US: Woman in her 30s died from COVID-19 while on flight

US: Woman in her 30s died from COVID-19 while on flight

By Jackie Salo

(NEW YORK POST) — A Texas woman died from COVID-19 while on a flight from Arizona, officials announced this week.

The unidentified Garland woman in her 30s began to have difficulty breathing while on the tarmac awaiting takeoff on July 25, news station WFAA reported.

The woman, who had underlying health issues, was administered oxygen but ultimately died on the jetway, the outlet reported.

It’s unclear what airport she was taking off from or what airline she was flying back to Texas.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Sunday local officials were previously notified about her death, but only learned that she died from the virus a few days ago.

“We don’t know a whole lot,” Jenkins said at a press conference on COVID-19. “We may not know if she was aware she was sick.”

Jenkins noted that the woman contracted the virus while in Arizona and said her case was a “reminder that there is no age restriction in COVID.”


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  1. Wow. A woman who already had health problems died of covid-19. This couldn't sound anymore rediculous. If Covid-19 wasn't around I wonder which of her health issues would have been the source of her death. It's amazing how the media and medical personal continue to instill fear in people about this virus. I believe, our starvation and ultimate death, is the goal of the people who are spearheading the course of this virus with continued misinformation. Smh. I refuse to live in fear over a virus that can obviously be cured. Another thing, I'd someone from St Lucia who has health issues dies while experiencing respiratory problems, I don't want to see and hear the chaos. Before people would die from respiratory problems and it was not covid-19. Now almost all deaths are a result of that virus. I am tired of the lies and I am tired of the CMO saying what part of the island they found cases of covid-19.


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