UWP challenges SLP to run background checks on their candidates

UWP challenges SLP to run background checks on their candidates
Left to right: Guy Joseph, Guy Mayers. * UWP photos
Left to right: Guy Joseph, Guy Mayers. * UWP photos
Left to right: Guy Joseph, Guy Mayers. * UWP photos

With less than two weeks before the next general election, the United Workers Party (UWP) has issued a challenge to Chairman of Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), Claudius Francis, to do a background check to ensure that none of the SLP candidates have ever been accused of or charged with rape.

UWP Chairman, Guy Mayers, issued the challenge on Sunday during the launch of Political leader of the UWP and Candidate for Micoud South, Allen Chastanet, where hundreds of supporters were in attendance.

Mayers said, “I extend a challenge to the Chairman of the SLP to ensure that now that you have presented your slate of candidates that you present nobody among your mates that has ever been charged or accused of rape. We want to ensure ladies and gentlemen that the men and women, who become the ministers of government of this country, are honourable men and women.”

The former National Security Minister said from his own background checks, none of candidates from the UWP have ever been accused of anything close to that and he also used the opportunity to warn them that if the party were ever to find out that they did “anything out of the way,” that they shall be dismissed forthwith.

“Because we take governing of this country, very, very seriously…This is to ensure the safety of everyone’s children, because your children and yourself will be going to their offices to seek help and support, and you want to ensure that my children, your children, our parents, are safe when they go into those offices,” he remarked.

A few minutes after Mayer’s statement, Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries South East, Guy Joseph, joined in, expanding on the issue. He stated that he has been personally told that certain candidates of the SLP have allegedly been involved or in some cases accused of sexual crimes.

“It is easy for Kenny Anthony to get on a platform and call us all kinds of names, when he assembles his set of candidates…Some of the candidates of the SLP have sexual harassment letters lodging files against them. If Kenny Anthony did his background check on them, before he named them as candidates, he would know,” the former UWP government minister alleged.

He continued with further allegations: “There is another one of them from one of the…., who messed up the minds of some young people. But today they are candidates for the SLP. Why you think Kenny Anthony called the election so quickly? Because he realize the longer he waits the more trouble he is in. He will have to ‘de-endorse’ some of the candidates chosen to run for the SLP.”

Joseph said he refuses to stand by and say nothing about it, especially when people from his constituency and around Saint Lucia, have expressed some level of fear that these same persons who have been allegedly accused of sexual crimes are now running for high public office.

He claims that attempts were also made to set him up, stating, “I know they have sent many women my way, but tell them I’m better than that.”

The MP said now that he has exposed ‘certain people’, they will most likely want to take him to court after the elections. But Joseph said he has a list of 28 persons who are alleged victims.


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  1. About two weeks till elections and this is the best you can do. Instead of going on the offensive with ads reminding people of the dismal state of the country and how SLP has failed us, you talking shate. Is it important to point our criminals who are in our midst? Yes! Why talk about this now? This is more important than our unemployment figures? Than the other crises we are faced with?

    All of your'll are the same! When SLP came into power, they made this big fuss about Taiwanese funds that were allegedly misused, had all kinds of documents that allegedly showed corruption/theft. What happened to this? How many people went to jail? Had to repay money? NONE!! Why? Because they have things to hide also.

    Both parties are made up of a bunch of jokers who have their own interests at heart. We need to stop putting these people on pedestals and stop allowing ourselves to be distracted by roro. We have some intelligent voters these days and this nonsense will not fly. Get serious and stop talking crap.
    Tell me how you going to fix the economy, create more jobs, ensure that people get jobs for which they are qualified, that people get compensated fairly, that the ministries of education and health will wake up and realize they have an important role in the development of this country etc.

    If you have evidence of a crime being committed then go to the Police. Otherwise be more professional and stick with the issues that matter! Choops!


  2. Well Guy you must know what makes the SLP look so unified. If you don't have a dark secret then Kenny won't let you into his party. Anybody who didn't have a dark secret was fired. This is the pound of flesh that he holds just in case you want to oppose him. Many a fool don't know.


