UWP anticipates ‘chaos’ on election day: Charles

UWP anticipates ‘chaos’ on election day: Charles
Nancy Charles * UWP photo
Nancy Charles * UWP photo
Nancy Charles * UWP photo

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has raised several concerns as it relates to the early election date set by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony.

UWP executive, Nancy Charles, told a media conference on Friday that she anticipates that a lot of chaos could take place on and before election day.

She said while she was not clear whether it was deliberate attempt by the current government, it will affect many people, especially students.

Charles said on June 6, 2016 students preparing to write the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CXC) examination will be sitting Food and Nutrition in the morning, and additional Mathematics in the afternoon .

“In Saint Lucia, we do have a few of those secondary schools where those exams will be written, that are used as polling stations. The question that is being asked by some of parents and students, is what happens to this exam?”

The UWP executive said she has personally received calls from principals and parents, who are concerned and want to to find out what will be done to fix this issue.

“It shows the insensitivity of the Prime Minister.He doesn’t care. He speaks about the youths, but the concern that should be put in today is not there. This is not about Saint Lucia, but about what Dr. Anthony wants,” she said.

The Electoral Department is reportedly scrambling to make arrangements for alternative venues.

“We are not too sure about what is going to happen to the voters who have traditionally voted at a particular polling station. And we are not too sure by what date the new polling stations will be given,” she said.

Another issue, the UWP raised has to do with the Voters List which by law has to be made available by March 31 every year.

“And as a result of there being an unverified list of some 30,000 voters, the traditional list that was expected to be published by March 31, 2016 was not and we anticipated a new verified list later this year.”

Charles said in discussions with the Electoral Department, she was told that the Department wrote to the Prime Minister to have the final list validated by May 31, 2016. The Prime Minister agreed and it was gazetted. So it was anticipated that the final voters list would be made available by that date.

However, Charles said it is mindbogglingly to her that knowing that  the final list will be verified by May 31, 2016 government has decided to call an election on June 6, 2016, which gives parties five to six days to peruse the list.

“And we believe as a party and as Saint Lucians in general that this is unfair,” she remarked.

The party plans to write the Electoral Department to register it’s concern.


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  1. Children are not stupid. The things occurring in their environment will affect them. Researchers will tell you so. Be honest. You hear children talking about election everyday. They are human not animals.


  2. I am all for a set month for the elections. This madness has to stop, this political maneuvering has to stop. If you want to win, campaign hard till election day, don't try to "ambush" people. In any case, let's see if it works...?


  3. WE are not saying to vote SLP out, we just want KENNY out. Now if it means we have to take down the entire ship then so be it. Kenny is not good for st.lucia. everyone knows it but do not know how to say it. Vote KENNY out to cleanse the SLP. they will restructure in opposition like the UWP did.


  4. Chaos? We have that already.

    Stupid Labour Party, SLP was still in office when I woke up this morning? The 6th of June come fast enough!

    It is time to throw those nuisance characters out on the pavement to try getting themselves a job other than their own foolish creation called STEP. How nice!


  5. No madam Nancy, it is not deliberate, it is just an indication of how incompetent, disorganized and incapable you and your party is. Not to mention the lacking and poor leadership you have. Every leader should know how to maneuver in difficulty times and situations but here you are crying fowl. You and your party should stand in the mirror, whatever reflects is exactly what it is.


  6. *tear* when will this cycle end? SLP in power.... The people: Oh we fed up! Time to get them out. UWP in power... The people say: Oh we fed up! Time to get them out.

    Sadly, THE PEOPLE with the POWER don't know they have the power. Us against them (Not suggesting violence).

    Do you really think that if UWP comes into power anything will be different?! Do you really think that country will be put first before self?! Same for SLP.

    It doesn't matter whether there are new candidates or not. They all learn from those before. They attack each other just to get votes and then what?

    I'd really like to vote but red or yellow... they're basically the same.

    Give me something new, something different when you campaign and I'll consider it.

    To the party who loses this election, support the party who wins. Help them put country first. Make recommendations where they err and I'll vote for you next election. Don't attack the party in power. Don't tell me what you can do. Show me what you can do. Show me what you can do without power and you'll have my vote.

    Work together for the good of the people of this country and we will then see a difference.

    Too much talk.


  7. I don't understand. All before the elections was announced uwp and chastanet asking for elections to be called, now it's called and y'all claiming it wasn't done right? Y'all should have been awarded more time? But isn't that what you wanted , you got what you want and still have a problem.


    • Even if uwp ask to call the election, so that mean Dr Kenny Anthony have to affect the student exam? What's about the list that is missing 30000 ppl.... ppl like u is about party politics and do not care how it affects anyone else.


  8. All those labour hacks talking nonesense I hope when yall get to the polling stations and realise there is a discrepancy with your names on the voters list yall don't go crying wolf!!!


  9. The date was set with deliberation to frustrate young voters who tend to vote against incumbent parties. But what is reveals more than ever is the insensitivity of one who was supposed to use educational background to carve out a prosperous future for the youth. What a shame! The dumping of the post shows what was to follow.

    That is why Saint Lucia deserves better and a very clean slate of 17 to 0. Anything other than more better days than with any SLP.


  10. So after many many months of grandcharge and big mouth you were still caught unawares.


  11. Wow. Concern for the young people from the UWP. Where was this concern when half of them could not find a secondary school space, when they were on a shift system for over tweenty years .not a word, not a word, not a word.


