UWP confirms three candidates

UWP confirms three candidates
L-R: Dr. Ulric Mondesir, Peterson Francis and Herod Stanislaus. * Photo credit: UWP

The main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) endorsed three candidates at its National Council meeting on Sunday, Dec. 6 in Anse Ger, Micoud.

They are: Dr. Ulric Mondesir – Vieux Fort South; Herod Stanislaus – Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques; and Peterson Francis – Castries Central.

All three were officially presented to party supporters at a public meeting in Desruisseaux, Micoud on the same day.

Dr. Mondesir will run against Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) Leader and Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

Stanislaus will challenge incumbent Harold Dalsan (SLP), who is the current Parliament Representative for Soufriere, as well as the Minister for Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment.

Francis, a former SLP member and brother to President of the Senate Claudius Francis, goes up against Stanley Felix (SLP), the current Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal.

Expelled UWP member, Richard Frederick, is the incumbent for Castries Central but he has not yet announced his candidacy.

Frederick, a lawyer and former Minister for Physical Planning, Housing, Urban Renewal and Local Government, is likely to run as an independent, supporters have told St. Lucia News Online.


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  1. Oh, the new politics. Isn't it dandy and magnificent? When Allan De Chastanet came to the Flambeau leadership we were told the politics of spin and smear were gone and that it would be all about what Sir John Compton called the issues (ishoos) from now on. So how is this working for the party and it's many supporters?

    The Flambeau party is having a nervous breakdown. Chastanerites spit venom at Kingites and Kingites brief viciously against Chastanerites.The battles have begun among this once proud coalition of Big Beasts. This is a party that once ruled our splendid island with impunity. No one could tell Sir John and his men what to do. They did not care to listen to the masses or even those who voted them into power in the first place. The situation wasn't helped when the prominent MP for Central Castries was cast into the wilderness. I am of course referring to the Right Hon. Richard Frederick, who was marginalised and left out to dry by his own party. Instead of focusing on what the electorates say or do the focus is on what or who they are. They care more about themselves that they do about the people they are purporting to represent.

    If you are going to become a force to be reckoned with in the St. Lucian political landscape you better pay attention to what the people are saying. The interest of the people should be paramount and should be placed well above the wishes of any politician especially those who are trying to get elected. Politicians need to be aware that they are the servants of the people. We the folks who vote are the ones who put them in office. That is how it's done in any democracy. It's the government of the people with the people and by the people. No political system is flawless. They all have their flaws. Thomas Paine once declared that Government even in it's best stage is but a necessary evil. The elected members of parliament keep taking the people of this country for granted year in year out. In St Lucia it's always been tribal and more recently about colours. This colour versus that colour. They seem to have more in common with the gangs of LA than they do with politics here in St Lucia.

    There's every sign the method by which the Flambeaus intends to build consensus is not by debate but by targeted selection and deselection. Members who oppose the rapacious and rambunctious Chastanet are subject to vicious intimidation by the party elite. People are not allowed to speak out or say anything about this man and his policies. You either put up or shut up if you want to carry on being a part of the UWP status quo. This new leader had no compunction in getting rid of a democratically elected leader of his own party. Stephenson King was until Chastanet got rid of him the leader of the opposition. He was replaced with Gale Rigobert, a university lecturer whose father I understand was a devout labour supporter. He has now with the help of a few votes tossed Gale aside and taken over the helm of the UWP.If he can do this when he is not even elected to someone who is elected then one can only imagine what he will do if he ever gets elected (Hope he never) Rigobert being the coward that she is refused to stand up and be counted. How could you allow am esurient capitalist to bulldoze you into a corner like this? She is the opposition leader and should rightly be the party leader. Chastanet has no legitimacy and should take a back seat like everyone until his number's called. He should join the queue and wait for his turn if ever.

