UWP continues youth consultations

UWP continues youth consultations


PRESS RELEASE –Thursday, May 19, 2016 – In continuing its youth consultations, the United Workers’ Party held meetings on Monday, 9th May, Friday, 13th May and Monday 16th May, 2016 in Castries, Micoud and Babonneau respectively.

Facilitating the meetings were Party Chairman Mr. Guy Mayers, Leader of the Opposition – Dr. Hon. Gale T.C. Rigobert and Parliamentary Representative for Castries South East – Hon. Guy Joseph.

The consultations were to engage youth in the issues affecting young people and their take on solutions to some of the problems. The meetings sparked very energetic discussions.

Participants were extremely forthcoming in sharing their ideas for youth development. The United Workers’ Party is dedicated to implementing effective solutions for the issues affecting our young people.

We are focused on ensuring that every sector of society is adequately represented in national life. Young people can be assured that we will take every contribution into consideration during our policy making process.

Young people matter and if they are truly to become the builders of the future then it is important to the UWP that they are a part of the process now.

We look forward to an increased participation at our next youth town hall meetings. Look out for announcements. We thank all for participating in this venture thus far.


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  1. A party that is Notorious for NOT BUILDING ANYTHING, is trying to Rake in the Youth deceptively, to win votes. Lol.

    But they are the same Inferior Party who is ready to put them all out of a Job, pull the rug under their feet by removing VAT and send this country into FISCAL DISASTER.

    Inferior Indeed! 🙂


    • You dear fail to realise that if less money is spent on useless things like: thousands for operatives, allowances, consultants, tuition for hacks,travel, exorbitant salaries, cost over run , just to name a few that the country can save quite a bit and not be crushed when a portion of the VAt is removed. The savings will trickle down to our pockets, mine and yours. But when you have successive govts raping the poor country over and over with their personal agenda that is what we are left with. Exactly what is happening to Lucia right now. Both sides do it, it time we stop pushing these ppl agendas and save our selves from their heartache. At the end of the day , they're well fed, some ppl don't even know where their next meal is coming from. But we ready to kill for family who come to visit every five years.


    • Two key things I think this country needs:
      1. A humble leader.
      2. A leader that is a visionary.
      3. A leader that is a hard worker and surrounds himself/herself with hard working men and women.
      I'm a bit tired of Kenny D. Anthony's vision. What's his vision by the way? How many years has he being Prime Minister again? Still no clear vision and no consistent progression over time.
      At this point, why should I say 'no' to change?
      Well to quote many Saint Lucians favorite quote: "That's the party my family has always supported so I'll do the same".
      Think for yourself.
      I'm neither SLP nor UWP.


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