UWP Castries North constituency “appalled” at Chastanet’s statements



The Castries North Constituency Branch of the United Workers Party is appalled at recent statements made by the Political Leader of the United Workers Party Allen Chastenet, to the effect that our current constituency representative Hon. Stephenson King must decide soon whether he wants to continue representing the party at the next general elections.

The branch wishes to make it abundantly clear that consistent with the party’s constitution it will be integrally involved in any candidate selection for the constituency and pledges its unflinching support of Hon. Stephenson King as its candidate to contest the next general elections.

Further, the branch is urging the political leader to concentrate his efforts at the reunification of the party instead of engaging in cheap and out of place talk in the media, which only serves to further erode cohesion within the UWP.

The branch is of the firm view that such public utterances by Mr. Chastenet are regrettable and encourages the political leader to observe the well known biblical phrase that “there is a time to be silent and a time to speak.”


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  1. Well,Well I thought that our people knew what it was to be in politics, have we not learned anything about the slave trade, Massa?? and the house slave, the foreman and housemaids. go back to history my fellow lucians u all will refuse to learn or get forward, stop taking 2 steps forward and 10 back.
    Stephenson King is behaving as if Sir John gave him a will to the UWP as he was a former youth Leader secretary,Chairman,prime Minister. no body must take his toy from him and he will cry till they give it back to him.
    The Man King stood by and allowed Kenny Anthony to insult his and said nothing,let all returning officers at the last elections be a Labay and he must win make deals with the Devil to sell the elections to him, for he did not trust another super 8 and now he crying. My boy take what you sow.
    Accept your post as Taiwanese Ambassador and leave politics alone u are a spoilt Child.

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  5. Pa NE youn k bon but I'd take my chances with a new car, doesn't matter how many miles the old one has taken me the new one has got to have all the modern technology so stop driving a lemon, give new ideas a chance to much same Ole same Ole change is good, MOVE ON PEOPLE ULL ARE THE ONES KEEP IN LUCIAN BACKWARDS, BECAUSE A GOVERNMENT IS A REFLECTION OF ITS PEOPLE CAUSE U VOTE THE WAY U THINK.(And yes I know I typed in caps)

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  7. I stand for King, even when nobody for King.

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  9. Everyone seem to know the answer. Would any of you accept the humiliations the Stephenson has suffered at the hands of the so called educated in the party. Education and money does not make a man, his character does. Mr. king has made mistakes, but who hasn't. He is the most down to earth prime minister we have had other than the honourable Sir John George Melvin Compton. No wonder the late PM chose him to lead, he knew his heart.

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  11. Politicians have a right not to educated these St. Lucians. Many prefer handouts instead of learning to think on their own. fools

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  13. No one is bigger than the party, and that goes for both parties. .l think that king should do the right thing, and attend party meets, it has nothing to do with chastnet.I see a level of arrogrance and pettiness in him.He's doing a disservice to the people he represents and himself. Mind you I'm no chastnet supporter, but I'm a UWP at heart.So come to meeting be who we know you can be, speak your mind and help unite the party.

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  15. King is a big joke. Who is he representing himself or the ppl. Chastenet is taking to long to fire king. Do we have to wait for king. king is not representing nobody.

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  17. My fellow lucians I do not support non of the political party in this country.We lucians have made mistakes and continue to pay for these mistakes.Looking back,way back.John Compton in his prime did alot for St.Lucia.

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  19. King has to own up he cost the uwp the last election with this same behavior king has to participate in the party activities to be part of the party he cant expect to sit there and expect things to fall in his laps i am extremely disappointed in king

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  21. Politics in St. Lucia is a bunch of crap.

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  23. Well I know where he will run. We need to give him a chance. With the help of king let's c what will happen. Frederick will miss a turn. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. People let the party put itself together. I know y chastenet want king there but I won't open your minds. Leave it so let's give the boys a chance

    • With the help of King...are you mad??? You do know that he is in bed with the SLP. time for the evolution of St Lucian politics. New party ideals , new candidates. Let's stop recycling

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  25. King is just making himself look like a fool.
    You better fix up or get out.You want to hold
    the party at ransom for your selfish motive.
    Continue to be Kennys door mat.You cannot
    pretend to be a member of the party and you are not part of anything that goes on in it.
    Get the hell out.

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  27. King what are u we don't want no inbetween

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  29. The colours of the national flag are red and yellow. That is all we see, about 80% of us anyway. The other 20% like me just caught in the middle of bullshit trying to putmfood on the table. When will saint lucia wake up and see dat all of them on both sides are just in it for themselves

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  31. King where are you in or out we want to know u w ps want its u w p or slip simple

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  33. Mr king i voting for castries north nobody else so if chastnet wanna try n move him he got a big thing coming for him y dont he go n fine a seat n stop worring about our rep. Mr King.

    • People can vote for who they please. There's another UWP convention before the next general election, who knows King can win, but he NEEDS to be a TEAM PLAYER. So I suppose he is thinking of crossing the floor. If he was a MAN and made the decisions he had to make before November 2011, he would have been the Prime Minister. He did not realize Wycliffe Jean Jumping over his back was a bad thing!
      All of you'll afraid of Chastanet, the man does not have a seat, King does. King need to WORK together with the others.

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  35. All those people criticizing Chastanet,why not take up his position so we could see better representation from you all.

