UWP group wants Bousquet returned as Choiseul MP

UWP group wants Bousquet returned as Choiseul MP
The Facebook page was created on Tuesday.
The Facebook page was created on Tuesday.
The Facebook page was created on Tuesday.

A group of UWP supporters have started to campaign for the return of Rufus Bousquet as the UWP Choiseul/ Saltibus Member of Parliament (MP).

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that supporters have already created an official Facebook page for Bousquet under the name: Rufus4Choiseul/Saltibus.

A source said, “The page was not created or suggested by Mr. Bousquet, but by the people who are trying to help the cause for a better Choiseul.”

According to information received by SNO, a number of persons within the constituency are happy with his return to politics and election to the post of chairman of the UWP branch.

“People of Choiseul/Saltibus have indicated that they want Rufus Bousquet to be their representative for the upcoming elections and they believe they will win with him as candidate.”

However, in a recent interview with SNO, Bousquet said his responsibility at this time is not to promote or in any way advance any of his personal interests, when questioned about competing for the seat.

Bousquet said too that he plans to work with party leader Allen Chastanet, despite there have been reports in the past that suggests that he is unwilling to do so.

The former UWP minister won all 30 votes to be elected chairman of the UWP Choiseul/ Saltibus branch during an election for a new executive for the branch on Sunday.


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  1. List all the good things that this character has done for Saint Lucia. Why doesn't the followers of this POS from Choiseul jump into the sea with lead hanging around their necks? Saint Lucia can do with even fewer jackasses, Lord! Good God, save this island from these and our other SOBs!


  2. The backslider wishes to return, but only on his condition
    but what sort of condition, may I ask?? the cheek of him.
    His determination to return to active politics is suspicious.
    There is a game being played and I ask, if this man wants to run
    in opposition to the S.L.P. why is he allowed to maintain his
    Diplomatic Passport? Kenny is the one who have to answer
    this question. This trust in some politicians which have been trampled on
    and believing that because they have gotten away with it for so long,
    then why not. Well buddy, not so fast. The present government all along
    have been taking people for a ride. This is something which will be debated
    at some later point, but for the moment, that undisciplined character must
    be aware he is under the microscope and must not play any more tricks.


  3. We are some kind of breed! I think some of our DNA was contaminated with that of fish's. I can't find any other explanation for this!!!! So disappointed with some of our people. Where are we going!!!! Tell me!!!!


  4. I'm ok with him staying as chairman NOTHING MORE. Come on Choiseul stop recycling trash. You can do better than Rufus. He's a user, he will do the same to you again if he wins, disappear and ignore your calls and leave a string of unpaid bills. Remember the agents and drivers from past elections who never got paid, remember his office staff who never got a dime. Wake up Choiseul please! Don't do this again. You know this man don't let him brain wash you again with his sweet lies. Remember!


  5. Ok. Without going into anything personal, lets examine the scenario. Most would agree that rubber stamp supporters of both parties are almost equally matched in every constituency, Choiseul being no different. If there are rubber stamp UWP supporters who plainly say that they will not vote for Rufus, then where will Rufus get the remaining votes required to tie and even to win? They can come from two places, either from swing voters or from SLP supporters. Will SLP hardcore supporters vote Rufus? This is very unlikely, therefore he could only rely on swing voters to make up for the amount of hardcore UWP he would have lost. If I were the UWP i would recognize that Rufus has only a thin chance of wining since he would have to convince all swing voters to elect him, a task which may be insurmountable. Thats my opinion.


  6. This is why lucia in a mess. Proven liars and idiots, yet you still employ them.

    You get the politicians you deserve.


  7. Holy sh*t! See what the cat dragged into the house. The return of Bruce is really scary. What are we expecting this time? Great ethics, cohesion, financial responsibility, truths, real names.


  8. It is a mistake for anyone to believe anything that Rufus spouts out of his
    mouth. He is a deceiver. He is very good at
    it and it did serve him well for a couple of terms in government, but his
    days are over as a great pretender of a politician in St.Lucia.

    Of course he can still pull the wool over some peoples eyes, but not all of the people.
    It's a new day, and we have a new sheriff in town.
    It is high time someone take a stand and start the clean up job to shampoo
    the dirty politics in St. Lucia.

    The man right now at the helm, a so called Law man
    wont do it, and the dork night of the Soul is getting darker and darker by the

    So we don't need anymore Polls to tell us what we all already know
    What U.W.P. needs to do is to start a vigorous campaign of ORGANIZATION.

    Show the people that you are serious, show concern, show love, show care. Show truth, that a new day is dawn and enough of political wickedness already.
    People are not stupid, if you are serious and tell the truth, they will respond.

    Enough of tribal colours - Red or yellow - your only tribal trait should be JESUS.
    I don't like TRUMP but he said something I liked; " I can't be bought".
    I would rather trust a man who is too big to be bought & wont take a bribe.


  9. Dem people is a bunch of ..es. All they see is colour. You giving them yellow sh-- to eat and they thinking is pumpkin. choopz


  10. Rufus Bousquet BSC
    Commission: Do you have a degree sir?
    Commissioner: Why did you put BSc behind your name?
    Rufus: That's the college I attended. Boston State College


  11. Mr. Rufus is a great politician, he is an excellent debator but his recent Comments on Hot Button Issue regarding the newly reformed UWP calling them group of mongrel disgusted me. I have absolutely no respect for him, he lacks political etiquette, he now wants to be part of the UWP because of all the transformation made by Mr. Chastanet...


    • If that jackass knew any better it would turn around and look at the colour of its skin. It spells more than mongrel. But a lot of Choiseul people have no darn shame. The would lap up their own vomit every day. Just give them a chance.


      • They would wag their tails and their tongues whilst doing this too. What a set of godforsaken idiots!


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