has pre-ordained!

[2] Allen Chastanet has done more to revive, unite and move the United Workers Party forward in one year as Political Leader than Hon. Stephenson King did during his tenure first as Prime Minister and then as Leader of the Opposition, a period from 2007 – 2013. Even while in Government, the Party was crumbling, and supporters were disenchanted. This disenchantment undoubtedly contributed to the loss at the polls.
Hon. Richard Frederick’s constant statements to the contrary are either wishful thinking, or the senseless ramblings of a candidate for a place at the Mental Wellness Center. In making these utterances, the Member for Castries Central is showing how completely he has lost touch with the party base.

[3] Dr. Preville’s announcement that he will seek to contest the leadership is evidence of the democratic process at work. The incumbent leader said that and I concur. At the convention a leader will emerge: be it the incumbent, Dr. Preville or another yet unnamed contender. I do not believe we will see the charade we saw at last convention: the hearty, oh-so-sincere hugs and congratulations, clasped hands held high in a false show of unity, only to have the daggers come out within days of that classic display of falsehood and insincerity.

The ridiculous assertion by the so-called “political pundit” Mr. Denys Springer that Dr. Preville’s bid is merely in an effort to give legitimacy to Allen Chastanet’s leadership is just that: RIDICULOUS! For your information Mr. Springer, Allen Chastanet got all the ‘legitimacy’ he needed at last year’s convention. If you are still dreaming, wake up and go look up the records.

And to the news media: the word ‘PUNDIT’ means among other things, “an expert”, “a specialist” “an authority”. Kindly tell us what qualifies the gentleman to be called a pundit. How can he be a pundit when he is so lost that more than a year after the fact he does not even know what transpired at the 2013 UWP convention? To you Mr. Springer: it has been said that even a fool is thought to be wise when he keeps his mouth shut. ‘Lot kotay’, to quote the inimitable ‘Jook Bois’.

[4] The United Workers Party as a group is more organized and more focused than it has been at any time since 2007. I challenge any of the naysayers including Hon. Richard Frederick to come out and refute this statement and prove me wrong.

It is a natural tendency for humans to oppose change, so of course there will be some resistance to anything new. However the despondence which used to characterize the general membership has disappeared. Members are eager because they know the ‘Flambo’ is the only thing which gives hope that there may be a brighter tomorrow.

In closing let me make it clear that I do not hold any brief for Mr. Allen Chastanet. I believe this gentleman has the thickest skin a human being can possibly have, so he certainly does not need me to defend him. Since announcing his intentions to contest the leadership of the party he has been attacked from all angles, including some serious back-stabbing. To his undying credit, he has stayed his course steadfastly.

However I do not focus on individuals. My focus, my love, my energy is for this 238 square mile rock called Saint Lucia. I will therefore support anyone who wants to do her good. [That is why I CANNOT support the Saint Lucia Labor Party.] Individuals will come and go, but SAINT LUCIA REMAINS. I therefore support anyone to the extent that they are on the path to doing Saint Lucia good.

Modestus Louis


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  1. It is interesting and instructive that not one of the commenters who attempted to 'diss' this letter presented one shred of evidence to refute any of the statements made. I take this to mean that while it clearly does not fall in line with their agenda, they know it is the truth and what's more they are angry because they cannot refute it.


  2. U need 2 go back 2 1964 if 2008 is your starting point then you ain't ready in your assertions, but then again you are a Johnny come lately that's the root of the problem. After one year the party has not offered any VISION for the country not anything of national significance so tell me again where u going with that. Members EAGER? Which planet u living in, can not be St Lucia planet earth Chooopsss tan


  3. "I will therefore support who wants to do her good"... maybe you should have your research on Guy Joseph and the millions given to his family in clandestine contracts or the black bay fiasco by Allen Chastened to name a few.


  4. Rubbish talk.
    How Long did it take you to come up with this nonsense?

    Go back under the rock where you come from.



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