UWI St. Lucian Association observes Jounen Kwéyol

UWI St. Lucian Association observes Jounen Kwéyol

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucian Students’ Association at Cave Hill (LUSAC) hosted its Jounen Kwéyol Celebration on Saturday 25th October 2014 at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

This year’s theme was “JounenKwéyolCestTwadisyon”. Approximately, seventy individuals, including students and St. Lucian professionals in Barbados, were in attendance.

Attendees at this event were treated to local dishes, including bakes and saltfish, ackra, pemi and pig tail bouillon.

The meals were served with cocoa tea and golden apple juice. The Association also provided students with a “kabawé” which offered Marigot Bay, Bounty Rum, Crystal and Nutz’N Rum.Students performed cultural dances and songs.

The Association would like to thank all individuals and entities which contributed to this event.


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