    I have always argued for the inclusion of Stephenson King and Richard Frederick, two of the most consummate politicians in St Lucia. Stephenson is charismatic and a beacon of hope. He is articulate and down to earth. He is a man of probity and valour. Together with Richard Frederick he can help reignite the fire that the UWP needs burning at this stage if they are ever going to become a political force again. Richard and Stephenson are men of the people. Chastanet is motivated by self-interests. He aims to gain power to please his fellow capitalists and the few in high society. He will not serve the interest of the masses. So people be aware of this ravenous and predatory character. He is a character and has not character.

    If the UWP is to ever get back to where they once were then they need to connect with the people. They need to make peace with two of the party's stalwarts who have been there with them and for them through thick and thin. They need to reinstate Richard and Stephenson immediately. Richard is bold enterprising adroit and ingenious just to name a few of the qualities that a politician requires to help put things into perspective in this country.He ticks the right boxes and would be ideally suited for the party's top job -leader.

    Chastanet gave an interview this week where he maintained that he was not the one who ousted Richard from the party. He reckoned that it was the will of the people. The party and it's delegates were the ones responsible. Is he beginning to regret that decision to remove Richard Frederick from the Party? I smell weakness and impuissance on his part. Maybe he is getting cold feet. The things he said in that interview is the first sign of weakness and of a weak leader. It seems to me that he is beginning to have second thoughts about Richard. He is backpedalling. A leader's retreat from political radicalism.I suspect deep down he would like to have Richard back in the party. Oh Yess!!

    Both Richard and king could have chosen to form their own party but due to old firm loyalty and partisan allegiance they decided not to. KIng and Richard would get plenty of support had they fashioned something new. They would have become a formidable force and could easily give the UWP a run for their money. People have become disillussioned and disenchanted with politics in the world and St Lucia is no exception. The late Quaddaffi, the Libyan strongman said that representation is a falsification of democracy. He was quoting from his famous Green Book. He may well have been right about this.

    Look at the type of people who are becoming politicians in St Lucia. I look at these selected men in yellow and I am unimpressed. None of the three stands out as men on a mission. The look more like barrow-boys than potential politicians. They offer nothing to the populace and there is hardly anything to write home about them. The Flambeaus instead of going forward is taking a giant step backwards. They are unfit to govern anyone or anything in St Lucia.The men who once held this party of Big Beasts together with their indomitable spirit have all left this life. Men Like Lansiquot. Mallet, Sir John, Giraudy and Dada Riviere. These men are irreplaceable. They had their time and they gave their all to the cause. They were simply unassailable and indespensable.

    The current crop of members who have found refuge with the opposition are unprincipled,needful venal and morally perverse. They do not stand a cat in hell's chance of ever governing our splendid isle ever again . If only they could return to the old politics again. The people especially their supporters can do with it right now. They could do with at least more of it .

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany


  2. Now that he is in the public's eye they just start digging his closet and looking for all sorts of things to say. Then they will visit his mother, father and by extension his family. They will never finish know who they are. Let them dig and they will be surprise what they will end up with


  3. All that ignorant talk .. i know Dr Mondesir will do a way better job than alvina and kenny in the health sector which is pure garbage right now .. slp will continue to fail the people of st.lucia and the hacks are so dumb by allowing this government to turn us to second class citizens whiles they sing for pennies ..what a shame for people to disrespect a damn good doctor too, which is better than the whole lot put together for a fact !!!
    p.s hacks why you all not asking you all demi God Kenny that all the billionaire saudi people he links up with and all the money he gets just remember that we have no hospitals and the so call st judes is falling a part so much, just now people will need hard hats like a construction site to go there .


  4. Lol Ulric again lamb to the slaughter again ! All 3 are going down. Wow chas that's the best you can do but then again I don't blame anyone for walking away for surely the UWP will fail at the next general election.


  5. I can tell it's a strategy as the uwp wont waste good candidates on seats they not sure of winning. Similarly slp has done the same, they sent the new candidates and no-names against the uwp stronghold seats. It's all strategy... However, I don't know why these political parties refuse to get young people to run?? a whole set of vieux nhomm that looking like men playing domino outside kentys under the CDC. Have a balance youth and experience. Who better to assist the youth but the youth.