    Those King supporters I believe are confused.Is either you part of the UWP or you not.Make up you minds.You cant have a party within another party.Its like an autoimmune disease.You all fighting yourselves.SMH

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  37. @concern and any one bashing Mr. King, what non sense y'all talking there? "King sits there doing nothing?" Before y'all come on social media to beat y'all mouth, investigate first, Mr. King works hard to please EVERYONE in his constituency!! I know this for a fact. He is the ONLY politician who had not made himself BIG from politics in terms of eating people money. I have worked with Mr. King and anyone who has worked with him can tell you his ONLY downfall in life as a politician is "giving too much and saying yes to every one needs and wants". Why? Cuz that's who he is. He does not have to buy people off. Before you talk come to the constituty to see the number of people who have benefited from his help. Mr.King WILL NEVER lose Castries North!!

    • Everyone knows king is working in his constituency. Chastanet wants King to bring his experience to the party. King is right not not making any contribution to the oposition. Chastanet wants him to step up and help take UWP to the next level.

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  39. How is King holding you all back when Massa calling all the shots and pulling all the strings. UWP is no longer a group. It is Allen's toybox and all the puppets gotta do what he says.

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  41. Allan really come like a modern day Massa! You the hell you think you are!!!

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  43. Everybody for King. Even some labas for King. I myself voting for King.

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  45. At one time, I used to think that St. Lucians were among the most politically astute people, boy! Was I ever wrong! When will my people stop politicizing everything? People, PLEASE! get off that partisan bandwagon, look at the capability of the individual who wants to represent you! For the Love of St. Lucia!

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  47. A loose cannon. Whither the UWP following that loose cannon? I don't know.

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  49. King's balls are in Chastnet hand?

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  51. King needs to figure his shot out , he is holding the party behind .

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  53. But king where are u are you in or are you out thats all the man is asking hey don't vote for no man who don't have money its not a poor mans game remember king are u in or out we want to know the ball is in yr hands

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  55. I must say that lately flambeaus those gross me out. I understand their leader is like charter box when he is infront of a mike, but hey, the rest of the UWP clan is to be blamed for seating around and hoping that Chastanet will change his lowly views about them. Choops

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  57. Is that all about obey the leader?

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  59. Alot of people just think because Chastenet has money he will check for them! Stephenson is a much better man than this man! Vote for Chastenet he will fix you all! Don't worry!

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  61. Chastanet thanx for giving SLP for more years. #betterDAYS

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  63. King wake up on yr ass with yr big belly all you do make Richard makeyou look like and aads you think care he has his green card he don't need that visa

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  65. We've had several types of characters as PM of this country, I've seen what King could have offered, seen Vaughn, seen Compton , heard about Allan Louisy, and whoever again. Right now I will support any body that have the balls to stand up against Kenny and the nonsense he is doing in this country. How can you run a small country like St Lucia on only taxes. SMH

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  67. King needs to stop being SLP's doormat. If King is now associated with the same people who criticized his educational background or lack thereof and insulted him about his leadership skills, made a big deal of when he bent for Wyclef Jean to jump over him, spread that Richard punch him in the face then King is pathetic.

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  69. A party consisting of black men allowing to be rail-roaded by one who does not share their skin complexion or beliefs in anyway.

    We as Black people are too gullible and love to be ruled by other races.

    Put it in your pipe UWP's and smoke it.
    Dumbest group of supporters ever.

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  71. Massa is beating you all with a stick.

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  73. Steve's constituents who wrote that do not realize that he is actually doing them a disservice. Who is really representing them at the party level. Where is their voice? They must realize that neither chastanet nor steve is the party or bigger than it.

    By doing the right thing steve is not doing it for chastanet he will be doing it for his party

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  77. If King was a man he would participate in activities organised by the party. He is being an idiot and acting like a spoilt child. He needs to MAN UP!

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  79. King has always been a joke!

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  81. St. Lucia is a country stinking of racism, which is why everyone is so against Chastanet, you prefer to be conned by the Choiseul shabin who speaks patios.

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  84. Lmao which elections uwp will win they don't even ave a party they ave ppl who can't even speak proper english misrepresenting them chasnet lying in tv choopz feeling so sorry for them dumb ass uwp followers n supporters

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  86. Allen Chastenet is a political disaster. I am convinced that he sees himself as entitled to be prime minister of St Lucia. The UWP will lose again, big time, with him as leader. He does not have a clue about leadership. Perhaps he should focus more on running his family hotel to develop his leadership skills because he ain't read to run St Lucia.

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  88. This is one time I agree with Chastanet. Rex cannot just sit on his axx and do nothing when election is not too far off. So at one time he wanted to be leader, this is the time he should get busy and help out some of the weaker members. Labour is out for blood and they don't care who they trample on. It wont matter to them if they won every seat. Typical of king to take things for granted, he got f'ked up at the polls the last time because he lacked the foresight and this time he is banking on just winning his seat; not good enough. It's time someone light a fire up his ass to get him to move. Nice guy, but nice guys end last.

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  90. CHASTANET - EN DIS CRIEUX (RUDE). It may not be Steve, but please LUCIANS (Labour and Flambeau), don't let it be Chastanet. Lucia needs a smooth and genuine leader. One who will embrace all Lucians immediately after elections. Not Kenny not Chastanet.

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  92. King will be our next prime minister ? How and when? Steve better put his acts together and reunite his self with the party . Eithe he in or he out . Now is the time for him to decide. King needs to understand that if he is not taking part in anything that the party is doing , so why want to go up on a UWP tickey? The fellers are working hard to win the next election , while he seats there doing nothing. When the fellers win the next election he will be smiling and enjoying the win? Nonsense.

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  94. If Chastanet think he is going to run for Castries North he lie because I ain't voting for him.

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    • You might as well keep your caps lock on......... or are you even aware that this key exits? Perhaps your red fingers touched it in error. Keep residing in lala land, a democracy could ill afford you.


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