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UPDATED: Usain Bolt in Saint Lucia this week

By St. Lucia News Online

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Usain Bolt will be returning to one of his favourite places to vacation in the world: Saint Lucia.

However, the legendary Jamaican sprinter will take some of his ‘pleasure’ time to mingle with local sportsmen and women.

According to Sandals, in a media advisory on Monday, Bolt “will be hosting a number of Saint Lucia’s young sportsmen and women at a special function to be held at the Sandals Grande Saint Lucia Resort on Thursday, July 11th at 9 am”.

A Sandals spokesperson told St. Lucia News Online that though Sandals is not the one bringing Bolt to the island, he will be a guest at the resort.

“He’s here to participate in the Opium event and staying with Sandals so he’s accommodating our request to inspire our young athletes,” the spokesperson said.

In a 2017 interview with The Telegraph (UK) newspaper, Bolt was asked about his “favourite view” in the world and he chose the majestic Pitons in Saint Lucia.

He said: “I went to The Pitons in St Lucia when I was 21 and the sight of these twin mountains from the cliffside is something that has really stuck with me.”

In an interview with another UK publication in August 2012, The Daily Mail, the Olympic and World 100 and 200m world record holder pointed out Saint Lucia as his favourite place to vacation.

“St Lucia is my favourite place to relax. The beaches are beautiful, the water is so clear, and the food is great,” he said at the time.

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  1. Well come Yardie. I hope you will bring inspiration to the youths we only have Spencer and Sammy to take the shame out of our eyes because we lapo in everything else. No stadium for track and field so our youths have nothing to train on they might a well go learn to ride horses because that's the only track been built whatever we have now is occupied and they want tear down so you know no Olympic medals for donkey years to come. Bolt make sure you invite the youth form the ghettos who need the inspiration even more because all they can do is stand from behind the fence at the Aquatic Centre and tennis courts and watch those from Cape Estate Bontaire and Rodney Heights play on. Ask for the Ganja from the Grace ask for the Majesty Brand no cross pollination no cross breeding of the highest strain straight from the laboratory of the Almighty you might want to buy shares when we kick these jackass politicians out of office. We will gladly accept one of your restaurant because down here all top restaurants are owned by non Caribbean nationals (up north) its hard for local folks to get capitol from the banks to open restaurants bring some employments to the youths. Never the less hold a vibes


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