  6. Being a secondary school graduate does not make him a fool. He was a teacher for over ten years after which he decided to venture into private business where he become more successful than your mentors. If it was his desire he would have been a university grad like any one else


  7. Just more clear evidence of the incompetence of Chastanet.
    He can only attract losers to boss around.
    I agree with the other blogger that there is no way as a UWP that I can vote for Chastanet. I will not put St Lucia through this incompetent.
    These losers prove how far the UWP has fallen.


  8. What a joke! Who is going to vote for those fools? Why would I vote cor a secondary school graduate to manage in such complex economic, financial, globalized times. This again show Chastanet's bad judgement. I am a UWP and will not vote for these talentless people. I detest the labour party, but I am inclined to support them more these jokers. Mr. Chastanet, couldn't you find a better candidate for Soufriere? Harold Dalson just got an early Christmas present.


    • the educated ones you jackass that have us in this mess so when u be little because he did not get a degree or phd it tells me you just a hater and usless pirck


    • Look at the US. you don't have to go to college to acheive big things. You need to opwn your mind a bit more. When you went to school, for example, did your tracher teach you everything you would have to do in you years until you became an adult? No. You have to use your brains and frankly, you are not.


    • Look at the US. you don't have to go to college to acheive big things. You need to opwn your mind a bit more. When you went to school, for example, did your tracher teach you everything you would have to do in you years until you became an adult? No. You have to use your brains and frankly, you are not.


    • My mother taught me to be a visionary and to always think outside of the box but she always taught me the importance of humility. Education can do one of two things, it can blind you or it can make you see; for you my dear friend, it blinded you. One’s ability to cram a textbook and regurgitate it in front of the masses has no value, which is what 90% of the “Educated Ones”. The true test of an education lies solely in the application of the knowledge we’ve amassed. Bachelors in Business and Masters in Finance and still I can’t answer every question, not to mention I got those degrees with highest honors. Don’t be blinded by the façade set before you by the education systems of the world that you discredit men with a vast wealth of knowledge from first hand experiences. Please don’t be so proud because those men when they decide to put their heads together can bring about significant change.


      • Well said.
        In addition to what you have said I would also like to add that not everyone is fortunate to pursue tertiary education especially if faced with financial constraints. Comments such as what was posted by this individual seem to send the message that persons who are not educated beyond secondary school level cannot aspire to greatness or leadership roles.
        Such careless comments send the wrong message to young persons out there who for whatever reason cannot go beyond a secondary school level of education.
        History would also show that there are many men and women who never finished college , and went on to accomplish great things and have attained recognition globally.

        Putting politics aside , it could be motivating to any young person who have suffered setbacks, who might not have attended the top secondary schools on the island, who will never have the designations added after their name and know that they don't have to succumb to the self -fulfilling prophecy that they are relegated to the back burners of society that they too can be given the chance to hold the reins of any institution they so desire.
        It is time we aspire to uplift each other in this little 238 sq miles of the Helen of the West.


    • really , you this red millie bug, you can't fool anything with this cr..p. oh please, try another line, I can see right through your fake comments.


    • Keep the f-- shut..this young man is brilliant. He was the best agricultural teacher the secondary school ever had. If u so intelegent why u did not give up your ass to run.... u all always like to let down your own people. Keep your ass shut.


    • King ran a country with only cxc only in the last two years he got his degree from Monroe and he did a good job. Being educated doesn't make one a smart person and u eh no uwp


      • You who make these comments is useless as a tit on a bull. Stanly Flix never went to secondary school. He was so lazy he could not even pass common entrance. In the America you can buy degrees. Someone k
        Need to look into that guys qualifications. That man was dumb, sometimes he could not even spell his own name . Ask him standard six was his highest qualifications and he is seating in government. Trust me he is dumb and get his transcript.


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