UWP accuses SLP of misleading the nation

UWP accuses SLP of misleading the nation

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PRESS RELEASE – It is unfortunate that the outgoing Labour Administration would continue to mislead Saint Lucians into believing that the overall unemployment rate fell to 20% in 2015.

Mr. Edwin St. Catherine, the Chief Statistics Officer, indicated that unemployment for 2015 was 24.5%, which is an increase from 2014.

Leader of the United Workers’ Party, Allen Chastanet, has criticized the Labour Party for its refusal to acknowledge their failure and to chart a new course.

“The simple fact remains that unemployment has not improved and remains the number one issue affecting citizens and in particular, the youth,” he asserted.

“The Labour Party continues to fail miserably at growing the economy and in particular, creating In their press release, they made reference to a new development in Rodney Bay called “The HaborClub”, which they embarrassingly referred to as, “Habour View Hotel”.

This is a US 55 million dollar investment in which Allen Chastanet was very instrumental in persuading the developer to invest in Saint Lucia. It is important to note that the developer has only used local contractors. The hotel will also be the first Gold LEED* Hotel in the Caribbean –a 4.5 star hotel.

The UWP has always been in the best interest of the people whether in Government or in Opposition, unlike the current prime minister who had threatened to write to investors in an attempt to prevent them from investing in Saint Lucia while he was in Opposition.

The United Workers’ Party is ready to govern and to build on its successful economic and development track record.


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  1. UWP or SLP is like Pepsi or Coca Cola. Allen Chastenet is a business man, has hotels, has aviation experience. The rest incl. Kenny are just lawyers, so called economist. But Allen has a lot of international experience. The first white prime minister in The Caribbean like black Obama in the USA. Why not! Allen does not need the money, he just wants to give St. Lucia a chance to have a better life for it's people.


  2. Elections is not called yet and the Laba boys are in defense mode. Cool it boys
    save your gun powder for the right time. My advice to you, start shopping around
    for a job, you will soon need one.


  3. Shut the hell up.Ready to govern what or who and when? The party is in disarray ,you cannot fix that and you talking about ready to govern.Nonsense!


  4. The st lucian populace should take a page or look at trinidad & tobago where thry voted the goverment out of office only to regret themselves cause the prrsent goverment csnt govern and the country are in a quagmire.


  5. I don't live in St Lucia but I always visit and one thing I can say is that the cost of living in to high for a small country so in my opinion they need that change but only for the better


  6. Gids what does the article entitled "UWP accuses SLP of misleading the nation" have to do with the super eight, the treatment of Sir.John Compton and Stephenson King?
    The article speaks of the discrepancy in the statistic of the employment rate.


  7. Don't dig up history to justify what is going on right before our very eyes.
    To me this is far beyond Party politics, this is crime.


  8. The UWP has a very short memory, from day one when they came into power their was a power struggle. There was the super 8, the divicsiveness of these 8 individuals put so much on Sir John that it could be summerized that this is what killed him. Then there was the treatment of Hon. Stephenson King when he was Prime Minister by his team. The treatment he received by sections of his party including the present political leader of the UWP. You guys want to talk in the best interest of the country, first come out and speak the truth. Remember the televised statement made by Lady janice Compton regarding the treatment metted out to her husband by the UWP? Have you guys forgotten? I haven't so stop the bullshit press releases. Just saying


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