UWP is grasping at straws, says LPM Leader

UWP is grasping at straws, says LPM Leader
LPM leader Therold Prudent
LPM leader Therold Prudent
LPM leader Therold Prudent

Political Leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has accused the United Workers Party (UWP) of ‘grasping at straws’ and making wild promises because it is an election year.

Prudent was referring to the UWP’s recent announcement to get rid of Queen Elizabeth II and embracing the recommendation for Saint Lucia to become a republic nation.

The LPM leader told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview that his party was the first to suggest this and has always taken a position that supports the island becoming a republic.

“We have said that numerous times that we would like to see Saint Lucia become a full republic. I think in an election year, the UWP is grasping at straws, coming up with policies that they may not even understand, or probably haven’t thought it through,” he declared.

But Prudent said while the UWP has hinted that they plan to get this done if they are elected to office, they have not said how they plan on going about doing it.

“We will never accept the fact that any government without consultation with the people of Saint Lucia would arbitrarily go to Parliament and make this happen. There must be consultation with the people. We must have a consensus and if it requires a referendum then let it be,” he asserted.

In that case, he said it would require groups and individuals that are pro-republic to educate Saint Lucians on reasons why the island should become a republic as opposed to remaining under the Queen’s rule.

Prudent also pointed to another issue, which the UWP recently spoke about. And that is another recommendation made in the Constitutional Reform Committee Report, which is to implement a term limit for all future Prime Ministers and Member of Parliament MPs.

This is something that LPM has also supported on from the onset.

“When we were asking for two terms for sitting ministers and to hold politicians more accountable, I didn’t see the UWP agreeing so much to those recommendations.”

Prudent said the main reason for that is because parliamentarians saw it as a means of remaining in office for an extended period.

“When you have so many recycled candidates running for office, you ask yourself what is it can they do, if they were to be given the reins of power that they could not do when those same individuals were at the helm of power.”

The LPM leader noted that having the Queen as the leader brings no benefit to the island and suggested that the island should seek to get rid of her, especially since Britain itself is faced with a similar issue.

However, Prudent said he does not believe that this issue should be given such high priority, stating that he would rather prefer discussing ‘bread and butter’ issues, and look at ways of improving the local economy to create job opportunities and further develop Saint Lucia.


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  1. Which politician who wouldn't use that technique to get the fololish Lucians to vote for them. Clearly it works and continue to work because they keep fooling Lucians with campagne promises and burn rubber in Lucians faces when they get into office.only time u seeing them fellas is election time to buy chicken and beer for Lucians to vote for them. I'll leave my job go on a line for hours to vote for them mofos with their own agenda. No sir I'll be one of the few who's smart enough to not vote for any one of them parties #thoushallnotvote


  2. With all the dire issues we currently have in this country, I am indeed baffled as to why this topic about St. Lucia becoming a Republic is so important at this time. Please address the real issues. This country is plagued with all sorts of problems, unemployment, crime, poor healthcare, bad fiscal and monetary policies, etc, etc, etc and people are shooting shate about St. Lucia becoming a Republic. NONSENSE!


  3. Im still on the fence with this. If getting rid of the monarch would mean meaningful reform in government then im on board.

    One poster said that the prime minister has too much power and I agree completely. I am 100% for reducing the power of the prime minister, passing it on to the senators and in turn empowering the opposition. With this major projects which affect our country long term will have to be voted on by the major parties and other independent senators.

    Ideally this move by the uwp would mean major reform if they win the next general elections it could be their legacy. Or as more often the not it could also be just empty words.


  4. In the 21st Century the SLP government's idea of good leadership is borrowing $100 million annually , throwing it at the economy and callibg that progress.
    Laptops - borrowed money.
    Roads- borrowed money.
    NICE - borrowed money for votes.
    Min of Foreign Affairs talk and travel - borrowed money.
    Menissa in New York - borrowed money.
    Kenny's millions in salaries per diem and perks - borrowed money.

    Because they are incompetent mismanagers who chase away investors and cannot create the growth needed to create revenue. The amount of stories we hear of investors who run away once they grapple with the SLP millionaires.

    You are guaranteed either negative growth or growth of less than 5% is Kenny gets back into power.
    With a UWP govt that would be 15% to 20%.
    A nobrainer.


  5. That was neither a positive message of vision nor hope. LPM is becoming like SLP. Get back on message. Don't join the silly in this silly season.


    • As a reader i dont get u? You mean asking other political parties to focus on job creation, healthcare and how to improve the local economy instead of turning St Lucia into a republic at this time. Isnt a positive message? Choops


  6. My point is that there is no problem if the Queen is our Head of State. What will being a republic change? In fact with all these unconscionable politicians running around the place begging for votes without a clue as to how to fix this country, you can sure bet that we need the Queen as our head of state. Take the Grynberg affair for example, we have all kind of legal kilibwis debating whether the PM had the authority to deal our seabed without authority from the Queen. The raising of this issue only strengthens the point about having a overseer over the conduct of these politicians and protect the people from such ruthless acts. As it stands already the PM of this country has more power given to him than that granted to Obama, and the US can be seen as the world's greatest example of democracy. Why should we seek to further concentrate power in the hands of one man or a few? Isn't that what the citizens decided against, which was reflected in the report on Constitutional Reform?