    • And this current system is working like a charm right? Marigot secondary should be shut down since it is pretty much empty. Same for Babonneau. George Charles is a dump. Gros Islet Secondary is another drain on taxpayers that should be shut down. If you're not going to do something properly, you simply shouldn't. Maybe that's why it wasn't done under UWP.


  12. So if the people vote out SLP. ..who is to say that all taxes imposed under the SLP government will be removed.

    So what will the UWP implement to immediately generate income to build new schools with proper computer labs and sporting facilities..how will they assist the poor and needy and create jobs for the people and not party supporters..

    Now if SLP remains the ruling political party will they come out to say that they made mistakes and will right there wrong..they will improve life for the common lucian.. Noo

    Both parties show no interest in this country if they did they would want to work together ..to share policies and procedures and laws for its citizens...instead it's like a sad episode of man bettter man where the blind is leading the blind. .#sips tea..frustrated. ..same shit different color...


  13. These crazy people should be asked to demote office forthwith! This tells you that the man and those around him had a crazy idea and failed to think of the consequences. There was no forethought. The children are the nation's future and schools are used for polling stations. and it means those schools will be occupied on that date. Also, some claim that children don't vote but the morons who say that should also know that the parents vote and they would be occupied with their kids on that crucial date. and i think that there ought to be a law that a government must give at least 3 months notice to the public before an election is actually due. this prevents the crazy dictator kenny de antonym and the other crooks we are dealing with to pull unethical stunts like this to attempt to manipulate the electorate in their favor.


  14. crying every day call elections and now you're crying. stop lying no one has called you querying? are you afraid?


    • I am afraid!! Of where my child will be sitting his exams at a school, which has also been deemed a polling station. If you are aware of OUR COUNTRY's constitution, elections are supposed to be due next year, 2017 and not 2016 ... therefore I am afraid of this ambush elections. I am very afraid!!


  15. That is hypocrisy. Uwp was calling for the election to be dated all the time, now its dated that are shouting foul. Why keep on shouting call election, call election, call election and and your point not ready yet. What the point.


    • I am afraid!! Of where my child will be sitting his exams at a school, which has also been deemed a polling station. If you are aware of OUR COUNTRY's constitution, elections are supposed to be due next year, 2017 and not 2016 ... therefore I am afraid of this ambush elections. I am very afraid!!


  16. what is the matter with u?
    Kenny call the election now. !
    Kenny ring the bell now !
    all the time u calling all the time your party leader calling for the bell now you all get the bell ringing
    you all are saying it is to damn loud


  17. Please let's vote SLP out.WE have to many taxes to pay while they leaving lavish lifestyles and we suffering.


  18. So in 1997, I was doing exams and it didn't affect it. Food and nutrition classes are small and add mathas are only done at 3 schools. I doubt any calls were received from Principals as they would have to direct their issue to MOE and not a political party.

    The electoral department is trained for this. If they complain then you can talk.But as is a date is a date.


    • So because SLP moved you from the bottom of the ladder to the very top then everything they do is good. Go and learn to pronounce your words properly and apply some professionalism in your workplace and always remember GOD is the final judge.


  19. But, But, But, I thought you were ready.

    It simply tells me the INFERIOR PARTY (UWP) is UNPREPARED.
    You can't lead a country "unprepared."


  20. I agree with you Nancy, this is unfair and the Electoral Department is not ready for the 6th of June.
    There are some people out there who only have ID cards as identification and have expired or waiting for the new ones.
    What will happen then.


    • What are they afraid of,What's the rush? Even if they have it tomorrow, they will still lose cause we're fed up. So Kenny u did us a big favour by rushing the brush. UWP all the way!!!!!! Bye SLP you suck. Who don't like it I don't give a damn. Freedom of speech.


  21. OK the excuses are coming out already. If the list comes out late it affects both parties. I have never heard such crap about exams and other such things as its international antichrist day. People just go out to vote and stop making excuses.


    • Politicians and politics is sickening to the mind and soul. Cyah wait for the most high to do away with all of those schemes mankind does cook up to cause problems for its own race.


    • Are these excuses? You have no child writing CXC hence the reason it's not a concern for you! The polling Station I usually vote at, my daughter will be writing CXC there that same day!!!! But no matter what day it is by Gods' grace I will be out there to VOTE!! Because of people like you bajan!!


      • Pathetic!!!

        Now the Ball is in ya'll court and the goal-post is being shifted again, eh.
        Not this time!

        You have been begging us to call elections. It's here now.
        Deal with it.


    • I take it you are indeed a labour supporter bleeding red with your statement. But a blind man can see this is a chaotic move. People and parents will be SCRAMBLING and PULLING hairs on this day, persons sitting exams who are above the age of 18 are now also asked to make a choice between rewriting CXC mathematics if they have to perhaps and voting?

      That is inconsiderate VERY, he is NOT thinking of the ppl but thinking of himself giving a small window. Puts a bad taste in many ppls mouth.

      This puts pressure on the electoral department to properly prepare for a GENERAL election in 17 days.

      AND YES GOOGLE 6.6.2016 U WILL SEE THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS DAY. Its not even about St Lucia alone its a global date for those who practice WICCA. You're bleeding RED and you are in darkness. Come into the light and remove this veil over your eyes.



      • The Math exam on that day is not general mathematics, its additional mathematics. There is a 12 hour voting period, you just vote after your exam. I personally don't see the issue. Polling stations are suppose to be a noise free area, so that's even better for the students, escaping the noise of the rest of the school during their exam.


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