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UWP chairman confident party will strengthen after general convention

By Samuel Sukhnandan, Staff Reporter

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UWP Chairman Ezechiel Joseph

As members of the United Workers Party (UWP) prepare to elect its new leader, Chairman Ezechiel Joseph has expressed confidence that the UWP will be further strengthened after the general convention.

“I am optimistic that the right decisions will be made and that the party will be more united and people will see the UWP as a party of their choice in the next general elections,” Joseph told the media.

Asked about the feeling on the ground, Joseph said delegates are prepared to cast their votes and both nominees for leader of the UWP, Allen Chastanet and Dr. Claudius Preville, have been campaigning. However, Joseph said in his discussion with delegates from various constituencies, they have hinted that they don’t believe that there is a need for any changes to the party structure at this point.

“They are satisfied with what the executive has done in restructuring the party and there is need for the team to continue the work we have started,” he added.

Both Dr. Preville and Chastanet, who is the current party leader, were nominated by party members during the UWP delegate’s conference last month to run for the leadership of the party.

A decision will be taken on November 2 – the date set for the UWP’s General Convention – where delegates will vote to elect their leader.

Meanwhile, Joseph, who was nominated to run again for chairmanship of the party, said he plans to retain that post.

“I am confident that the delegates will give me the opportunity, to continue serving in the capacity of chairman and I will continue to structure the party with the support of every constituency,” he said.

Joseph and party member Eldridge Stephens were nominated for the post of chairman.

Opposition Leader and Micoud North MP Dr. Gale Rigobert and former Public Service Minister Lenard “Spider” Montute will be battling for the post of deputy leader of the UWP.

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  1. Saint Lucians in political office have no damn manners at all, at all, at all. These jackasses are rough and crude. They have no blasted decorum. When will these blasted country bookies learn about protocol? Just when? Say something like "the process will produce a result" and we will to begin the healing process to ready the party for challenges to take Saint Lucia successfully into the future." Be blasted neutral with the public statements. Jackass politics. That's all they know. No god damn statesmanship at all.

  2. Mr Preville was a good candidate. He has surrounded himself with the wrong people and that is why he will not win.

  3. I guess the flabeaus has they own Mr. Cleo, and what he see in the crystal ball maybe gospel to him, but we on the outside looking are not so convince the flambeaus finishing. Mr. Joseph or Mr. Cleo is Mr. Chastanet new puppet taking over from the poodle then and again two Joseph's........

  4. Oh My...More Predictions by the "WIZARD"

  5. You are quite correct and I believe the PARTY will be OK.

  6. Mr. Chairman you must be neutral. Your statements clearly suggest to delegates to vote for Chastanet but Dr.Preville might give you a big surprise.Chastanet winning will see the end of u.w.p.


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