    • Everything is in a mess.
      The legal system, the healthcare system is in disarray.
      The economy is stagnant and crime is rampant.
      Capital projects are all being siphoned to the benefit of a few.
      Some people are getting fat and others are starving.
      No energy and funds should be going towards any consideration of a republic. There are lots of things to fix first.
      I don't wake up on a morning thinking about the Queen.......I think about my family's safety, my health and paying my bills.
      Usual political smoke and mirrors........so please drop it and put it up for referendum if you all are so desperate for that President's hat.


    • I am in agreement with most of what you said. Like you I do not believe that removing the queen as the head would be of any benefit to St lucia. we keep speaking about independence but the truth is we are not really independent. In fact most of the British overseas territories such as Bermuda , Tucks, Caymans, etc, which are not independent are way better off than us. We must always do what is best for the country and forget about petty politics, and those people who only have their best interest at heart.


  7. For the power and the glory conspiracies and controversies are the order of the day, this silly season.


  8. OK! So now the LPN, no Therold Prudent, is grasping at straws. What really are you saying Mr. Prudent? Are you saying that UWP is more effective that you in articulating your own points of view? Or have you taken a patent out on free speech? Are you saying that you have not been effective in stating clearly where you stand on issues and UWP has rained on your parade by discussing their positions on the issues. Look, you politicians must stop being so petty, if you agree with what UWP has stated say that you do and express that you have always held that view. To say that UWP is grasping at straws just because they publicized their take on some of the issues that are of concern to the public makes no sense whatsoever. Also be informed because most of us readers are informed. Mr. Chastanet has made it clear through this same media that those important issues despite his or his party's own inclinations will be handled via referendum.


  9. Prudent, even though your party was the first to suggest St. Lucia should become a Republic Nation, so what. You can never make this happen because you can never win any election, you are in this race as a spoiler just wasting your money, your time and our time. UWP on the other hand has a very good chance of winning the elections so they have now said they will make it happen if elected into office.. Prudent you have not come out to tell us what yours plans are in case your party win the election. I guess that was the only idea you had. By the way on nomination day I believe you will be the only LPM candidate, one man show, go look for other ideas, poor jab


    • This it matter whether he is the only candidate who runs for his party? As someone who lives here in Corinth all i am interested in is good representation for my district. Mr Prudent have proven that he is capable of doing just that. 17 candidates means nothing to me but one will do if that's what his party decides. By the way Good Show last night Mr Prudent.


      • You all can bat your chu if you want but i givnig it to Prudent this time. Win lose or draw i am in . time for change


  10. This is what I love about you Mr Prudent and why you have will have my support and that of my family in this election. You are bold , refreshing and intelligent ,and everything a voter would like to see in a district representative. Keep impressing us cause the sky is the sky the limit for you come this elections.


  11. Mr. Prudent bellows as if the UWP disagrees with him. They are agreeing with on those suggestions Mr. Prudent. By the way do you have copyrights to those suggestions?


  12. Even Mr. Prudent can see the BS in the "Yellow Party" AKA UWP.
    They have NO vision or plan to propel this Nation forward, Economically.

    They can't even give their own supporters a "False Promise of Hope" to make their lives better, in a dream.

    A party which has NEVER BUILT anything in this Modern Time, wants to be Elected in Office, to do what?
    To Do What?


    • Glad you said that cause all this present Government offers is a false sense of hope. That's cause supporters like you are blind to reality. Truth is election day is coming and for the most part the current government has been misleading the nation with lies, false promises and deceiving language. Now that the sweet talk is failing any one who criticizes the UWP will be supported even if the criticizim makes no sense. Good luck with that on election day. We are still awaiting the big ground breaking ceremony for the dialysis center. I guess we will have to wait till next tern cause Kenny has stated that he will make health care a priority if he is re- elected.


    • What has the SLP built in this Modern Time to warrant another 5 years? What have they created for the past 5 years which can be attributed to building a legacy.
      Ask yourself that honestly.
      No wait, please do not respond with building schools, renovating schools, providing laptops, building bridges, footpaths , drains etc.
      May I remind you that these sort of things are basic things that in the 21 century should never be mentioned on any political platform as progress. Because you see we don't live in an era where cars , electricity, etc is just being invented and discovered.

      So again , what has the SLP done for the past 5 years which is worthy of mention in this 21 century?
      Whatever they have done is BASIC, just BASIC and MEDIOCRE. Just being comfortable, that is their order of the day.


      • You have not got it. There is method in madness. There is a reason that the SLP loves infrastructural projects paid for with taxpayers or NIC payers money!!!! These projects are like sending a rat into a cheese factory.
        The new $65 million NIC funded building in Vieux Fort is just one example of the true value of their thinking.


  13. You on on point with this Mr Prudent. You have said nothing here which is not true. I know that certain UWP s will be angry at you saying that but I am not one of those that will follow their lead. Truth is truth and I am more interested in talking about jobs and how to plan to do this than to go with little jack horner promises. Enough of that.


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