UWP had circulated Fresh Start resolution in Parliament – Did the government sabotage itself?

UWP had circulated Fresh Start resolution in Parliament – Did the government sabotage itself?

(PRESS RELEASE) – The UWP in their Press Release attempted as usual to accuse the Saint Lucia Labour Party and its Leader Hon Philip J Pierre for what they call sabotage.

Here is a copy of the resolution tabled in Parliament and later withdrawn by the UWP at the Parliament Meeting of the 12th of September 2017. The resolution was under the Finance (Administration) Act – Resolution of Parliament to guarantee the financing of the Micoud Road Rehabilitation Project- Dugard to Desruisseaux Road Rehabilitation Works.

The resolution was circulated to members of Parliament on September 6th, 2017. This proves that the government agreed that the contract was indeed a loan and had to be tabled and passed in Parliament in accordance to the Finance (Administration) Act.

All what the September 17th 2018 letter from the Leader of the Opposition Hon Philip J Pierre was saying is to bring back the resolution to Parliament for discussion and approval.



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  1. Honestly I am getting fed up with all this back and forth. The elections is gone ove!!! SLP LOST !!! Get over it let us see what this current adminstration can do when their time up if we not happy we remove them. Your ll politicans so hungry for power and to be in office always finger pointing when neither one is any better.


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    • That piece of evidence clarifies for me the desperation in UWP's release accusing the SLP of sabotage. AS I indicated in relation to that release the UWP failed to clarify the actions of government. Instead, here is what the release said:
      paragraph 1 - SLP looking to undermine government
      paragraph 2 and 3 - attack on Pierre, the Opposition Leader
      paragraph 4, 5 and 6 - SLP did it too in the case of the Banse Road (although the facts show that this is not the case)
      paragraphs 7 and 8 - SLP just using scare tactics, they will not take it to court
      paragraph 9 (end of release)- SLP using sabotage and scare tactics.
      Now I understand why the Release NEVER addressed the real issue.


  3. Whoops there it is. What did I say study the pattern when ever Prime Minister Pierre calls them out and put then in offence he knows they are going to come back at him but he already have a good defense so he just let them bark like mongrels.


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