UWP confirms 7 candidates for general elections

UWP confirms 7 candidates for general elections
Stephenson King. *File photo.
Stephenson King to contest Castries North. *File photo.

The main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) on Sunday endorsed seven candidates to contest the next general elections.

The candidates were confirmed at the party’s National Council meeting held at the Valmont building in Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet.

The candidates are:

Allen Chastanet (UWP leader) – Micoud South
Dr. Gale Rigobert (Opposition leader) – Micoud North
Stephenson King (former prime minister – Castries North
Dominic Fedee – Anse La Raye/Canaries
Mary Isaac – Castries South
Ezechiel Joseph – Babonneau
Guy Joseph – Castries South East

Reports are that the Council will meet again to endorse the other candidates.


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  1. Can we reflect back 3 to 4 years the damage that has been done to the economy of this Country, the heavy tax inflicted on the poor, the racket in human trafficking, money laundering, bogus licensing of fake colleges, the hiring of this fat Dominican pal of the P.M. and paying him exorbitant amounts to plead legal cases, borrowing excessive amounts in the Millions to fix existing roads, and of all countries, Mexico? and we don't know where the government of Mexico is getting their money from. The millions and millions borrowed will have to be paid back; not with our v.a.t. money I hope. Then to demonize Allen Chastanet with lies about his schooling; If you want a continuation of this crap, you can have it. As they say, a people deserve the government they get, so enjoy it.


  2. I am looking at the UWP team and I am thinking wow, that's a winning team. Then I look down further and I seen Allen CHastanet and I am thinking sigh... who am I going to vote for now. I as a Saint Lucian cannot allow within my good conscience someone like Allan Chastanet be our Prime Minister. My hand and my vote will not be the hand to do something so drastic and damaging to my country. WE have gone through enough under the SLP administration. Allan Chastanet does not love our people. He does not love our country. He has decades to prove his love for our people and instead all he has shown us is exploitation and abuse. It is all there in his track record in the way and manner he has dealt with his hotel staff workers. I cannot forget. He is not the right man for the job. Running a country is more than just about the numbers. You must care for the people. I have not seen that at all.


    • Lord Help us I do not see how Allen is going to be our Prime Minister, You are right this is a winning team. I do not know much about politics, If he wins his constituency he becomes the prime minister? how does that works?


  3. One of the greatest things that has happened in the U.W.P is that the constituencies play a major role in selecting their candidates. Gone are the days of imposition of candidates on constituents, thanks to Allen.
    Where does Allen behave like a dictator? Not during meetings of the executive for sure!

    Thanks anyway. His stature seems to increase with each criticism!


  4. It is said that the actions of ones followers are based on the belief and directions of their leaders.. Spider has done work in the constituency however we need to be open minded to change and not be like the ones who has been there done that. I am a supporter of the UWP and believe in our leader. He has demonstrated the right of democracy and that is the problem that the party face..All those who gain personally are those who are disgruntled because now the power in the hand of the Constituency branch not Allen, not Spider or any political candidate and those who benefited personally. Please give Allan a break he has taken the party from the point of no return to where we are now persons wanting to make a contribution to the Party and the country..People think a man of so much class like Mr. Fedee do you think that he would want to associate himself with a party that has no morals or mission...COME ON PEOPLE.. SPIDER educate your followers.


  5. Teddy, If you say Gale disrespects her people, what have you done to us when you want to replace her with Roserie Chemico.
    He lives at Lombard but have you ever seen him on any street in Mon Repos? His children do not know Gaston's place.
    Another dissolved ONE looking to solidify in U.W.P. U.W.P.' are too quick to take in POTENTIAL HAZARDS!


  6. Lucians are the most dumb people ive seen especially those in gros islet yourll put him out and yourll expect him to do things for gros islet... smh that's Emma's role


  7. Since when that's you all role to say who to send up for election? Your role is to overthrow the gov when they are not performing.


  8. It is the ST. LUCIA SPRING. Dog it dog society, I've never seen anything like it before. You have the leader of UWP being crushed daily by the JAWBONE OF AN ASS and you want this Government to carry on another term with this behavior, the SPEAKER debating an elected member of the House, the Economy in the worse state it has ever been, making economic deals with Mexico of all Countries. Something is definitely wrong here and you will leave it to the next administration to fix? This is wicked, and somebody will have to pay. That Pit bull head of the Senate - your days are numbered in there.


    • its amazing slu government says there were unlawful killing being committed so they sent the commisioner on leave because they do not want to get into hot water with USA. However ST Lucia please note the country is already in hot water because the gov is already in bed with china, Venezuela Cuba(not any more) and mexico to name a few countries the US does not have good relations with. Not everyone in this nation is asleep Kenny. Blaming the commissioner's work will not hide your dealings with some of these shady countries and the real reason why USA has their noise in our business.


  9. For the one who wrote under the name "Just me" I think you got it right. Mr. King Is a nice guy, but just that, a nice guy, that's all. He would do good as an ambassador to Wonderland or a Governor of State. I think he has low self confidence and little ability to see his right place in a Government position. I wish he would be more like a G.J. full of fire works, but, like a defeated man looks more like a setting Sun. ( will somebody wake him up)