UWP confident these three recently-endorsed candidates will win

UWP confident these three recently-endorsed candidates will win
From left: Belrose, Jn Pierre, and Polius
From left: Belrose, Jn Pierre, and Polius

By MERRICK ANDREWS, Staff Reporter
(St. Lucia News Online)
— The United Workers Party (UWP) said it is confident that its three recently-endorsed candidates for the upcoming general elections will be victorious.

Senator Fortuna Belrose (Castries East), Senator Francisco Jn Pierre (Laborie), and newcomer Phera Polius (Dennery North) were endorsed by the National Council of the UWP on Sunday, June 29, 2020, according to a press release.

The UWP said Senator Belrose, the current minister for culture and the creative industries, has a “stellar record as a public servant at the highest level”.

Despite losing the 2016 elections by 300 votes to Philip J. Pierre, the current leader of the opposition, the UWP said Belrose has served the constituency of Castries East, where she hails from, as their “caretaker candidate” for the last four years.

“The UWP believes that Ms. Belrose has played a pivotal role in building a new Saint Lucia and is well on her way to gaining victory at the next polls,” the release stated.

The ruling party also believes Senator Jn Pierre, a businessman, and taxi driver, will be victorious at the upcoming polls. He is also a former president and member of the Southern Taxi Association and a former employee and officer of the Laborie Credit Union.

“The UWP is confident that Mr. Jn Pierre will has made significant strides towards the development of Laborie in the last four years and will be victorious against the incumbent in the next elections,” the party said, adding that Jn Pierre has been “an advocate for the south in the senate from 2019”.

The UWP has described newcomer Polius as “a daughter of Gardette, Dennery North, an educator, community activist, and people-centered leader”.

“Ms. Polius served as a teacher at the La Resource Combined School, Derniere Riviere School, and a lecturer at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community college. She also serves as a tutor and course coordinator in the Masters in Literacy program of the UWI Open campus.

“Ms. Polius has a passion for the parish church that she serves and is involved in a number of community development groups such as the Disaster Preparedness Committee, the Constituency Council, and the Development Committee and Toastmasters Club. She has also been instrumental in the boy scouts in the schools; she served and founded a UNESCO-funded literacy project for parents of Grade 2 students in Derniere Riviere, La Resource, and Aux Lyons. Ms. Polius has been at the forefront of water projects in Gadette, summer workshops, and clean-up campaigns in her community,” the release stated.

The party said it fully supports Polius and is confident that she will become the next parliamentary representative for Dennery North.

“The UWP congratulates all three candidates as we continue the journey of building a new Saint Lucia,” the UWP release concluded.


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