UWP announces date for another protest march

UWP announces date for another protest march
Protesters during the January 2015 UWP-organised march.
Protesters during the January 2015 UWP-organised march.
Protesters during the January 2015 UWP-organised march.

The United Workers Party (UWP) has had several public meetings over the past few weeks in various constituencies across the island to garner support for another public march.

Party leader Allen Chastanet has said that these meetings were productive and well-attended, which signals that Saint Lucians are ready for a change in government.

Chastanet told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the UWP is looking to have another protest march against the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government on October 22, 2015.

“This is to highlight the policies of this government, which continues to be oppressive,” he asserted.

The political leader has expressed confidence that this march will be much larger than the previous one they spearheaded in January which was mainly to protest against high gas prices.

Chastanet said he is convinced that Saint Lucians are angry and tired of the failed promises for a better life and more jobs and as such have pledged their support towards the march.

The UWP leader said his party is extremely disgusted that the government has cut back on the subsidies for the school feeding programme and the school transportation programme.

He said the UWP is also concerned about comments made by the President of the Senate Claudius Francis with regards to allegations that the UWP working with the police to overthrow the government.

“This is an affront to the constitution of our country,” he said.

Chastanet believes that the country is in a deep depression and the government seems to not be addressing those issues at all, with any sense of urgency.

“This continues to be a tax and spend government”, he stated.


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  1. I support protesting for whatever reason once it is a just cause. I never question the personal status or motive of anyone who allows me to stand up to abuse. In fact it matters not to me that he benefits, all i know i will gain. I will protest against any government who abuses its people, whether SLP, UWP, LPM, ONE etc. You old people do not tell us or make us believe that we belong to any of these parties. We belong to our families, our pockets and our country


  2. Mama! It seems like the SLP are in for a rough time. Hmmmm....... on hindsight.........are they really?

    The SLP, for sure, has some housekeeping to do before the next elections but Guy, Chastanet et al have some serious shit to address before even contemplating a march against SLP.

    The UWP should really march against it and decide once and for all if they can chance going into the next election with a leader, core members do not support and who is too shortsighted to take corrective action to address it.


  3. all these politicians are the same folks you can`t expect anything much from them, they might have a desire to do good but when they step into office its another story..... I know theres thousand of things to fix in st lucia but the last thing on their minds will be to help the people because there are so many issues, concerns that by the time they step into that office they`re overwhelmed already ..... next thing you know they`re more concerned about their immediate needs to get their friends helped and help themselves so: much-a-do about nothing it will be the same thing again.... Same crimes, Same no jobs, same scandals after scandals, and mean time they`re travelling expensive trips, helping diplomats, having other folks buy out the country, taking out all the money sending it abroad, bleeding the folks who can`t afford it, *VAT, and the stories continues mean while nothing much has changed..... tell me folks who are they fooling


  4. UWP need to fix their party first before they go out and protest. Too many fractions and leaders.


  5. Bambi from your name iwe can only imagine you're a party Whore ! Open your eyes maybe they have provided with 100.00 dollars we have a nation that's not eating ! Stop acting like the times we're living in St Lucia is at its best . Bambi get off your back or knees and really stop working the sLP corner instead go into our districts and watch reality :


  6. I plan on attending both. The LPM"s this coming Thursday and flambeaus own on the 22nd. The more protest against Kenny the merrier.


  7. Bambi you cannot control people with hidden agenda, and if those folks were genuine UWPees as
    they said to be. They would have done what is required of them according to policy.


  8. Chastanet give some practical solution to the country if you are a real St . Lucian. You cannot fix the problems in your party is the country problem you can fix. Public matches don't win election. The judge said you are not a credible person is that true? If it is why should we trust you as a prime minister. No way mister.


  9. I will be in that one. We cannot afford to subsidize Salcc, yet still there are diplomatic officials making hundreds of thousands of USD every year. Thus needs to stop. Kenny and co MUST GO.


    • Not that alone the Kenny government paying for school for these diplomats children and travel for the spouse back and forth


    • Trust me i believe you 100% am sure these things are happening...... won`t expect anything different from those politicians.... am sure its one of thier buddies


    • Yes and their children attending school in foreign lands funded by the same government who cannot subsidise Salcc and you tell me Kenny care about anyone other than his boys and girls. I protesting big time


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