  3. These two idiots are so lucky I am not the chief of police for I surely frog match them to the police HQ to substantiate these allegations. They would have to tell me what they know about these rape allegations. Rape is a serious thing both when it is true and when it not rue. If you two know any labour party rep. raped some one I urged you report it to the police. If you don't report it you just as guilty as the perpetrator(s).


    • When the Prime Minister openly and publicly said that he believes that there are one or two serial rapist in our mist, why didn't you ask the police commissioner to question him.
      I guess 'we can leave this a lo-ne or take it straight', accordingly to a TALK caller.


  4. What's up with those two guys. They had a shady character as a minister for five years and they never brought up his back ground, now as election close they want to throw stones.


    • well to be honest is a few years now these questions are being asked and statements made, so its a matter of whether you were listening or really cared to


  5. Maybe that's why SLP not in support of the rape registry we've been fighting for.


  6. Slp supports remind me of Donald trump supports know matter wat those guys do or say those supporters seems to see nun wrong with it. But I recall once this guy was on the uwp side and pm Antony made so much problems with that but now he is a minister in his cabinet. The party of docs but a 5 grader seems smarter than them. Lol


    • YES they are definitely mindless HACKS. All these SLP supporters taking anything these representatives spit at them. Kenny they love so much they will let him lead them blindly. They will accept anyone Kenny places there. That tells alot of this mans character and what he stands for because at one point he was FIGHTIN DOWN this same representative on these accusations.


    • look who is talking, wow Lionel Chastanet a guy who lies 5 mins later on a recorded talk show twice, Guy who talks about voodoo every time and always make false accusation with no proof due to his lack of education but he is always right to his ignorant followers and considered one of the smartest persons. Donald Trump says "We are going to make America Great again." Lionel Chastanet says "We are going to make St Lucia Great again." They both make wild promises like building a wall between Mexico and the US. Lionel says he is goin to remove VAT and replace it with ummmmm oh wait he doesn't know with what. What are his plans for Castries: a conference area where business will come to have their meetings uhhhh... Ok then. Sarah said they could never win under Allen then ull say so many bad stuff about her. Then she's running a seat and she's such and angel to ull now. King was considered a Moo Moo who can easily be walked over by ull, then he returns and ull have so many good things to say about him. Hypocrites!!!


  7. +Yawn+
    Whats about your creative Ideas to Replace VAT?

    And let's NOT talk about 'Back-ground' Checks.

    Cause if we (the SUPERIOR PART-SLP) were to investigate you....


    • You are one deluded HACK... Ill be the first to write a comment to you the day SLP LOSES 6.6.16... You are obviously not paying attention. If you were you would notice the outcry of the MASSES. IT IS OVER FOR YOUR SUPERIOR BLOOD PARTY SAD BUT TRUE. You are about to put your tail between your legs and I WILL LAUGH SO HARD AT U!


    • Superior where? Thats what does kill me with you arrogant idiots! DEATH takes us all!!! there is no superior or inferior. We shall all die! Your riches and intellect will not save you from the bowels of death. This is exactly why all these affluent people suffer so much when they are dying...the camel and the needle. Continue believing you are superior...until your backside is 6 feet in a grave next to Charlo from Marchand....the inferiors you speak of.


  8. Pretty desperate!!! How about investigating your own before you accuse the other party?


  9. They say when you live in glass houses you must not throw stones. The party in opposition has nothing to offer anyone by the looks of it and so they are denigrading into personal attacks on their rival politicians. Who is clean in politics? Everyone has skeletons in their cupboards. No one is immune. If anyone is accused of committing heinous sexual acts against women and this opposition politician has any proof of wrongdoing then he should present the facts to the police and let the police deal with it...If not he should keep his mouth shut and forever hold his peace.

    Now that election fever is in the air they will say anything to discredit one another just so they can get the upper hand. Both camps have people who may not be fit to hold public office. Why have a go at one and not the other? It goes to show the mentality of this politician. If he knew all along that certain budding politicians were being accused of serious criminal acts then he should have reported this to the police immediately. Why wait to make a song and dance about it? Who does that? That is political opportunism at it's best. This man is stinking to a new low and he needs to take a look in the mirror before he accuses anyone. Any good citizen would report criminal acts to the police and not try to capitalise on it for political gain. That is gross and certainly not on. No wonder people like me are disillusioned with politics.

