UWP executive to hold meeting with Flood-Beaubrun soon

UWP executive to hold meeting with Flood-Beaubrun soon

IMG_6660A meeting will be organised this week between United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet and party executives to determine what role Sarah Flood-Beaubrun could play within the UWP.

Chastanet said he is prepared to work with Flood-Beaubrun because he believes she has a contribution to make to the party and to the country as a whole.

“I say to her I open my hand, I open my arms and I am prepared to work with her because I believe she has a contribution to make,” Chastanet told convention delegates.

He also urged other members who have had issues before, to join with him to help strengthen the party and return it to government.

Flood-Beaubrun said she is open to the idea and is willing to serve in whatever capacity is given to her.

Chastanet also declared that the party plans to work to select its 17 contestants for the elections.

Asked whether Flood-Beaubrun could make that list, Chastanet said it was too early to say, reminding that it will have to be a collective decision of the UWP executive on who will represent them.

Meanwhile, Senior Executive Member of the UWP Guy Joseph also said he was elated by Flood-Beaubrun’s speech and respects the level of maturity she has shown.


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  1. Sarah is a SLP has been! They kick you out of the party so now you coming with a hope of gaining mileage. Sarah, I know you will not win so its another seat that UWP is giving up. Both Sarah and Mary Isaac should not represent any constituency.


  2. Sarah Flood will be a formidable force in the House of Parliament! UWP needs to put up a strong Opposition and I believe she's the one to champion that fight.


  3. A St Lucian woman who has the character and drive like so many of our ladies.
    Sarah in her concession speech gave the party hope for the future. First time in years we think something might actually happen with this great party.
    Kenny must be quaking in his boots!


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