UWP candidate Dr. Ulric Mondesir ready to unseat Labour leader Dr. Anthony

UWP candidate Dr. Ulric Mondesir ready to unseat Labour leader Dr. Anthony
Dr. Ulric Mondesir *Credit: UWP
Dr. Ulric Mondesir  *Credit: UWP
Dr. Ulric Mondesir
*Credit: UWP

Nine years ago when Dr. Ulric Mondesir contested the Vieux Fort South seat against Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony, he secured 1,579 votes.

This time around the United Workers Party (UWP) candidate said he is confident that he would do much better, to the extent of unseating the incumbent MP Dr. Anthony.

“Sometimes you don’t have to do great things. You can do small things in a great way. I will fight better this time, because sometimes you have to fight a battle twice before you win,” he declared.

Dr. Mondesir told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview that he looks forward the next general elections with great optimism and is more confident, having acquired more experience in politics.

He recalled that his candidacy for the 2006 elections in Vieux Fort South was announced two months before the elections, which gave him little to no time to build his platform.

The physician said he has been working in the South for close to 30 years and through his work, he has been able to develop a rapport with the people there.

“So I have been able to identify their needs both health wise; both mentally and physically. Their confidence in me has proven itself in 2006,” he remarked.

Some UWP supporters have said that Dr. Mondesir stands a good chance of winning the seat, and will serve well as the next Minister of Health if the UWP is re-elected to office.

They feel that Dr. Mondesir will serve well in that position because he “understands the needs of the people” and has a sound experience in how the health care system works.

Asked to comment on this, Dr. Mondesir said whether or not he is placed in such a position, he would like to see some tangible changes made to health care sector in St. Lucia.

He said the people have suffered long enough, and need proper health services, pointing to the need for better hospitals, particularly in the South of the island.

He said what the current administration has failed to do is set their priorities and provide proper leadership that will help to establish a more robust and efficient health care system.

Questioned about his reasons for not contesting the 2011 elections, Dr. Mondesir told SNO that he is “not about politics, I’m about people” and he did not see enough reasons to contest that particular election.

“I was not interested in the kind of leadership that was taking place,” he added.

The UWP candidate believes that politics is about loving people, stating “you can’t do things for people and don’t love them.” He said candidates from all political parties should have an interest in the people.


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  1. honestly i think thats our next health minister rite there, st lucians wake up every soul must need the health system some day no body is getting younger and i think thats our next prime minister too.. this man is no fake.. this man don t talk much.. like some of our talk alot liers politions. blessin mr. mondsir.


  2. Dock !
    Stop all that talk about unseating the undisputed heavy weight The Right HONORABLE Dr. KENNY DAVIS ANTONY.
    Dock !
    Continue fooling yourself. I will tell you the truth about the Vieux Fort people when it comes to their dear MP and PAPA.
    I could understand your love for the Vieux Fort people?
    Dock !
    Continue campaigning in your docker's office and sit your off-white asszzzzzzz tight on your stool and make believe you can unseat KENNY.
    Dock !
    The uwp constitutional chairman 'Fast-Kars"have made it abundantly clear that he will not work or campaign for you because you campaign against your own brother in the last election.

    Dock !
    i am being frank with you !!!
    You bloody-well-know you can't beat KENNY !!!!!
    uwp can't come close to S L P come next general election.


  3. Now, I agree KENNY MUST GO!!! However, who is Mondedisr fooling??? Love of people .... Not into politics... Really my brother???? By going up for elections you ARE in politics. 2011 you did not want to go up under Sir John's administration ??????? Bull! How easy our people forget!!! Lucians open your eyes. Now back to my tea sipping!


  4. The Doc Rocks! Welcome to the team and I look forward to working with you to bring the pride back to the South. I love your passion and integrity. Ready for Change


  5. It's easier to see a blue or pink cow than to see mondesir winning Kenny. Urll Flambeau said more last election what was the outcome. Election is near and urll can't get candidates for choiseul, dennery north, laborie, Gros islet, vfort north, against Pierre, . Urll en ready yet so check urll business and stop focusing on Kenny. We labour has only one seat to look for that's micoud.


  6. Ulric mondesir is an arrogant idiot. Only the ignorant uneducated people will vote for him. Kenny Anthony has his issues but he has always had St Lucias best interest at heart. Kenny is loved.


    • I once heard that if the Labour party dressed up a broomstick and presented it as a candidate most of the people in Vieux-fort will vote for it. That must be true. The are still saying MWEN SE LABAR


  7. Now, that's a little different, LOVE OF THE PEOPLE vs LOVE OF LEADERSHIP.
    I never saw it this way before; you see, you live and learn. I think this man is honest.
    Now we have a " Doctor in the house" we trust he will do wonders and will reform the neglected health service on the Island, starting with the ghost of the St.Jude Hospital. Truly he is a Doctor of a different kind, one who HEALS, certainly not one who is sheenia, anxious to drag you to court, for much $$$ penalty if you say a word which in his opinion, politically incorrect. I wish the good Doctor lots of blessings in
    his endeavour; some may forget, but we live in a democracy, not under dictatorship.


  8. The best thing since slice bread. WE LOVE YOU DR. MONDESIR. This gentleman is what vf needs, enough of this hypocrite called kenny. I pray that Dr. Mondesir wins aa he is a man of integrity and sincerity...WE HAVE BEEN USED ENOUGH IN VF.


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