UWP failed in first 100 days, says Opposition Leader

By SNO Staff

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Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre

Opposition Leader Phillip J. Pierre

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Leader and Leader of the Opposition Phillip J. Pierre said the government’s first 100 days in office was an abysmal failure that has already left a trail of broken promises.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday (Sept. 20), the former deputy prime minister said, the United Workers Party (UWP) has already proven to be a disappointment to the people of Saint Lucia.

Pierre said the government has not managed to introduce most of the promises, if any, made during the election campaign and said it goes back to what the SLP said, “they made too many unrealistic promises.”

“The prime minister’s account of the first 100 days in office of his UWP administration was bitterly disappointing. It lacked any substance, any commitment to keep promises made, offered no way forward to meet global challenges and continued the personal attacks on professionals,” Pierre said.

The opposition leader said the prime minister cannot continue to lament that these are difficult times.

“The people of Saint Lucia know that. It is time to deal with the business of government and stop stating the obvious.”

Pierre recalled that the Chastanet had promised an assessment of the economy to be undertaken by the Caribbean Development Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank on the state of the economy, but 100 days after taking up office, the government is yet to present that report.

“The SLP insists that this assessment be based on figures prepared and presented by the Ministry of Finance. The Saint Lucia Labour Party calls on the prime minister to immediately make the report or any other report prepared by the Ministry of Finance available.”

Drawing the media’s attention to the current government’s ‘Five to Stay Alive’ plan, Pierre said most of these promises were not delivered.

In relation to reducing vehicle licence fees, the opposition leader stated that there was a 50 percent reduction on the increase in fees and not 50 percent reduction in the overall fees.

He noted too that nothing has changed in the school feeding and school transportation subsidies.

“The UWP government in its first 100 days had shown that it is the most vindictive UWP administration ever with numerous firings of workers and professionals in the most undignified manner. The SLP believes that every Saint Lucian deserves the right to work and regardless of political orientation must be treated with dignity and respect. The attacks on the Attorney General and Ambassador to Washington both women were uncalled for and unnecessary,” he added.

The SLP said it will very shortly undertake a sectoral analysis of the performance of the UWP government after its first one hundred 100 days and will present a more comprehensive report later.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet told media operatives during a live press conference aired on Monday evening on the National Communications Network, that the government is currently faced with many challenges.

He said his government is finding it difficult to implement several changes that they had in mind, because of what they inherited from the former Kenny Anthony-led administration.


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  1. Pierre you just talk rubbish what is a hundred days in office, watch your business give the guys a break. you have bee in elective politics for twenty years tell us one thing you have done to elevate the standard
    of living in the country. you jealous of Allen he is prime minister and there is nothing you can do stop him
    go sit down.


  2. pierre you just talk rubbish what is a hundred days in office, watch your business
    stupid politician tell us one thing you have done for fifteen years you have been in elective are in office to
    elevate the way of life of st lucians


  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the New government has not failed. Why should we expect them to correct 4.5 yrs. of poor economic and political management and unify our country and its people in just 100 hundred days? Well......... which one of you is up for the task? Then take on the Job!!!. Anybody???
    WHERE HAVE WE LEFT OUR COMMON SENSE? Rome was not built in 100 days and neither can St.Lucica be. So STOP THE WHINING and combine our efforts to make our country great again. Or just make it great. Labour did't deliver for us after 14.5 yrs under Kenny and PIP. So we voted for change. The politician must set the stage but it will take we the people to effect the change. And that requires patience and effort. PIP is a politician{ experienced but immature} and he does what they do best::: talk crap. But we the people have a job to do, and that is to put our politicians to work But how do we get that done?
    Its not by blind support of those whom we favored but by accepting the will of the masses and unite behind the elected officials. Name calling and berating and denigrating and disrespecting won't do it either. A smart and intelligent populace will breed smart and intelligent politicians. Let us mend the divide and unite for a better St.Lucia. If we move as one as a people the politician will follow. Let's stop following their divisive ways and practices.


  4. Every promise made by Chastanet has been broken. His 100 days limit are up and what he has he got to show? Nothing! The only thing he has going for him is this grand project in Vieux Fort. Oh he also want to revisit his Jazz festival for it was proving too costly. What else..............? Oh to add insult to injury it seems St Lucians are fenced in for Canada has closed its doors. So much so for visa less travel to North America! After all that St Lucians are still dreaming!


  5. To Mr. Pierre
    What happen to the $100,00000.00 that Dr. Anthony Promised in his 100 days in office ..You seem to have convenient memory loss


  6. Congratulations to Mr. Pierre, he undoubtedly watches CNN and knows how to ape a sexy euphemism used within American politics as a metric for a nation very different in literally every economic, social, monetary and fiscal aspect from SLU.


