UWP concerned about SLP sabotage

UWP concerned about SLP sabotage

(PRESS RELEASE) – The United Workers Party continues to be extremely concerned by the continued attempts of the St. Lucia Labour Party to undermine confidence in this administration with constant press statements which are baseless and unfounded.

In the latest attack on the government, Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre makes reference to $15M for Micoud Roads, and a further $13M for the La Ressource Road.

What Philip J. Pierre failed to tell the St. Lucian people is that these road projects were facilitated via a DESIGN, BUILD, and FINANCE arrangement.

This DESIGN BUILD, FINANCE arrangement is no different to the very same facility used by the St. Lucia Labour Party during their last term in office for the Banse – La Haut Road totaling $29M. In fact the signing ceremony to mark the commencement of that project was held on Wednesday January 7, 2015 at Banse, yet only taken to Parliament in July of that year.

Here we see, again, another shameless example of the St. Lucia Labour Party endeavouring to sully the reputation of this government when they themselves, while in government, subscribed to, and implemented the very same DESIGN, BUILD, and FINANCE facility for multiple projects.

St. Lucians will remember the argument surrounding the Banse road project as it was at the center of the”Since-when-that’s-your-role” exchange between Hon. Guy Joseph and former Speaker of the House, Peter Foster engaged in.

This threat by the St. Lucia Labour Party to take the government to court if this so-called loan is not taken to the House of Parliament in 60 days is yet another scare tactic. Sadly, this is another attempt at sabotaging progress in St. Lucia for the SLP to score cheap political points.

The SLP continues resorting to cheap threats with the sole intention of impeding our progress as a nation. They have threatened to take the government to court over the Deputy Speaker issue, and have still failed to do so two years later. The SLP threatened to take the government to court over DSH, and have also failed to do so. Their pattern of destabilization and sabotage is now clear for all to see. What will they think of next.


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  1. My god when it will stop this politians will kill st.lucians,are they intrested with the citizens or hungry power.Stop god will get angry.


  2. Mr Prime Minister, do not be afraid. God is with you and your government. No weapon form against thee shall prosper, every tongue that rise up against thee shall be condemn. God has made you the head and not tail, above and not below, God has plan no defeat for you but victory in the mighty name of Jesus. You are destined to win in Jesus name. Mr PM don't worry about what is happening around you, just placed your trust in God. You don't have to fight fire with fire. Be still and know that I Am God, saith the Lord. God is fighting your battles for you.

    What the SLP actions and motives are wrong and totally wrong. So I standing in prayer with you Honorable PM, So don't fret God is on your side.


  3. Over to you Pierre. I know you to always do your homework before you confront them on anything. You know they going to chat and spin it so you have prepared a response like you always do. Of course they nervous


  4. How contemptuous those saboteurs are! They knew not how to improve the economy. They were clueless. But now they take offence at what little good has been achieved since they were put to pasture. Tired, worn-out and devoid of any idea how to turn around the economy, they bristle at any positive change. Their dog in the manger politics did not work. Nowadays, they have opted for sabotage.


    • Please !! So there should not reasons for concerns right ?? Stop playing ring around the roses STICK TO THE ISSUES Mr. Pierre ask of you. If he is so "CONFIDEN" COPASETIC IN HIS DEMINOR then he should have nothing to say just let him take you to court and loose. When you know the shit is on the fan and it's about to be turned on you have plenty to say.


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