    This man has no right to say things without providing the evidence and facts. If he is going to accuse the party in power of having people who has committed vile acts among them then he should say who they are if he is not going to report them to the police so members of the public know who these individuals are. They should not be on trial in the court of public opinion nor by this politician. They should be tried in a court of law with the evidence. If the evidence is airtight and they are found guilty then they should be punished by the courts if not they should be acquitted.No one is above the law. What did this former minister do when he in charge of national security? Precious little is the answer- Now he has the guts to come out and accuse others of wrongdoing without presenting the facts or the names of those involved.A curious case of pot calling kettle black.

    He has no right to say the things that he is saying without naming names or presenting the evidence. He has no legs to stand on this one and should put up or shut up.
    Let he without sin cast the first stone. This man is incapable of doing so. He cannot cast the first stone as he is consumed with hate and anger towards the party in power and will say anything to get votes.
    I repeat 'Let he without sin cast the first stone.' No of us can do so for we have all sinned and are anything but flawless. Get A Grip Mate!!!!


    • ummmm present the facts to police???????????????? OK you are ignorant beyond words. THERE ARE FACTS... ..IT IS ON THE INTERNET AND HAS BEEN FOR MANY YEARS. The sworn affidavit of the RAPE VICTIM. SO PLEASE YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY ANOTHER ONE VOTING BLINDLY.

      The UWP knows the implications of naming names so they are sending the public to do their own research. This information has been there for years as this incident happened in 2005 LONG BEFORE the candidate decided to run for public office.

      There are skeletons that can be overlooked but an accusation like RAPE that someone was charged for??


  10. That i certainly true, it is high time we thoroughly investigate the men and women we elect as our policy makers. I am an SLP supporter but a friend of mine said she went to one of the "youthful Ministers" in the east part of st.lucia for a job and the man requested that they go to a hotel


  11. Bashful what does your comment do to uplift the level of decency in public office. Sadly nothing.
    Irrespective, guy Joseph is mAking a valid point which should be applauded.

    Being an MP brings a certain level of power to be used in the interest of the people and the country. the power is not for an MP to force his penis into a lady or sprew foul language at people.


  12. Yes Guy stand your grounds expose them. You cannot have alleged corrupt men and women in a party to run for elections and have not done any back ground checks on them. This is the first thing that should be done. You cannot just look at somebody's face and see good or bad in them. We need honest men and women to represent us. Now if some people know that there are skeletons in their closet, if they know that there are things they would not want the public to know about them, then stay out of politics. Their lives must be an open book. We need to know everything about them before they present themselves to us


  13. Reports of sexual misconduct should never be taken lightly or disregarded and
    allowed to circulate without concern. Reports should be submitted to appropriate
    authorities. The victims must speak out!! Persons elected to run for the highest offices in the land must undergo thorough background checks. For this information to be parading in full view of our global audience is embarrassing and wreaks of in competence and desperation on the part of the government. This is unacceptable.!


  14. UWP trying to score cheap political points. Try telling u'll ignorant supporters what u'll will do for the country, What u'll will replace VAT with so u'll can pay back St lucia debts, repair infrastructure, pay civil servants, invest in the youth/ education, create more jobs etc. There no plans, nun at all. That 5 to stay alive is a waste only idiots would fall for this. A bunch of Opportunist trying to get in office.


    • lets try to think a little outside the box.
      at present we collect 300 mill on VAT annually. Where had it gone? The national depth is rising, nothing done to use all this mill $ to reduce this depth.
      now if Vat will be reduced and spending and borrowing will be reduced it can work well. Just think how much we spend on newly created jobs in foreign embassys/ renting of offices and buildings/vehicles for government staff/construction of financial buildings/ and with the planned 4 lane highway to Gros-Islet and new Highway Gros-Islet to Dennery more borrowing coming up.
      A private business could never run like this. You spend what you have, reduce and pay back all your loans first before start borrowing again.