    It would be very interesting to, rather than blindly accept wave an American-specific, boring tired, and hackneyed cliche that is used nowhere else in the world.

    Perhaps Mr. Pierre should explain in an articulate and precise manner what his point is.

    Also, Where was Mr. Pierre during the election campaign in explaining his party's expectation about what *they* would commit to in the first 100 days? or where was he during the campaign in articulating what he expected the opposing party to accomplish in the first 100 days?

    Yes, exactly. The absence of either of the aforementioned two campaign platforms manifests what is now a desperate attempt at cloaking oneself in vain and populist American rhetoric.

    I had thought that our island was an independent nation.

    Mr. Pierre's ready adoption of Americana also seems to be a sadly disappointing reinforcement of the former government's spineless cow-towing and sucking up to the United States in their sanctioning of our nation while not sanctioning other nations, including themselves, re: extra-judiciality, IMPAC report, and so on.

    Mr. Pierre, in his remarks, would appear to lack courage and the ability to put our nation's interest first rather than playing petty politics and wrapping himself conveniently in the flag of a nation that, as it suits them, simply now politely nods and smiles as a passer-by that already recognizes such expressions as what could be read as the sycophantic attempts to re-curry favour that they are.

    Mr. Pierre would seemingly not be able to demonstrate, if he does indeed it, a grasp of the differences, uniquenesses and nuancing between managing a village, managing a country, and establishing one's nation's position on the global stage.

    That's unfortunate.


  7. Funny how's it feels to be on the other side of the fence.. how ironic... can you give us the creteria for this assesment ... and was it used to judge yourself. I'd say give the party a moment to prove itself because they have only been there for a few days and we know at times there is lots of red tape to get pass.... don't act as if you have no idea because you have been there and done that. Everything seems to be politics politics when we forget about the whole picture, the best for the country, its literally falling about home and all people can think about is politics can we get our heads together for once and try to figure out whats going to work for the betterment of the country and us in general. Forget about this political agenda and all this non sense . You Mr Pierre live in your cussy house and with all your morden comforts how ironic for you to come try to pin point the fact that someone has been in office for 100 days and asking what has they done. Go to the sand box and play please............ enough enough


  8. Some how Mr pip I am still waiting for better days ..talk about realistic goals smh


  9. i've never in my life seen a man like that, no shame what so ever.


  10. Be that as it may. However, the SLP failed for the full 4.5 years whilst in office.

    The only lasting semi-good legacy was the mixed-bag with huge cost-overruns of highway construction.

    Yeah! The UWP took just 100 days to fail. The SLP needed more time. A full four and a half years!

    Compton did not provide a template for behaviourial conduct in opposition. SLP has resorted to what it knows best. Shoot hate.


  11. The U.W.P. has failed to fulfill their 100 day campaign promise us. That's a fact. No amount spinning and hog wash can reverse this fact. They only partially reduced the vehicle registration fee. This was their only attempt. I say attempt because they didn't do exactly what they said they would in this regard.
    They only attempted to fulfill 1 of their 5 to "die dead" or "die alive" (which ever is your preference) promises. As 1 who voted the U.W.P. at the last elections I can tell you that in my heart of hearts that I have no confidence in our PM's leadership having witnessed his performance during the last 100 plus days. I voted for change. What a stupid mistake on my part. Reluctantly, I must admit to this.


  12. I'm wholeheartedly sickened by pierres nonsense. As a politician and son of saint Lucia you should be trying to ensure the best for the country. You would rather see the country burn and go down in shambles just to make i another party look bad or yours look good. You and your kind are a poison to our nation. You have the opportunity and position up effect(yes effect not Affect) real change and build upon the good that is being done.

    You could stand on their shoulders and do even more for the country. Instead you prefer to sit on your ass and moan and complain about things because talking is much easier than doing. You've become so adept at victimising people in SLP that you're now victimising yourself without even realising it. If you're worth half the things you've said, how about you try making things happen and show the people that's what you're doing instead of coming up with new negative ideas to be a victim of.


  13. Pierre are you accusing the government of doing exactly what you did for the last 4-5 years. Unceremonious firings... Get real. Your government's first act was to clean house of everyone you felt didn't support you. Going all the way back to 97' , when you felt ppl were not supporting you publicly you victimised so many poor innocent citizens. You've continued this nonsense on every subsequent reign.

    We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of proof of you and your government being alleged hypocrites, liars and most recently crybabies. You had the opportunity to do all these things for years and instead all y'all did was get fat (literally, I mean look at the size of all of you now as opposed to when you first took power) off of the people's money.

    People were desperate for you to stay in power so they could continue their free ride. Cuz now they know with no skills no one will hire them. And then they can rely on you beating your .... calling it politically motivated. If any of your party hacks were actually credible they'd find a job.

