UWP endorses three more candidates for upcoming elections

UWP endorses three more candidates for upcoming elections
UWP officials few years ago.
UWP officials few years ago.
UWP officials few years ago.

PRESS RELEASE – The United Workers’ Party is pleased to have officially endorsed three more candidates to contest in the next general elections.

On Sunday, 7th February, 2016, at the Party’s National Council meeting held in Gros Islet the UWP endorsed Mr. Leonard “Spider” Montoute – Gros Islet, Hon. Edmund Estephane – Dennery South and Mr. Fransico Jn Pierre – Laborie.

The Party is confident that these candidates will perform with admirable hard work and tenacity to provide the best representation for their respective constituencies and by extension the people of Saint Lucia.

These candidates have demonstrated true dedication to service over the years and the UWP is pleased to welcome them each on board to represent the party in the upcoming general elections.

More information on candidates and their campaign will soon be made available on http://uwpstlucia.org.


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  1. We need to stop being malicious with our Comme ts. Maybe the constituency expected more from spider but to say he did nothing is to not belong to Gros Islet. He was not successful at the last election and literally divorced himself from the constituency and the party in the last for years but we cannot forget. Let us be honest.

    The Gros islet play in field is well lit and was retorted to top condition

    The Gros islet market was rebuilt even when finances were a bit tight.

    The Gros islet infant school was rebuilt.

    The bay front in Gros Islet noticed a slight improvement with the jettie and the bridge leading to pigeon point

    Uplift of Gros islet with its parks and the strip leading to the church. It may seem small but the placement odd the clock was a unique idea

    Ict centres throughout the district.

    Computers distributed to schools.

    The park at monchy.

    The HRDC at monchy

    roads were constructed.

    Derameaux community Centre.

    The HRDC in Gros islet is still incomple.

    Can we really say nothing as done?


  2. UWP you have made a misstep by recycling this misfit of a spider. We want and need someone of substance who will bring something intelligent to the table. Rethink that nomination. Do something wise for a change for this constituency. Why not?


  3. UWP will not make it. Too much infighting Spider was not with the party now he is. I guess they couldn't find anyone else to send.


  4. Rehashing and recycling the same people and they think things will be different. The epiphany of stupidity and insanity. Repeating the same thing over and over and over thinking the results will be different.


  5. You put Spider and dedication to service in the same article??? Come on. What has this lazy man done for the last 4 yeaes to demonstrate why he is worth me voting again for him. We must stop fooling people with these things. This msn does not deseve to run again for us and this is why he will be rejected by the people even if the party carelessly give him a pass.


    • Couldn't have said it better. They seem to think we are stupid, since we accept all the recycled people they send our way. They keep thinking things will be different doing exactly what was done before and expect to get something better out of this. Sorry to disappoint..... It does not work that way.


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