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UWP admits contribution to fiscal problems, says press secretary

Press Secretary, OPM

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UWP officials few years ago.

STATEMENT – In a press release dated June 26, 2014, the United Workers Party admitted that Saint Lucia’s wage bill has been an area of concern for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 2003.

In its haste to criticise a recommendation from the IMF to reduce the wage bill, the United Workers Party (UWP) said “such recommendations from the IMF are not new and have been repeatedly made almost in the same language to regional government over the years”.

Indeed, this is an admission that despite reports from the IMF and the performance of Saint Lucia’s economy at the time, the UWP government did not take heed. Instead, they increased the public service by almost 1,000 and granted an increase of 14.5% during an economic downturn. As a result, the wage bill increased by $86.66 million and had to be met by borrowing. This is a bold acceptance by the UWP that they chose politics over fiscal prudence.

It is hypocritical and shameless of the UWP to expose its knowledge of and contribution to the problem while it continues a campaign of deceit to mislead the nation; the government expected nothing less.

The government remains committed to explaining the economic situation and proposals to recover the economy to members of the public. All documents on the economic performance and projections have been made public. Saint Lucians can see and read for themselves and question the actions and decisions of government.

While it is easier and more popular to do nothing, the situation demands that action be taken to avoid further deterioration of Saint Lucia’s fiscal performance.

Despite the contamination of the process by the UWP and its agents, the government has faith that Saint Lucians will understand what is at stake and support what is right and not simply what is popular for our country’s future.

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  2. I really like your blog.. very nice colors &amp theme. Did you make this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz respond as I'm looking to construct my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. thank you ffdeededcdba

  3. Urll jealous of jadia....

  4. Why don't we try 3 years of communism to stop the mess.Let the state control everything.Take from the haves and give the have nots and all the foolish talks about the 5% will be over.LOL


  6. I mean ppl Kenny failed back in his 1st years. Mis management of funds stc. and now we expect better. How can a lawyer lead us out of financial problems when he cannot even lead us out of judicial problems. The economists at the IMF lead us to the financial crisis in 2008 and they do not wanna c us go forward. Implement VAT in small island Lucia when it had failed in Barbados, Grenada etc. WOW. What happen to our own economists dead and alive. They have no ideas whatsoever. They have studied at the same universities. Instead of listening to economists Ubaldus Raymond he have Emma (the woman have no responsibility, no life) Lorne Tiye Chilot. arrogant Alva and Sean. He even have the joket Christopher Hunte and Toujour Soo Vaugn Lewis. EN ROUGE.

  7. oh .., just blow UWP up for increasing salaries! All HAIL KENNY FOR WAGE DECREASES!!

  8. I hate that the SLP is putting this information out now.
    This should have been made available to members of the public to peruse and understand where we are in terms of Economic growth.

    Though the information or press release isn't anything new but is the Fact, the SLP credibility is at stake and though it may seem to be defending them, it "muddies" the waters.
    And i don't think the time is now for this back and forth, but time to find a solution.
    Because both parties are guilty for this hell-hole we've found ourselves at this time.

    We need a new breed of politicians in this Land who are not as selfish as both those parties we keep on electing, who understands that they are dealing with REAL LIVES.
    This is not YOUR PLAY-GROUND.
    So how on earth are you going to put Politics over what really Matters in this Land?

    And for you stupid Political and party hacks who cannot remove your head from Politicians asses just for you to get "Culvert Contracts" need to wake up and see how messed up this is now.
    Your own greed coupled with theirs have destroyed a once prosperous and thriving Nation.

    Lack of accountability, has rendered a Civil Service who believes they are beyond reproach that they are more Supreme and that NO one can touch them (so much so) they will blatantly tell you, NO ONE CAN FIRE THEM.

    I say, the time has come for a New Breed of Politicians in this country, to grab the Bull by horn and do what is suppose to do.
    And if it is to act with HANDS OF STEELE to propel this Island to prosperity, SO BE IT.



