UWP engages stakeholders in Barbados

United Workers Party

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UWP’s Political Leader, Allen Chastanet.

As part of preparations for the upcoming Budget, Political Leader and Deputy Political Leader, Allen Chastanet and Dr. Gale Rigobert respectively will leave for Barbados on Monday, March 10, 2014, where they are scheduled to meet with public and private sector stakeholders over the next three days.

Among issues down for discussion are the economy, health sector, education and foreign direct investment.

These meetings are also part of the party’s policy development strategy to adequately prepare itself for the next general elections.

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  1. Hahaha who is the biggest tourism expert in the Caribbean? Chastanet cannot even engage the people of his own country, it is the people of Barbados he will engage? I wander how he travelled to Barbados because he is so against our own LIAT? Everything local they are against, even their arkcent(spelling) the imported.

  2. I wonder what many of you would say if it was the Republican party who the Americans rejected at the polls they were meeting for advice or the Labour party in England who were also rejected at the polls.

  3. Wonder what you Labour people saying about Dominica, Skerrit?

  4. Papishow,Bajans crying, their economy in a mess, over 3000 civil servants there to be sent home by year end yet still these two going there for advise. Bajans are in no place to give advise, they themselves need miracles. How smart of Rigorbert and Chastanent. I guess that Dr. i'snt making her think right.

    • Tell The Whole Truth

      Barbados literacy rate surpasses our by far. The fact that Barbados will be sending 3000 civil servant doesn't mean their economy is worst than ours. Our government tend to play politics with our situation. The bajan do not. They are prepared to loose the election by doing the right thing. Kenny is scared. I heard Skeritt boasting that Kenny has not sent 1 civil servant home. All I will say is tanto tanto. What if they want to find out what the real issue is with regard to the economy in the Caribbean and they want it from an incumbent government. What if the Bajan want advice from the biggest tourism expert in the Caribbean. Anyway, have you heard the phrase "Learn from your mistake"? May be the Bajan can tell them what they have learnt from their mistake.
      If my response is silly it is only because your comment was silly.

  5. Band of failures as usual.
    They will be speaking in the "moo moo," language?

  6. Are you saying that nothing good can come from Barbados?

    If you are, then I remember when the Scribes and Pharasees also thought that nothing good can come from Nazareth. Sir, there are good ideas everywhere. Maybe the individuals being engaged by the UWP were rejected by the Government in Barbados and so, it may just be an opportunity for St. Lucia.

  7. Are you sure they're not going to the US embassy to make some false report? But then again, the Peace Corp has been spying in the OECS for more than 50 yrs, since Castro overthrew the Cuban government.
    Yes the Peace Corp is helping, but their main purpose is to spy and report to the US government. Wonder why the US government knows what colour underwear you're wearing each day?

  8. Utter nonsense.To a country that's so badly economically??Hogwash!!


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