      • Lool Reduce and Pay back loans first lool funny Stuff, how old are u and what level of education do u hold? Do you know what St Lucia Debt currently stands at? how can u reduce collections of revenue then payback loans and pay other expenses such as civil servants salary, fix infrastructure, invest more in the youth etc? Be realistic. Then you'll tell me cut back on wastage? What wastage be specific and will this cut back increase employment or not? Has the UWP even conducted a research on the economy to make such wild promises. NOOOO!!! Educate urself.


  15. This is a good way to begin the path to achieving the rights of women and girls in St. Lucia.

    I urge the government of St. Lucia to raise the age of consent to 18-21 to protect our girls from sexual predators and rapists. Ideally, raising the age of consent to 21 will prove to be more empowering to women and girls because we can protect them from sexual harassment.

    Women should focus on their studies, not sex. Raising the age of consent to 21 will allow women to grow and prosper. Males should learn not to take advantage of girls and young women, and raising the age of consent to 21 in St. Lucia will stop teenage pregnancies.

    I have advocated for the Hon. President Granger in Guyana to raise the age of consent for women in Guyana from 16 to 18. Once that is in effect, I will advocate that all CARICOM member states raise their age of consent to 21.

    AT 21, a woman is more empowered and ready for sex rather than her becoming pregnant at 18, 19, 20 and early 21.

    If the government of St. Lucia refuses to raise the age of consent to at least 18 years, then I will contact the Canadian government and NDP Party in Ottawa to pressure the Caribbean to protect the rights of girls and women.

    I warn you...I have connections in Montreal and Toronto, and they will be more than delighted to travel to St. Lucia to overthrow the government. RAISE THE AGE OF CONSENT NOW!
    Let's begin with pressuring the government in Guyana to respect the rights of women.


    The age of consent will be raised to 21 in the Caribbean even if my fellow human rights activists in Montreal, Toronto and New York City will have to attack politicians in the Caribbean. We must protect our girls. I will FIGHT TO THE DEATH to have the age of consent raised to 21 in all Caribbean nations. I am not afraid to burn myself alive in a building with the President of St. Lucia if he refuses to raise the age of consent in Parliament. I am not ashamed to protect the rights of girls and women.

    Yvonne S.
    Guyanese Poet and Women's Activist
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


  16. Yes indeed, and the plot thickens. To all the sheep voters who have any doubts remember google is our friend. Take the time out and research "The St Lucia Labour Party's dark star" and you will be privy to a statement of a rape victim of one the SLP's candidates.

    Persons are voting blindly not KNOWING the backgrounds of the persons. No wonder we have seen an upsurge in rape cases in st lucia and our government is so lenient towards it. They have one in their midst. This entire party needs an overhaul starting with the leader and his selection of candidates.


  17. Funny thing is someone who I am related to is a close friend of ONE of his victims. I remember the story play by play....it was a gruesome act. I still cannot believe that this man was allowed to seek re-election.


  18. you all politicians need to be accountable for your crimes.. rape violence against women,,corruption, lies, sanctioning crimes against humanity, racketeering. you all involved! cleanse yourselves pray for salvation beg for forgiveness so we can move forward with blessings!


  19. And herein lies the problem with our country. Elections only two weeks away and the main opposition group is making issue of this garbage. You had 5 years to do your investigations and present your information on their backgrounds.

    Why not use this platform to present solutions to the problems in this country? Like crime, high unemployment, taxation without representation, our deplorable health care situation, auditing NIC to ensure that we will not end up like Greece etc. I am willing to give you guys my vote if you can present workable solutions. Otherwise I will stay at home cause you will be just as useless as the idiots over the last 5 years.


  20. We all know which nasty lawyer is an alleged rapist. We all know in 2005 they had him arrested and denied bail for rape.

    We all know that lawyer attempted to sue the state. We all know that lawyer settled with the victim out of court for hundreds of thousands.

    We all know it was not his first time. We all know he is now a minister of a very important ministry.

    permit me to post this as I mentioned no names


  21. which of you'll asking to sleep with women for help,which of you'll beating women.Do you'll Background check too.


  22. You'll to have to check the background of you'll candidates as well.When you go to some of them for help they ask to sleep with you before they can help you if you don't sleep with you they will not help you.Also which one of them hitting women.Non of you'll not good because most of you'll are guilty of the same things.


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