    Try being useful and positive for your people instead of trying to prop yourself up by diminishing the aspirations and achievements of others. I bet if you tried once actually doing things which helped everyone instead of just tearing down everything else that other's do, you won't end up sitting on the outside AGAIN


  14. Only words but no action just before and during the first 100 days. No excuses. Don't make promises you know you can't keep.


  15. You all have the nerve to talk. After all these promises you all made to our St. Lucian people? Which one(s) did you all fulfill? Damn Hypocrites!!!


  16. OK. Desperate SLP Hacks. Call the elections then!


  17. Poor Pierre he failed in how. Many years ?


  18. Sigh UWP clueless..SLP fulla bobol...they eh have nobody else? Two papishows alone I have to choose from?


  19. Pierre is fighting desperately to save his political life. I pity you sir. 5 fellas are about to block your hole in october


  20. Even finish reading the rest of this garbage. I'll Support ya'll when you'll start acting the opposition and not being plain petty


  21. Yeah Right, Pierre, you described UWP first 100 days in office as "an abysmal failure," and how would you describe your party's performance for the past five years? You politicians never cease to amaze me !


  22. Its not butter Lucian its Pumpkin hahaha


  23. well, the slp is certainly an expert at failure


  24. The UWP does not have a leader they have a follower. You Lucian has a short memory. Talk it Mr Opposition


  25. He is so right this government is desperate and clueless hope they realize now that action is more effective than words!!


    • The desperate government seen was the SLP, with utterances bordering on senility. Desperate, they went telling people to vote for SLP and THEN it will make HEALTH #1 priority. Country bucks are clueless about any thing but rural rumshop issues. They could not ever convey to the morons they elected to give priority to important issues as health and make it number 1. Like drugged compulsive idiots they all bowed down in awe at the tin gods they created in deafening silence. They are ready for the next fete, La Marguerite.


  26. Pierre it seems you and your team work better when your salary is less. You spent 4.6 yeras as Minister, earning a Minister's salary so much pappyshow went on under SLP watch, not a word, not a word, not a word from you. Now you are in opposition, earning less money, every day I keep seeing your face on my T.V or on SNO talking nonsense. Well what can I expect $5 is surely blocking holes for you ha, ha, ha.




    • As leader of the parliamentary opposition he probably is making more money. The labour party has always been better at opposition based on the fact that they are a one track party. A party which does not necessarily believe in the concept of an actual economy or running anything as the real world does. Instead, they believe in coming into power and delivering all the goodies without paying for it. So an increase of 5000 jobs could have slipped on of POOR Jade Brown's mouth because the labour party decided to create 5000 jobs from money collected in taxes and borrowed without some of these jobs even having a purpose for existing. Soviet socialites. The SLP had a pyramid scheme which crashed. The UWP may be another pyramid scheme themselves, but this needs to be proven. The Chamber of Commerce is fully backing this pm by the way!


  27. ...I bet you were just waiting for that Mr. Pierre. But the UWP has had to spend time fixing all the nonsense you all were responsible for. So you might as well expect citizens to turn a blind eye to that... and deservedly so.


  28. This mess all started with some of the same people in power presently, 5 years ago. You people seem to forget that. This mess will continue... They knew they couldn't deliver just like the last group did but still promised. It's not that they did not know what they were getting into and you poor soles are buying into it hook, line and sinker. Same shit, different group. They have failed to deliver on their 100 day promise knowing full well they couldn't. No excuses period! Fool me once shame on you... Fool me twice shame on me.


    • Lincoln you can't do any better, pay lar, and let your Prime Minister Allen Chastanet do his great job for all St. Lucians, go to bed Lincoln


      • The truth hurts, you can criticize the messenger all you want. The truth you cannot dispute. Coming from a typical party hack. Lord save us all from pompous narrow minded people... For they are so blinded by their own beliefs even when the truth is indisputable.


  29. Most st.lucians knew and saw what was coming, butt they thought they saw Ching, Ching and more ching, ching in the sky. I hope their expectations are met.


  30. What a farce. Labour succeeded they did.....in making a damn mess of things. UWP government has failed alright they have failed to fix the mess you guys left behind because you guys did a damn good job messing up.


    • Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black, where were you six years ago when some in this same group were according to your words... making a mess of thinks. They left such a mass that thinks might never get to where they were before. Both groups are culperble in taking us to where we are presently....with dirt on their hands and have only themselves to blame for this disaster.


  31. Slp failed for 4.5 years. Get lost!!!! Looser


  32. But slp also failed during the last ten years


    • But if you guys were so satisfied with failed government then you should have stayed with the previous one because according to you they failed miserably. I thought that was the reason that they were changed because we wanted better. However, it seems to me that failure is ok to some of you based on which party is in government. So shameful!


  33. and you guys failed in your last two terms. multiply that Mr. Opposition Leader!


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