UWP candidate dubs SLP’s 2011 manifesto “The Blueprint for Failure”  

UWP candidate dubs SLP’s 2011 manifesto “The Blueprint for Failure”  
Dominic Feedee addressing the UWP press conference on Wednesday, December 2.
Dominic Feedee addressing the UWP press conference on Wednesday, December 2.

Newcomer to the United Workers Party (UWP) Dominic Feedee claims that the Kenny Anthony administration has failed to deliver on a number of promises it made four years ago.

Speaking at a press conference held at the UWP Headquarters in Castries on Wednesday (Dec.2), Feedee said that a number of key issues are still to be addressed by the current government.

He cited the high unemployment levels, which the government promised in its 2011 elections manifesto to address, but has since “failed” to make any major progress.

Feedee said that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) manifesto which is dubbed “The Blueprint for Growth”, should be renamed “The Blueprint of Failure”, as it adequately reflects that.

Unemployment continues to affect a number of people in Saint Lucia, mostly young people, which Feedee said, should have been at the top of government’s agenda to look into.

“I met people who have never worked and have done the right things. Their parents said to them, if you go to school and study hard and you get good grades, then you will be a success.”

Feedee believes that the youths have done their part, but the according to him, government policies continues to fail them, particularly since the economy continues to be “sluggish.”

He has since advised that government put proper policies in place, to encourage greater investment in the local economy, thereby creating opportunities for entrepreneurship, among other things.

“In 2011 we were promised the re-development of Port Castries. If you check the Blueprint for Growth, you would see that this was promised in the last elections,” he explained.

Feedee is questioning whether this promise will be delivered anytime soon, while simultaneously stressing that Saint Lucia should be able to make its cruise industry more attractive and competitive.

The public relations officer turned politician also said the country was promised improved linkages between agriculture and the craft sector, but nothing has been done in this regard.

“This is one of the areas where government has failed our farmers. We boast about arrival numbers, yet it does not seem to bother them that agriculture production is going down,” he remarked.

In addressing the issue of sports development, Feedee said there is a lack of structured programmes, focus, proper management and the harnessing of sporting skills in Saint Lucia.

“Building a stadium doesn’t create a champion, but what creates a champion is commitment from policy that will enact academies and that young men receive the best coaching technologies.”

Feedee who will be contesting the Anse La Raye/Canaries seat at the next elections under a UWP ticket, said his party will ensure that these issues are addressed if it is re-elected to office.


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  1. So, if SLP has not delivered, what are some of the plans you have in place so that people can make the determination as to whether to stay with SLP or UWP? I suppose, you do not have any. Is that so?


  2. That guy is who we need . Anse LA raye/Canaries , you all aren't tired of electing someone from Slp, only for the Pm to say that they're not qualified to hold a ministry. Kenny always turns his back on you all. Neglected bunch !!!


  3. Kenny spoke about jobs, but he was not referring to jobs for the youth or the poor people. It was job job job for his boys as you can see which of Kenny's hacks is out of a job?


  4. I strongly belive that all these politicians are looking out for them self not the people they so call want to represent in the community. Both side will promise you a golden spoon when they get in power, and guess what you won't even get a coconut spoon. Family will bring hate within them self and guess what the so call politicians will laugh at them when they go to bed. God bless our country St Lucia. We need a watch dog to monitor theses crooks and make them pay for their wrong doing.


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