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UWP challenges SLP on integrity


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(PRESS RELEASE) – In a recent party release to the press Opposition leader and former deputy Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre stated, “that the people of Saint Lucia deserve the highest standards of governance from public officials; both elected and appointed officials.”

The UWP recommends that Mr. Pierre first heed the old adage “Physician, heal thyself”.

For nearly 10 years there have been the unanswered questions about Grynberg with then Prime Minister Kenny Anthony remaining deliberately silent on the matter.

The United Workers Party believes that leader of the SLP, Philip J. Pierre, should subscribe to his party’s advice and come clean about his knowledge and possible participation in the Grynberg Affair.

Having been the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport it is incomprehensible that he was not privy to the details of the Grynberg Affair which has tied-up over 83 million acres of Saint Lucia’s seabed for more than sixteen years.

Litigating this case has cost Saint Lucia’s taxpayers millions of dollars and SLP leader Philip J. Pierre should do the right thing and come clean about his knowledge of the Jack Grynberg deal.

The UWP challengers Philip J. Pierre and the SLP to justify the bypassing of the Governor General in the signing of the deal with Jack Grynberg and reveal to the people of Saint Lucia the reason for the secrecy which has shrouded this matter from the beginning.

The UWP wants to know why Dr. Kenny Anthony holds the people of Saint Lucia with such contempt and refuses to release any information about his secret deal with Jack Grynberg.

We implore Philip J. Pierre and the SLP to convince Dr. Kenny Anthony and Earl Huntley to reveal the details of this secret deal with Jack Grynberg.

The UWP reminds the SLP of their recent statement that, “All Members of Parliament took oaths to uphold the Constitution and laws of this land. The public demands and deserves that all Members of Parliament observe the obligations of their oaths and act with the highest ethical standards.”

The United Workers Party will not sit idly by and allow Saint Lucia’s seabed to fall into the hands of unscrupulous individuals.

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  1. Pierre is one if the politicians that has caused the most division among St. Lucians

  2. Always with the Whataboutism ? The UWP has their skeletons too! Try to distract the public this only works for your loyal supporters

  3. I wonder if there are people who actually fall for this sht....

  4. We need answers

  5. I do not get it. The uwp seem to be justifying its wrong doing by explaining misdeeds of the slp. SMH. I thought they were elected to do better. is the message: Slp was bad so we five times worse to stay alive?

  6. Haa ha hah ha ! What is this the last jab for the year ?? I guess all the UWP Follies are just walking around with these great big halo on top of their heads. Haaa ha ha still worrying about Grynberg and the sea bed. Really ??? Ha ha ha yeah you keep loosing sleep over it. You need to be laying on that big leather coach in the doctors office crying a river. Nobody caaaaaaares !

  7. This Government is shameless and lawless . Tell us about A and M . Tell us about Fresh Start. Tell us about Airport Development Tell us about Jimmy Haynes Tell us about Guy Joseph. Tell us about all the underhand deals.
    Tell us about the Intregrity Commission
    Explain the telephone calls to A&M Directors .
    Tell us about the offers and acceptances
    Tell us about conflict of interest.

    • Lucians care with that? As long as they believe they can get a cut or a few crumbs that fall from the table they don't care, just take a look at our zombie/sellout media. National pride and love for others is merely a way of creating an impression while we fight each other down secretly and desecrate our homeland for a few dollars.

      • So u want to continue the useless division and strife that has plagued us and retarded our growth for years. Why is when SLP out thats when everybody want to fight? Stop and think!

    • I agree

      Tell Us about the Helen Air Affair
      Tell us about Rochamel
      Tell Us about Juffali
      Tell us about Revoked Visa
      Tell us about direct purchases to CIE, IDC, Irwin Gajadhar
      Tell us about direct purchases to Alexis Samuel
      Tell us about all calls J Pierre and Kenny made last time in office
      Anf BTW I still wann hear about Grynberg because we Lucians or Labour Party Hacks don't realise how much money we are paying currently to defend Lucia or how much money we are being sued for.
      Tellus about the money paid to a guy to investgate Guy Joseph and he found no worng doing after 1.5 million US in his pocket.

      SMH TELL US.
      anyways I won't be listening when they talking uh.


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