  9. SLU in distress. Dirty and misleading politician KDA he should get counseling; for having mislead the nation. Who is KDA he cannot step aside and allow someoneelse to run the country. He should not be trusted with a pen in St. Lucia far-less to run the country. We as St. Lucians have lost or moral compass and mockery has become the theme of the day. KDA asking for help from opposition.. Even when King asked him for help with OECS free movement and economic union he never helped. Don't deal with the issue of adding debt upon debt while promising better days... If UWP has to admit they added to the deficit, then KDA should make a public apology for the misinformation he has given over the years and misleading us to this fiscal cliff with no answers. DE ban ....JP is the average St. Lucian Woman nothing special about her do what you do to survive and be indifferent when qualified....

  10. I deligently read your comments Jadia, the promise of better days were to relieve St.Lucia from the potential grips of the IMF yet upon taking office the Prime Minister in his wisdom decided to employ more heads than necessary (CONSULTANTS, MAYORS, etc)contributing to the already burdensome fiscal deficit the country was already facing. we lucians are yet to hear or see the contributions/ benefits of the employment of these consultants who form part of our recurrent expenditure

  11. This Jadia girl is really getting to me right now. She gets paid over $8,000 a month for what? She gets 25% gratuity after 3 years FOR WHAT? She gets $80,000 in medical expenses paid without parliamentary approval) FOR WHAT? She gets $12,000 in new wooden floors placed in her office FOR WHAT? She needs to realize that she really is a small fry amongst sharks. GO BACK TO THE COUNTRY SIDE JADIA AND PLEASE JUST SHUT FOR ONCE.

  12. Such hatred towards somebody doing her job.

    • ...and envy, for crying out loud. Denise is B L U E in envy and his/her vitriol is nothing short of "Why her; and not me"...kind of things!...Be careful there, envy can cause all sorts of unwanted ailments.

  13. Didn't your medical bill increase the bill? Didn't paying huge salaries to Hunte, Hilaire, Clark wife & child, Regis getting money while studying law, Chazzy, Springer, Jn Pierre, Vaugh Lewis, Shirley, Lawyers for Grydberg, Estephane and numerous other goons increase that wage bill. I am not going to even mention the Roachamels, West coast Road Projects, Step, Nice, Leap, NCA etc, etc. Jadia let me ask are you crazy cause really I think you need help. was your medical problem mental?

  14. Are you seroius?


    Are you serious? How is that spinning the wheel when, if I'm not mistaken, UWP was in power in 2003, when the warning was given?

  15. Does that make you a hero Jadia? Because now you are actually admitting to a lie. The only people who exhibit such behaviors are prostitutes. Did King and his cabinet increase the wage bill by 86.66 million? Did paying 14% to civil servants cost 86 million dollars? If so your government have been paying that amount for 2 1/2 years now. Well it looks like that you have run out of ideas to meet the bill. Woman please get a proper job to do one that would contribute to national growth and stop stinking up the place with garbage. Maybe you can volunteer on the STEP program cause we pay high bills to get this garbage disposed.

  16. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SLP stop spinning. You people are lost for the crisis you put us in.

    • In Town Too long

      Reality check/reminder for those who have eyes to see and thinking capacity:
      Months after hurricane Tomas, (2010) the IMF gave the Government of St. Lucia, then led by Mr. King, some 25 million U.S. dollars, to contribute to the country's response to 'exogenous shocks'(that was how it was officially reported at the time).
      Tit for tat!
      Mr. King at that time, in signing in agreement to receive these funds, also committed the government of St. Lucia (the tat part) to the introduction of the VAT, as well as other fiscal belt-tightening measures; with elections looming, the government of the day elected to defer the honouring of its commitment in full view of the IMF, who have long had us under their microscope.
      And don't fool yourself, when the revenues earned by a country are so much lower than what it costs to run it, including public sector wages, health, education infra-structure, agriculture etc. etc. Borrowing from the World Bank (IMF's twin) is a must!
      And when a country fails to heed warnings whereby it may, by voluntary sacrifice, regain a sustainable balance between earnings and expenses, interest rates charged increase sharply, until at some point the conditions permitting future access to funds will be dictated by the IMF: "Do exactly, precisely as I say, or no more money!"
      You think the government of Barbados really wanted to send 3000 people home at once?
      This isn't the time to fuss and fight! It's time to unite as we always do in the aftermath of the natural disaster of a hurricane. We need to brace ourselves as one people, to minimize or nullify the impact of the man made, oncoming "hurricane IMF"!


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