UWP accuses unions of sabotage, playing politics and creating upheaval in salary negotiations

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CSA President Cyprian Montrope (left) and the SLTU’s Julian Monrose

(SNO) — The ruling United Workers Party (UWP) has accused the Civil Service Association (CSA) and the Saint Lucia Teachers Association (SLTU) of playing politics over the controversial matter of salary negotiations for the 2016-2019 triennium.

The party said that the action of these unions are designed to create upheaval and sabotage in Saint Lucia, and the government will resolve the issue which has led to several disruptions this week.

“The government of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is determined to resolve the issues being discussed despite the politics being played by the CSA and SLTU,” the party said in a statement on Friday.

Unions on the island have been at loggerheads with the government over the negotiations, which they say have hit a stalemate. Earlier this week, teachers stayed away from work while a number of government offices were left vacant on Monday after the CSA called an emergency meeting to discuss the status of negotiations with the Government. They also stayed off the job for a second consecutive day on Tuesday.

But the UWP said negotiations between the parties have been progressing in “good faith”.

“It is clear that negotiations between these with these parties have progressed in a spirit of good faith in an effort to resolve the triennium term ending on March 31, 2019,” the party said in its statement. “There has been no breakdown in these negotiations and any statement to the contrary is totally unfounded and designed to create unnecessary upheaval and confusion in the rank and file of these unions.”

The party said that there is a concerted “effort by some to peddle untruths to union members since the elections of June 6, 2016 which is not productive in any manner”.

The party also accused CSA President Cyprian Montrope and the SLTU’s Julian Monrose of speaking “blatant untruths” in “an attempt to mislead and cause chaos in the country”.

“In the fragile state of our economy their actions can be seen as nothing other than sabotage,” the party stated.


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  1. While I agree that teachers play an important roll in our educational development and I am sure what ever there fighting for can to some extent be justify, my problem is with Montrose.... I only see and here him when teachers has a burning issue, I ever see him speaking out against the many innocent children who suffer sexual molestation at the hands of some of these teaches who to some extent is still in the system and has not been punish.


  2. Eh bien bon March 15, 2019 at 6:30 pm
    If ever there was an example of a press release written in desperation then I have just read it. The press release: (1) some of the sentences are badly structured (2) Its speaks of “unfounded actions”. Unfounded actions???? and “triennium term” triennium term????? (3) It claims that negotiations have progressed in good faith but fails to say that if that’s the case then what took the government so long from August,2018 to respond to the Unions. (4) It accuses Montrope and Monrose of pedalling lies when they are in fact saying what a known UWP supporter in the name of Travis Chicot of the PWA has been saying. (5) it takes issue with two Unions (CSA and SLTU) only even though the other Unions like the Fire Association, Nurses Association and the Police are claiming the same things. (6) Its intent appears to be about negotiations but is loaded with a list of government projects.(7) Devotes much time to praising the PM (expected from the party tool) (8) Directly contradicts a press release from the government itself yesterday that calls on both sides to act in good faith.
    That press release I am sure can be used in any public relations course as a very very poor example of a press release. If this release reflects the state of the UWP and the government of St.Lucia then we are in a lot of trouble.


  3. Its part of the Universal declaration of human rights ..article 23 equal pay for equal work...why ppl think it politics when unions puts pressure on governments to give worker fair pay...


  4. let them continue to make noise see what happpen.


  5. That Montrose fella always a party hack and up to no good.


  6. The pressure is beginning to take effect. Keep it up.


  7. Crime is on a rise the countries finances. Is spent wildly, the people are in need, government departments are poorly managed by directors and permanent secretaries all they get is a exspensive consultant a 3 day workshop and plate of food. Then they return to work in their deplorable departments they being working in for years until one day they meet their unions reps to express their frustration, union reps ask to meet with the government negotiating team, the team say its compulsory to take a bone for Christmas unions reps rejects .now Union reps is accused of playing politics be cause their members have being suffering for years . but, the government was playing politics in 2016 convincing those same people of suffering for years remember ching ,ching ,ching.


  8. It is the labour way. Destruction and division. Those Union leaders are eyeing jobs under labour as did Charles, Satney and Dolor before them. Bring down the government by any means necessary to get back into power.


  9. Uwp why on God's green earth you guys allowed this government to keep kennys GNT Didnt youll see that coming? These guys will slow negos so the unions could make noise and it worked. encourage the pm to fire these guys and get a new team together.


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